Brad’s Interview with Pro-Life (part 1)

I recently posted an article from the Idaho Press Tribune about the candidate formerly known as Marvin Richardson. It generated much discussion so I thought I would interview him.


TPW: Please tell us a little bit about your personal background.

Pro-Life: I was born and raised in Wyoming on a ranch in a small town. I was a basketball player, and a good one. I stand 6’5 which was tall back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. My father did well in business, so we did not lack financially. We were not religious people. We were selfish. I converted to the LDS Church at 17 and was a devout Mormon for 33 years. I played basketball at BYU for a short time. At BYU I came in conflict with the establishment culture when I complained to the University president and the church about corruption in the Athletic department. BYU and the church ignored the corruption. I have a long history of exposing hypocrites and crooks.

I graduated with degrees in Political Science and Accounting after serving an LDS mission. I have been a licensed Public Accountant, involved in a family business, been an employee with Caterpillar. Currently I farm organic strawberries and vegetables. I have 15 children from 2 marriages and 19 grandchildren with more every year. My wife gives me strength and encouragement. We have home birth, home school and home church.


TPW: When and how did you first become politically active?

Pro-Life: I decided to be involved in politics at about age 18. I was selfish and I had not accepted Christ’s attitude. I was deceitful. I would have been your typical lying politician at the time. There were no minority Parties in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s and so I became a Republican. I was chairman for the American Party in Bear Lake County, Idaho for the years of 1974-76. In 1980 I made a vow to always follow my conscience. I had to give up my deceitfulness. This is when I accepted Jesus and especially His attitude. Jesus is the only person who never violated his conscience. Only God can always have a clean conscience.


TPW: What offices you have run for?

Pro-Life: I ran for Idaho State Representative in 2004, gaining 22% of the vote. I ran for Governor in 2006, and received almost 2%, which was more than the Libertarian candidate. You will not see this in CP news. My wife garnered 25% of the vote for State Legislature in 2006 as a CP candidate. Neither she, nor Paul Smith, who ran for U.S. Congress, will be in the CP news. I was officially “un-endorsed” by the CP after the Party compromised on the right to life issue. I remained in the race because I believe that I could still make people accountable for hearing the truth and possibly save a baby from being murdered. The ‘compromisers’ did not think about the possibility that I might save a baby, as their selfishness and ambition clouds their judgment.


TPW: Are you familiar with the American Heritage Party? What do you think of them?

Pro-Life: I know the American Heritage Party. Their fault is in not running any candidates. I have announced my candidacy for US Senate in 2008 and am running as an Independent. I like the AHP.


TPW: You name was originally Marvin Richardson and you changed it to “Marvin Pro-life Richardson”, now I understand that you have legally changed your name so that your one and only name is “Pro-life.” Can you explain why you did that?

Pro-Life: In 2004 I changed my legal name to Marvin Pro-Life Richardson. In March 2006 I filed for Governor, but the Idaho Secretary of State said he would not allow my legal middle name Pro-Life on the ballot because it brought and issue to the ballot. I couldn’t find any attorney that would represent my case against the State, so in September I changed my full name to Pro-Life. My name and candidacy will save some unborn babies from murder. I considered changing my name to No More Dead Babies. I am not changing my name again.


TPW: When you ran for governor you received 7,309 votes, or 1.62 percent of the total votes cast. Now you are running for United States Senate. Have you considered running for a local office instead of a statewide office?

Pro-Life: The reason I will go to the top of the ballot is to save more babies and make more people accountable for the Great Judgment.


TPW: What do you say to your critics who think that sounds both expensive and not all that productive?

Pro-Life: Well if you think winning or getting some percent of the vote is important, I look stupid. What is one soul really brought to Christ worth? I am not talking about bringing souls to Christ in the phony Christian way. What is one baby’s life worth? If you are really pro-life, then protest these murders out in the streets of your city. If you are afraid of your reputation being ‘damaged’, then go to another city.


TPW: What is your current relationship with the Constitution Party of Idaho? Do you expect that they will run a candidate in your race?

Pro-Life: I hope the CP does run a candidate against me. I would really like it.


TPW: Do you know Howard Phillips? What is your opinion of him?

Pro-Life: Yes, I have talked with Howard privately and been in meetings with him. I wish he and others would admit to crashing the CP. No one asks this question: Did Howard and other CP leaders intentionally split the Party over Nevada/baby murder so they could retain control? The ‘non-compromisers’ were gaining numbers faster than the ‘smart’ politician group. If the CP had not been split, possibly the ‘non-compromisers’ would have had more votes at the 2008 National Convention.


TPW: Who did you vote for President of the United States in 2004? Why?

Pro-Life: I voted for Michael Peroutka. In the Governor candidate’s debate of 2006, I was asked who my hero was, and I said “Michael Peroutka was my living hero.”


TPW: You are devoted to running for the highest office in your state for the rest of your life, have you considered going a step farther and running for the highest office in America?

Pro-Life: I would run for President, my only motive being to save babies and make people accountable. If I were one vote away from becoming President and all I had to do was mute myself on one subject to win, I would speak up and lose. You can see that I’m “too stupid” to be in the CP. I like telling the voters they are selfish and corrupt. I try to see how few votes I can get by offending most of the voters.


TPW: Who did you vote for United States Senate last time? Why?

