Welcoming Brad…

As you may have noticed, we’ve added another contributing writer to the site in the form of Brad Winthrop. Brad represents more of the right-leaning, Constitution Party, American Heritage Party area of third party politics. At least, that’s what his background is.

Brad has a little bit of blogging experience of his own and has frequently forwarded me news items over the last year or so… many of which have been posted on TPW.

So now, I think we’ve taken a really good first step at expanding the site into a multi-blogger format. Hopefully this will mean more posts, more activity, and more perspectives. Trevor, Stuart, and Brad will be great additions… along with Joe Magyer and myself continuing to post. At this time, it might still be good to add a member of the Green Party or from another “leftist” party. If you know of anyone who might be interested, let me know!

2 Responses to “Welcoming Brad…”

  1. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    I reluctantly volunteer.

    How ever, I consister this a legitimate conscription, and is not an active campaign. If ya don’t need my services there are no hurt feeling.

    Lots of folks hate me. [And I do not care!]

    I have been very interested in American politics—-usually for some very negative reasons since the Nixon Kennedy debates in 1960. In 1963 I found it very disturbing that JFK was killed in the same state that launched the next President. I am bothered that even Democrats consider John F. Kennedy a good [muchp less great] Chief Executive!

    In 1968 I had already gone from ‘Sgt Barry Sadler’ and the ‘Green Barets’ to viewing the mess in South East Asia as Phillipines 1898 Number II. I was greatly bothered by RFK’s entry into the presidential mix after LBJ was disheartened by Walter Conkite’s first hand essament of Viet Nam. I thought that a blatant support of Eugene McCarthy would have been far better than going after the top spot.

    After the assignations of MLK and RFK, I did not like Nixon any more but [sans McCarthy] I did not see any Dem worth bothering with.

    I have been a McGovern, Carter, Anderson-Lacey, Mondale, Dukiaks, Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader voter. My Perot votes were casted as other than an United We Stand America/ reform party member.

    I have been a state level candidate [four out of fourth, but lots of publicity] in California, a la Peace and Freedom Socialist/ Feminist. I have been the Southern California regional chair via the Reform Party of California and its wonderful, wonderful 2004 Veterans Abuse state Committee.

    In my teens and twenties, I was on the legendary Ruskin HS news paper, various college and running club publications, and was the defacto publisher of the only Reform Party USA national print news letter not worth laughing at. I am currently suing the past and present Reform Party of California chairs, John Blare and Valli Sharpe Giesler.

    I would rather alienate a friend, ally, associate for the truth than keep them for a lie.

    I believe the Republicrats and Democans are the root of most of our national problems as a corporate sponsered political duopoly and global empire while we pretend to be a democracy based, independent minded republic! We are so the source of our own problems! I have no problem with the rest of the world hating us [and Toady Blare’s Britain]!

    As a not married non parent school leaver in the 1970s I helped maintain WMD pointed toward large cities on the other side of the world. As a not married non parent school leaver in Manilia in 1900, in Sigion [Ho Chi Min City] in 1963, and in today’s Bagdad, I would probably be throwing rocks at US and English troops on a daily basis.

    Facts: We are too stupid to use the metric system and too arrogant to stay out of Manillia, Sigion, and Bagdad [three of the most Christain cities in the non Christain regions of the planet….] as the UNASKED Global Policeman. Our income tax was wedged through congress on Christmas Eve in 1913, our money is barrowed from corporate accounts, and yet we seem to continue to believe in Duopolitic fairly tales every second November! And we wonder why ‘things’ are not going our way.

    True [decline to state] Independents and Minor/ Micro party types have their problems—-but at least they are not Dems and GOP.

    It may take another 230 years, but relatively long lasting reform will come from the mucky, murky, mangled middle——not the right or the left [what ever those terms REALLY mean…..]!

  2. RCAIP Says:

    Hey Brad, after reading your articles, I must say that your reporting on the Constitution Party is biasedly poor, misinformed, and misleading. I reccomend taking a journalism class since, well… Basically…


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