Phillies ‘08 bumper stickers

I got ‘em in the mail last night, and as promised, I’m offering a review. It’s my opinion that, to a certain extent, a campaign is generally well-reflected in its bumper stickers.

So yes. It’s nothing too flashy, but it gets the job done. No Statue of Liberty graphics, just the word “George Phillies: Libertarian for President” or somesuch. A solid, but kinda ho-hum, sticker. You know exactly what you’re getting-isn’t too much, isn’t too little. But the fact that they’ve already got bumper stickers printed out (and that they sent me five!) is pretty impressive.

So what this screams to me, in general, is that the Phillies campaign, if nominated, will be pretty standard, almost boring, Libertarian fare. But it will excel at the job-I remember getting a single Badnarik bumper sticker when I asked for it in 2004, but already they’ve got quite a bit more to offer. Yeah, the Badnarik stickers were flashier… but, eh. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, and I doubt any of us are in the mood for Badnarik’s edition of “flashy” anymore.

If any other Libertarian campaigns out there would like to send me their stickers, I’d be delighted to offer my impressions. [email protected] and I’ll hit you up with my mailing address. :)

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29 Responses to “Phillies ‘08 bumper stickers”

  1. George Phillies Says:

    And I must acknowledge my thanks to supporter Doug Craig, who did the design, and made the stickers a donation to Phillies 2008.

    Readers will note I am spending my money and donations on real campaign activity and functional back office work (treasurer, web master).

    And if any of you want to serve as telemarketers, I realize that is incredibly painful work, and will pay, modestly*, for performance. (I am delighted to have volunteers, but realize that for some people even that sort of a donation is unaffordable time spent not earning needed money.)

    Your volunteer efforts and donations direct to (the PDF on the donations page is also a mailable volunteer form) will be most welcome.

    Merry Christmas (and as elsewise appropriate)

    *Think 10%, not the 15 or 30 % offered elsewhere.

  2. Anthony Distler Says:

    One credit I must give to the Libetarian Party is that their presidental candidates (of people high up on their campaign, in Steve Kubby’s case) take the time to go on these blogs and respond in comments to those of us who have questions (Constitution Party is starting to do this, too.) I gives me a better feel for the candidates then the same old stuff we’ve been getting from the Republican and Democratic Parties.

    Mr. Phillies (and others) I hope to hear more from you in the future, and I appreciate the time to talk to the people who may actually elect you.

  3. Mike N. Says:

    Readers will note I am spending my money and donations on real campaign activity and functional back office work (treasurer, web master).

    I have a lot of respect for that.

  4. torah Says:

    I won’t be satsified with the Phillies campaign until I buy a Philadelphia Phillies t-shirt. The baseball team + a presidential campaign = marketing genius.

    Can you imagine a baseball-themed (& copyright infringing) campaign? Ha. It’s marketing, boys and girls, pure marketing.

    Maybe the campaign can’t sign off on it, but “fans” and “supporters” can.

  5. torah Says:

    ...and let’s start posting pictures of the campaign gear. I like seeing the yard signs, banners and bumper stickers the candidates use/wear. That right there would be worth donors’ money more than anything.

  6. Jason Gatties Says:

    I gotta get in contact with Doug and get my phillies bumper sticker. It will fit nicely over the Badnarik sticker I can’t seem to get off the car.

  7. matt Says:

    Does he intend to do a knock-off of the Phillies Blunt logo? That would certainly draw a crowd. Or maybe I’m the only person here familiar with that trademark?

  8. Jason Gatties Says:

    Nah I remember the Phillies Blunts. Helped me survive high school…

  9. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Nifty… I’d like to check one out. Maybe you could take a picture, Trevor?

  10. paulie cannoli Says:

    Readers will note I am spending my money and donations on real campaign activity and functional back office work (treasurer, web master).

    Glad to hear. Solid foundations are important.

  11. Jackcjackson Says:

    Did he order the stickers from Michael Badnarik?

  12. Nigel Watt Says:

    Just because Michael Badnarik is associated with it doesn’t mean that isn’t awesome.

  13. Doug Craig Says:

    Guys just email me and I will get you some sent right out. I have been in Maimi for the last week so starting tomorrow I will get these out.
    [email protected]

  14. Eric Dondero Says:

    The biggest problem with George Phillies is not that he’s a Nobody, non-Celebrity, never held elective office before, ect… Not even the fact that he’s a card-carrying member of the most anti-Civil Liberties organization on the planet—the ACLU. Nor, that Phillies is a Blame America-Firster.

    No, the biggest problem with Phillies is his image.

    He’s the ultimate Girly Man. The guy’s poofy. He’s overweight. Got that poofy-boy overweight univiting grin on his face.

    You can tell Phillies hasn’t been to a gym in over 30 years.

    In today’s image-driven environment, the Libertarian Party needs to be much, much more concerned with looks, and less concerned about dogmatic philosophical stances.

    Kubby is not that great either. He’s got a bit too much of that “soft-boy” San Francisco look about him.

    Christine Smith has zero resume. But she’s attractive. And would be a huge improvement over Phillies or Kubby.

    But it would be far better if the LP were to nominate real men who are handsome like Art Olivier, Jesse Ventura, ex-boxer Ed Thompson, Sheriff Bill Masters of CO, or Judge Robert Gray of CA.

