Stufflebeam Earns 19,020 Write-in Votes

Looks like an impressive and record-setting write-in vote total for Illinois Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Randy Stufflebeam. This is real, reported votes rather than the undervotes that were being tabulated earlier.

Had he been on the ballot, it seems like Stufflebeam might have made as big of a splash as Green candidate Rich Whitney. Still, very impressive figures for a write-in campaign.

From Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News:

Randy Stufflebeam, Constitution Party nominee for Illinois Governor, received 19,020 write-ins on November 7. This is the highest number of write-ins ever received by any minor party or independent candidate for any office in Illinois history.

The previous Illinois record number of write-in votes for any minor party or independent candidate was set in 2004, when Ralph Nader got 3,559 write-ins. Before that, the record has been the American Party’s 1972 presidential candidate, Congressman John G. Schmitz. He had received 2,471 write-ins in Illinois.

The Illinois Libertarian Party gubernatorial write-in candidate this year, Mark McCoy, received 476 write-ins. The Socialist Workers Party write-in candidate for Governor did not file as a declared write-in, so no one knows how many he received.

2 Responses to “Stufflebeam Earns 19,020 Write-in Votes”

  1. torah Says:

    It must be noted that in 2008, there will be a three-way race and the minor parties will have nothing to say for it. It will be Bloomberg. Mark my words.

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    If Bloomberg runs, I think the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, and Greens will all garner less votes than in ‘06 or ‘04. However, they will still have a say on the matter.

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