Westchester (NY) Independence Party must hold a new reorganization meeting

Westchester’s chapter of the Independence Party must hold a reorganization meeting within the next two months following a state judge’s ruling that many party members - especially opponents of the current leadership - were not made aware of its last effort to elect officers. You can read the rest of the article here.

I don’t know enough about the Independence Party to defend the actions of their Westchester chapter, but I think the medicine is worth the disease here. I don’t like the idea of state courts meddling in internal party affairs.

4 Responses to “Westchester (NY) Independence Party must hold a new reorganization meeting”

  1. Nigel Watt Says:

    There are four places in the United States called Westchester. Which is this referring to?

  2. Mike Indiana Says:

    The Independence Party the article is reffering to is the Independence Party of New York’s Westchester county affiliate.

  3. Deran Says:

    I thought the name Sayegh sound a little familiar; the NY Independence Party has been fight an ongoing internal battle between a faction led by Dr. Leonora Fulani (leader of a group called the New Aliiance Party, which appears to be a political-pyschiatric cult, founded in the ‘70s by a therapist last name of Newman). The Fulani factrion took control of the IP in the 1990s, then an anti-Fulani faction took over the state party just a couple years ago.

    Here’s a news story sort of laying out the basic issues behind the faction fight.


  4. Nigel Watt Says:

    Thanks for clearing the geography up.

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