    Think what I’m saying is crazy?

    Rewind back to 2000. Many Libertarians speculated that Don Gorman lost that Libertarian Nomination race because he appeared “too short” and “less handsome” on stage during the debate with the tall, manicured Harry Browne.

    Think about it!

    Eric at

  15. matt Says:

    We do need a looker. Does Obama have a twin brother? Perhaps a relative who once was heard to complain about high taxes or the drug war?We need a mainstream libertarian for this position and they’d better be a hottie!

    (sarcasm switched off)

    Seriously, it’s common knowledge that physical appearance is a factor in how the public reacts to a candidate, but wouldn’t that be a kind of silly thing to base a candidate search around? Kind of contributes to the problem, doesn’t it? Why not challenge people a little bit?

  16. Torah Says:

    Judge Gray needs to run for the nomination. That would be ideal, an elected judge who is fair and still hard on crime. He’s very articulate, too, and you can pronounce his name unlike Badnarik.

  17. George Phillies Says:

    Mr. Dondero’s guesses as to my physical activity are about as good as his party’s guesses as to how many WMDs President Hussein had, which is to say, not very.

    For the pumping iron voters: I do belong to a gym. 4-6 days a week, 20 minutes of pumping iron, mostly 80-100 pounds (on the major leg muscles, more than my body weight) , and 30 + minutes (say, 400-500 calories) on the precor elliptical trainer, leading to a resting pulse under 60.

  18. Bill Wood Says:

    Hammer of Truth has a breaking news blurb. Former Congressman Bob Barr is switching parties and joining the Libertarian Party. Does anyone have the scoop?

  19. Eric Dondero Says:

    Ouch! Sorry George. My sincerest apolgies. I called that one wrong. But it begs the question, who the fuck is your photographer, then? Fire the loser. He’s making you look really, really bad.

  20. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    And due to match makers John Dennis Coffey and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s], once Republican now Libertarian Judge Gray [still on the bench in California’s Orange County] was also supported/ recommended/ endorsed by the Reform Party of California in 2004!

    Lured away from the GOP by the Lib’s more practical ‘illegal’ street drug policy, Judge Gray *, a personal friend of abused veterans every where, has also seen the insanity of ‘Open Borders’ in a post 9 - 11 environment!

    • and has authored a book on such
  21. Eric Dondero Says:

    Yes, I have half the scoop.

    I posted a Blog on the story over at the libertarian conservative site.

    Seems it resulted from a conference call for LP Southern Regional Chairs searching for a replacement for their LNC Rep. They near unanimously chose Barr. Barr apparently responded favorably. That’s all I know at this point.

    But I can tell you this. I’ve been in touch with some very top level LPers in the last couple weeks. They hinted very strongly to me that something “Big” was coming down the pike.

    I was led to believe that it was magician Penn Jillette. My sources wouldn’t confirm that. They just coyly respoded to my queries, “We’ll see.” So like a dumbass I rolled with it, telling others that I thought Penn Jilliette was going to run on the LP ticket.

    Now this breaks.

    Yeah, I gotta little egg on my face. Alas, it appears it wasn’t Jillette but rather Bob Barr.

    And this all comes only two weeks after 2004 World Poker Champ Greg Raymer announces for VP.

    I strongly suspect who pulled this all off. No, not Bill Redpath. But someone else very high up. Someone who has a taste for Poker. And someone who has very, very good political instincts. He’s the best strategist the LP has.

    No, not saying who. But after all this is done, we all ought to seriously congratulate him.

    Bob Barr/Greg Raymer.

    Damn, that ticket KICKS ASS

  22. matt Says:

    Barr might be a good gateway drug to get people turned on to the LP, but his voting record isn’t really that impressive. He voted for PATRIOT I, and he’s against legalization. Maybe if he were on a presidential ticket with a magician, they could come up with a way to make his questionable civil rights record disappear.

  23. Jason Gatties Says:

    To Eric The “Mainstream Libertarian”

    We have a republican State Rep, Neal Nitz.

    When do you think the last time he “hit a gym”?

    BTW..he’s been re-elected twice…so much for your claim…

  24. Jason Gatties Says:

    sorry…Nitz is the slob on the right..

  25. George Phillies Says:


    Apology happily accepted. And more photographs are always a good idea.


  26. Doug Craig Says:

    Here is a question for you guys? I would like to see all the campaigns do great , but what would you like to see at this point. What would impress you coming out of one these presidential campaigns, What could one our campaigns do that would make you jump with joy at this point.What could one of the campaigns do to make you join that team and help out.

  27. Jason Gatties Says:

    The Phillies Campaign is already leaps and bounds ahead of the game and they are just getting started.

  28. Eric Dondero Says:

    To Jason, you’re right. The guy’s a porker!

    But how many Presidential candidates do you see running who are unattractive or grossly overweight?

    I can think of one in the last 15 years or so.

    Remember that bow-tied guy from Illinois? What was his name? He was the darling of the liberal media. But the voters dropped him like a hot potato immediately after the Iowa caucuses.

    And why do you think a first-term US Senator who was just elected two years ago to office… Burack Hussein Obama, of course, is getting so much play?

    And what about the Breck Girl John Edwards of North Carolina?

    You gonna tell me that the media and the American public are not at all enthralled with their looks?

  29. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Dondero is an obvious queerberger.