Pro-life: I did not vote for Mike Crapo. He ran unopposed in 2004. I was going to run in that race but I ignored my conscience and God’s promptings. Mr Crapo allows for baby-murder exceptions for one thing.


TPW: Some critics have described you as “an outspoken anti-Mormon.” Is that an accurate description?

Pro-life: Not accurate. My wife and I, and most of our children resigned from the LDS church. We still have children who are LDS. These comments that we are “anti-Mormon” come from people who are not personally acquainted with us. The greatest sin in the LDS church is to criticize the prophet or his policy. Well, we really criticize the idea of the prophet being infallible. We remind everybody that free agency is God’s principle. The LDS church teaches that God will not allow the prophet to mislead the church. The reason we are on this earth is to exercise our free will and not blindly follow any authority. If you criticize the LDS prophet, especially if you are former LDS, you are labeled an apostate, anti-Mormon, or anti-Christ.


Check back tomorrow for the second half of Brad’s interview with Pro-Life, the man formerly known as Marvin Richardson.

13 Responses to “Brad’s Interview with Pro-Life (part 1)”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Thx for the interview [literally: internal vision] and yet another example of the insanity of mixing religion and public administration…...

    Plz, every one, protect our personal spiritual base by keeping public policy away from home and temple and keep church away from politics!

    If human life truly begins at conception——-why is his family not counselling women of child bearing age out side of pubs and bars not to smoke tobacco, over indulge on alcohol, and take street drugs?

    Looking for fakers and decievers? Try the mirror, Bud, try the mirror!

    [Especially your Do Nothin Abused Veterans stances—-no better than the Democans or Republicrats…..Pure Hypocricy!]

  2. Anthony Distler Says:

    The guy legally changed his name to “Pro-Life”. I don’t take much of what he says seriously.

    If the Constitution Party is calling him a nut, then I’m staying as far away from this guy as physically possible.

  3. Chris Campbell Says:

    The Constitution Party did NOT compromise on the Pro-life platform, we merely stated that the errant views of a few in the Nevada CP were no reason to kick out the entire Party. We hope that the Nevada membership-which is solely responsible for choosing their leaders-will be more prudential in the future.

    In the meantime, we will continue to plod forward. The whole Nevda fight is more over a select few wishing to weed the CP of the Mormons, which Mr. Richardson shows us- from his self-serving interview,-that he has reall problems with.

    At Tampa, Mr. Richardson coldly told the rest of us that anyone not voting with the self described “exposer of crooks and liars” were Pro-choice and pro-baby killers.

    Many of those he maligned were long time fighters for Pro-life. I my self stood w/Randy Terry and marched in the snow of Washington D.C. The reason I left the GOP and to the CP was precisely due to Bush campaigning for Specter and Cheney smoozing it up w/Pro-lifers on the other side of PA.

    As we see, Mr. Richardson-good fellow he I am sure is-is rather tossed to and fro. As we see:

    TPW: Who did you vote for United States Senate last time? Why?

    Pro-life: I did not vote for Mike Crapo. He ran unopposed in 2004. I was going to run in that race but I ignored my conscience and God’s promptings

    Mr. Richardson is not so hard core.

  4. Timothy West Says:

    Why not just rename it The Anti-Abortion Party and be done with it?

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    Which party Timothy?
    The CP has more at stake than JUST pro-life stances. While we CPers believe it is a vital plank of the platform,you can’t stand on one plank of wood for long. You need infrastructure, you need support. You need other planks. It is argueable that within the CP, shrinking governmnt is the largest plank. I would make that arguement, because the majority of issues raised are about that very subject.

    As for Mr. Marvin, he seems to have the best interest of babies in mind, but he is going about it all wrong. I’d prefer we don’t interview guys whom are QUITE this crazy and bigoted anymore.

  6. Anthony Distler Says:

    So, wait. The Constitution Party is saying that we should shrink the government and it’s control? And yet…the government should ban abortions? Doesn’t that contridict itself?

  7. Trent Hill Says:

    No,it doesnt.
    The CP advocates states rights (and indeed individual an community rights also). The CP believes that Abortion is murder.
    Let me ask you this.
    If in Florida they passed a law which said you could kill someone as long as they had over $100 on their person. Would/should the federal government stand by idly and allow this to happen?
    Absolutely not. Because it is the purpose of the government to protect human life. This is included in the Constitution,and therefor applies Federally.

  8. Mike N. Says:

    Don’t give Hacker any ideas… the next thing you know he will be changing his name to “L Ron Hacker” or perhaps “God”?

  9. Anthony Distler Says:

    Thanks for the clear-up. I can certain see the CP’s stance on this issue. I’ve move away from the right on several issues, but always kept a pro-life stance (though…not one like Mr. “Pro-Life” up there in Idaho.)

    While it’s a stretch to think that abortion will be banned nationally anytime soon, a state by stae thing may be approaching in the near future. I look toward states like Idaho and Wyoming first.

  10. matt Says:

    I like Mr. Life.

    He says what he thinks. he understands that abortion is wrong, admits to having made mistakes in the past, and is doing his best to get his point across. This interview contains a great deal of honesty. I wish he’d tone down the rhetoric, patch things up with LDS and the CP, and generally learn how to work together with people a little better. For all we know, he might.

    I’d love to see abortion banned state-by-state too.

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  12. Cody Quirk Says:


    Personally I think Pro-Life is full of himself.

    Hold on, I think I’m going to start writing a article now….

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