The philosophy of Rick Jore

After numerous letters to the editor, columns, and articles from people trying to make Jore sound more dangerous than Osama himself, The Missoulian had the innovative, wacky, and unprecedented idea of actually asking Rick what he believes! You can read the results here.

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Rick Jore’s educational resolve doesnt seem like it should offend anyone, although I guess I see how Public Education Employees could be offended by it.

  2. matt Says:

    He seems well-spoken and committed to freedom. I wish he were in the US House.

  3. Freelancer Says:

    He gave some very good answers. I expect the education burocracy probably won’t like them very much though. But they (answers) will resonate with the average parent that wants the best for their children.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    Ought to shutup some of the Teacher’s who got his opinion second hand and wanted to attack him on it.

  5. NewFederalist Says:

    Credit the paper… it was a good interview. I suppose they could have really edited his emails to make him appear extreme but it didn’t seem to me that they did.

  6. Anthony Distler Says:

    I think he would have to be a pretty levelheaded person in order to be elected in a swing state like Montana. He couldn’t be jumping up and down like a raving lunitic and still get elected. If he was, we would hear a lot more about him.

  7. Trent Hill Says:

    Swing state?
    Ronan, Montana is EXTREMELY conservative. It is in the Militia Area.

  8. Anthony Distler Says:

    Democratic govenor, 2 Democratic senators and a state senate that is up for grabs. I consider Montana a swing state now.

  9. George Phillies Says:

    Montana has a long history of liberal politicians supported by a healthy history of organized labor participating in politics. The state’s political history is complex and interesting.

  10. Trent Hill Says:

    Yes, but Rick Jore is the Ronan Legislator. Ronan has never had liberal leanings. It has always been a Right Area.

  11. Joey Dauben Says:

    I love those quotes from Thatcher towards the bottom. I’m using those on my Facebook page ;)

  12. Freelancer Says:

    “sigh” If only Margaret Thatcher were our president. LOL

  13. Trent Hill Says:

    Aye. Margaret Thatcher was more man than Clinton,or both Bush’s.

  14. Freelancer Says:


  15. RWR Says:

    Montana probably has some of the most liberal districts in the country mere miles away from some of the most conservative. I live about a half-hour south of Ronan, in Missoula, which is so liberal it would probably go unnoticed if it suddenly became a suburb of San Fransisco.

    George Phillies is right - Montana politics defies explanation.

  16. RWR Says:

    NewFederalist -

    To the paper’s further credit, I wrote the editor and author of that piece to thank him for such a fair and informative interview, and his response to me was that he also believes it is the duty of the press to be as straightforward and honest with its readers as possible, and that he wants to conduct interviews like this more often with high-profile local politicians.

    THIS is the type of thinking we need much more of at our nation’s newspapers!

  17. Trent Hill Says:

    That editor should be VERY proud. Missoula is pretty liberal, and he put out a decent report on a VERY conservative politician.

  18. Chris Campbell Says:

    Rick is a good fellow and I was pleased to support him-even after the now Infamous Tampa Vote

  19. Anthony Distler Says:

    If I were the Constitution Party…and I am not…I would look at Rick Jore for a leadership position within the party. They need to seperate themselves from people like “Pro-Life” and more towards Rick Jore.

    And with the Republican Party reeling from the recent 2006 elections, the Constitution Party may be in for a boost. 2008 is going to be a very interesting election cycle.

  20. Joe Says:

    Both Jore and Pro-life have separated themselves from the Constitution Party.

  21. Trent Hill Says:

    Wrong again Joe. Man, you really cant seem to get stuff right,huh?

    Pro-life has distanced himself from the CP.

    rick Jore is still a part of the Constitution Party of Montana. While they are “dissafilliated”, they share the same name and platform as the national party. This is a heavy link. The Montana party, in itself, is a perfectly good establishment. I hope they will rejoin us soon.

  22. Joe Says:

    Like I said, both Pro-Life and Jore have separated themselves from the Constitution Party.

  23. Trent Hill Says:

    No. He is APART of the Constitution Party.
    He is simply a part of a state party that is no longer affiliated with the national.
    When you say “have seperated themselves from the Constitution Party”, you should specify the National Constitution Party.

  24. Cody Quirk Says:

    Joe, has Jore personally rebuked the national Party at all?

  25. Joe Says:

    Yes, he voted to disaffiliate from the national party. You can hear his public rebuke at

  26. Cody Quirk Says:

    I’m talking about has he severd ties completely with the national? I don’t remember him having a cow about the national’s endorsement of him in the election.

    I recall he still was present at Tampa after the Nevada vote, when most of the Peroutka crowd left.

  27. Joe Says:

    If you listen to the show I linked to you can hear him say so.

  28. Cody Quirk Says:

    -I have dial up, so the audio sucks on my computer.

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