Wanna Write for Third Party Watch?

Hey everyone…

I’m going to be involved in volunteering for a local city council campaign this Spring. I may also be helping to run the campaign of a friend who is pondering a big for a seat on the soil and water board. Plus I’ll be getting sworn into my seat on the local S&W Board in January. Plus I have a new day job starting in January, other business projects, and classes I’ll be taking. Kind of a full plate that leaves me time for TPW… but not enough time to cover everything that I’d like.

That’s where you might want to come in!

I took the first steps towards giving TPW a multi-blogger format a few months ago when Joe Magyer joined. His LP convention coverage was probably the best anywhere on the Internet, and he’s posted a few times since then. However, he’s a pretty busy guy as well… so while he’ll continue as a contributing writer, I’m looking to expand a bit more.

At first I’d be looking for one or two people, preferably from mixed backgrounds—a CPer, an LPer, or a GPer… or someone from another party. But not two Libertarians or two Greens.

You’ll be allowed to express your opinion, of course… but as much as possible we want to be fair to all parties and cover both the good and the bad.

This isn’t really rocket science, but prior blogging experience would be preferred. Particularly people who’ve blogged on a WordPress platform.

This site makes very little money from advertising revenue and that basically just covers the hosting. Any small profits (usually less than $15 a month) get deposited into our business account and help pay our local Chamber of Commerce dues. In short, there’s no money to pay you with. However, you will get one free BlogAd on the site to promote whatever you choose. Also, you get satisfaction from having access to a platform from which you can share news, your opinions, and other information. That’s what we like to call the “presitge factor.” ;-)

In all seriousness, if you’d like to find out more about becoming a contributing write for TPW or would want to submit for a position, email me with your “blogging resume” at [email protected]

I’ll probably only pick one or two people, so please don’t feel bad if I don’t contact you. I may wind up saving your name for a few months and asking you to join in the next round of expansion.

17 Responses to “Wanna Write for Third Party Watch?”

  1. Nick Wilson Says:

    I think this is a great idea. You’ve been a great resource for third parties, Austin, and I think creating some sort of bigger third-party unity forum is the best way to promote dialogue between the parties on the points where they agree and disagree and work together on mutual interests, like ballot access.

    As a libertarian/classical liberal with a sympathy for the progressive and environmental ends of the Greens - if not the means - I think this is also a good way to push for fusionism and understanding between two ideologies, which need not be so far apart. The more dialogue between libertarians and leftists, the better a chance that a moderate fusionist party can arise with both a distinguishable message from the major parties, focusing on small businesses, peace, limited government and social justice and pushing the classical liberal connections between economic freedom and economic equality. We need a real resurgence of classical liberalism, and the only way this will occur is dialogue between those who advocate the means of classical liberalism and those who advocate the ends. The more forums to do this in, the better.

  2. Robert Stark Says:

    I am the moderator of the Reform Party Forum: http://www.reformparty.org/phpbb, and I can represent a Reform/Populist view point. I have actively followed many 3rd Party and Reform candidates in the last election. I am also working on drafting Lou Dobbs or Aaron Russo to run in 08.


  3. Robert Stark Says:

    correct link:


  4. Stuart Richards Says:

    I’d be willing to give it a go, but you already have an LP rep in Joe Mayger.

    Oh well… [email protected] if you’d want me onboard. You know my credentials-I’ve blogged on HoT and on Tim West’s “The New Libertarian” before that. Plus Michelle Shinghal and I have started up our own blog, “Last Free Voice,” which is linked in my name in this post.

    I’m acrimonious and opinionated but I do get ‘em riled up in the comments section and I do give everyone a fair go, no matter their party ident.

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    How about a category for 3rd party candidates running on major party tickets? Example Libertarian Republicans??

  6. Stuart Richards Says:

    That’s a contradiction in terms.

    Maybe you’re referring to the libertarian movement, but the libertarian movement is a political philosophy, not a third party. There is a third party that embraces its principles, the Libertarian Party.

    As this site is dedicated only to third parties, and not larger political movements, talking about small-l libertarians running under major party banners goes against the whole point.

    So yeah… no soup for you. One year.

  7. Joe Says:

    I agree with Stuart. There are plenty of sites out there dedicated to the two major parties. Certainly sometimes things those parties do will be relevant news for third parties, but I am not interested in reading the opinions of members of the Republican and Democrat parties here.

  8. Kris Overstreet Says:

    I’d be interested, but I’ve just begun my own political-specific blog and I need to focus on that first.

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  10. paulie cannoli Says:

    You’re probably over-represnted in the Libertarian department already, but I’m somewhat of a mix of libertarian (means) and Green (goals) so my perspective is at least somewhat different.

    As a political professional, I’ve worked with all the parties, both minor and major.

    My archive is at


    Currently this site, which I don’t manage on the technical end, seems to be having some difficulties, when clicking on the posts just replace lpalabama.org/ with http://al.lp.org/ within the URL.

    A lot more of my writing is available in the old Hammer of Truth comment archives if they are ever brought back online.

    I can post here if you like, but my feeelings won’t be hurt if you are not interested. Due to technical difficulties outside my control at LPA I am currently looking for other outlets to post on.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    So, a 3rd party guy who runs on the Republican ticket doesn’t count. Is that what you’re saying?

    And I guess that applies to NH, VT and NY that have fusion tickets, as well. Right?

  12. Timothy West Says:

    eric, the R’s simply arent a 3 rd party.

  13. doc holliday Says:

    But, with any luck and W sinking into the 20s, maybe they will become one.

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