Constitution Party cleans up in Utah

Looks like a good year for third parties.

While the Greens managed to beat back duopoly power in Illinois and the Libertarians set records in Texas and Georgia, the Constitution Party is cementing its base in the intermontane West.

Of course, there’s Jore. But just as worthwhile are the close finishes, the double-digit races, the serious campaigns that build up for next time. has the story here:

The Constitution Party garnered a surprisingly high number of votes from Utah County residents in the general election.

The six candidates for the state legislature from the political third party made solid showings — in one race earning 30 percent of the vote — and the party’s 3rd Congressional seat candidate, Jim Noorlander, reaped almost 11 percent of votes, about 15 percentage points behind Democrat Christian Burridge’s take in the county.

In all, even though only 227 residents in 360,000-resident Utah County are registered members of the party, 2.43 percent of Utah County votes on Nov. 7 went to Constitution Party candidates.

Not too bad, CP.

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Well done CP. Keep it up.

  2. RCAIP Says:

    The Nevada Party clean up REALLLY good. Besides the victories, in a race for Clark County Assessor, the IAP candidate got 81,000 votes when the IAP has only 44,000 reg. voters in the whole state. State candidates got 3% to 6% of the votes and legislatives races ranked in double-digit percentages for our candidates. Utah, Idaho, and California did pretty good; one Calif. congressional candidate got 8.5% of the vote.

    There’s just something about the West that makes us the best:)

    PS- I’ve decided to list the chatroom I run, it’s even open to patriotic conservatives outside of the CP, except I keep out the trouble-makers, so if any one wants to join just to cause problems- remember, I’m my own online security-guard.

  3. RCAIP Says:

    Sorry, here it is…

  4. Stuart Richards Says:

    I love the West… sad that I’ll be moving away from it in a year. Oh well, the demands of college. :

    At least when I come back I’ll get to be a history professor. :D

  5. matt Says:

    Sorry, here it is…


    There it isn’t.

    It sounds interesting, though.

  6. RCAIP Says:


    Just click on my screen name.

  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    Utah and other western states could be a good place for the CP to grow. The dominant religious group within the GOP right now are Southern Baptists, other fundementalists and Penacostals. And if there’s one thing they all share in common is their hatred of Mormons. If the Romney campaign falls flat on its face which I think it will (just like the Hatch campaign did) then I think Mormons will re-think their long-time alliance with the GOP and there will be an opening for the CP to take advantage of. They’re certainly not going to go to the Dems. Remember Mormons dominate Utah and Idaho and have significant amount of voters in western states like Nevada and Montana. They are conservative in thinking without being goofy like the Pentacostals or dangerous like the dispensationalists or Christian Reconstructionalists. Let the GOP have that motley crew.

    Again, it’s all about building on different group voters.

  8. matt Says:

    I stand corrected!

  9. matt Says:

    They are conservative in thinking without being goofy like the Pentacostals or dangerous like the dispensationalists or Christian Reconstructionalists. Let the GOP have that motley crew.
    I’ve yet to hear of dispensationalists or Christian Reconstructionists being dangerous to anyone besides themselves. Of course, goofiness is in the eye of the beholder. I expect all of these groups to come over to the 3rd parties at some point if the R’s don’t turn hard right.

  10. Stuart Richards Says:

    I do know that the Mormons are fairly engaged in politics so it’ll be interesting to see if they as a religion would ever bring themselves to align with a third party. Also, I was wondering how such a… religious, shall we say, agenda could possibly catch on in what is otherwise the most libertarian region of the country. But if it’s the Mormons behind it, that’d explain a lot.

  11. RCAIP Says:

    Would be nice if my Church got behind the CP, but not going to happen.

    The LDS Church leadership stays politically neutral, unless its a moral issue.
    However if Romney gets beat up by the conservatives in the GOP and he’s chewed up and spewed out, then LDS conservatives may look our way:)

    But either or, LDS still are flocking to the CP more and more.

  12. Trent Hill Says:

    Romney won’t get the nomination. The GOP is looking to moderate, not leap left. Plus, the Religious Right wont back an LDS candidate. Also, his statements in support of Gay Rights, Abortion, and Taxes will alienate alot of Republicans. Im guessing McCain or Guliani.
    And if either of them wins, im guessing Tom Tancredo runs for the CP.

  13. RCAIP Says:

    Tancredo would be AWESOME as our official Prez. candidate! He would garner way, way more votes then P-U-ka did in 2004.

    If the Evangelicals politically crucify Romney, expect to see the LDS voters retaliate at the voting booth in ‘08!

  14. Trent Hill Says:

    I repeat, my prediction is that Romney will not get the nomination. The Republican party is gunna have to try hard to moderate, but not THAT much. I say (Moderate). I mean, move further left than they have already drifted. Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Dick Armey, Bob Barr, I vote for all of them.
    And any of them would garner ALOT of votes.
    If Tancredo runs, he’s got my vote in a HEARTBEAT.

  15. paulie cannoli Says:


    He’s a fascist.

  16. RCAIP Says:


    Though Guliani is a little too far to the Left, in my opinion.

  17. Chris Says:

    Go West, maybe they will help bring the rest of us up.

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