Another New Face for TPW…

I know I said I was only looking for one person per political affiliation, but I changed my mind. :)

Stuart Richards is going to be joining TPW as a contributing writer along with Trevor Southerland. Stuart’s a great guy and many of you probably know him from his work on other blogs, including Hammer of Truth.

Anyway, just wanted to welcome Stuart aboard!

10 Responses to “Another New Face for TPW…”

  1. Trevor Southerland Says:

    Welcome aboard. :-)

  2. Timothy West Says:


  3. Mike N. Says:

    What a shame. I was beginning to like this blog….

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    I ADORE this website,for being a vital source for Third Party Ballot Access. And im glad Stuart Richards is able to join the community. Welcome man, and I hope you realize you have VERY big shoes to fill.

  5. Jackcjackson Says:

    That’s good, but I thought it wasn’t going to be all Libertarians?

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It won’t be.

  7. Mike Indiana Says:

    Congrats Stuart, I look foward to reading your postings. I do have one question for you though, does the American Heritage Party run candidates of its own, or does it just support members of other parties? The party website has links to articles about both Rick Jore and Michael Peroutka and it appears as though the party website is more of a vehicle to advicate a political view. essentially what I’m asking is the American Heritage Party a political club or is it a political party.

  8. Jackcjackson Says:

    looks like you are asking the wrong guy on the wrong post.

  9. Stuart Richards Says:

    Hey all, my computer can’t find this site for some reason, but I’m at college so I’ll begin posting now.

    I don’t know what’s up with the American Heritage Party, but it’s common for a lot of parties on the Christian right to cross-nominate people from my experience.

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