Hammer of Truth?

Does anyone know whatever happened to Hammer of Truth?

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  1. Eric Sundwall Says:

    Paulie Cannoli & Devious David have Stephen Van Dyke locked in a server closet. Under_cover Anarchist denies any involvement.

  2. Jackcjackson Says:

    I’m guessing it will be back whenever this Liberty Mix thing is, maybe 2008.

  3. Hardy Machia Says:

    Happy to move on if HOT isn’t going to be up. They are losing their readership by not being up. Are there another sites similar to HOT?

  4. Joseph Knight Says:

    Let’s clamor for the Hammer.

    “Hammer of Truth”

  5. Joseph Knight Says:

    I HATE IT that e-mail addresses get stripped out of the text.

    Clamor for the Hammer at tips @ hammeroftruth dot com

  6. Joseph Knight Says:

    Michael Hampton just sent this response to MY clamor:

    “I wish I could say when HoT would return, but I’m just as in the dark as everyone else.”

  7. Timothy West Says:

    I think he basically got pissed off and said F all of you, it will come back when and how I feel like it.

  8. Timothy West Says:

    woot. woot.

  9. megan Says:

    Face it - all those who donated to LibertyMix have been ripped off, and basically spit on and laughed at.

    The money you donated to help them take time off to build the site went to the failed political campaigns of Michael Badnarik and Bill Pierce, candidates that the site designers were working for.

    We’ll be lucky if it comes out this year, and when it does, it will probably be a run of the mill implementation of Wordpress MU.

    People like them are the reason why Libertarians fail time and again.

  10. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Looks like there’s been some update over at HoT… :)

  11. Derrick Says:

    On an unrelated note… Austin, if you will get rid of that godawful popup ad I will visit your site 10x as often. It greatly detracts from my user experience here. There has got to be a better way for you to bring in ad revenue…

  12. paulie cannoli Says:

    Paulie Cannoli & Devious David have Stephen Van Dyke locked in a server closet. Under_cover Anarchist denies any involvement.

    I deny any involvement too.

    Maybe it can be out by Bill of Rights Day, New Years or something?


  13. Timothy West Says:

    People like them are the reason why Libertarians fail time and again.

    No, libertarians themselves are the primary reason they fail time and time again. They spent all their time trying to convert the entire world into libertarians instead of being a political party until 2006. Maybe it can be fixed, maybe not.

  14. paulie cannoli Says:

    People like whom?

  15. kcjerith Says:

    Damit hurray up HoT :) while Hit and Run at reason magazine is good, it is no HoT. Though I like the vidoe that is posted at the moment. OW rocks

  16. matt Says:

    Hit and Run is nice, but it hardly ever gets personal or nasty. how boring! HoT has (had) just the right mix of debate and personality conflict. Hopefully it won’t be long now…

  17. Jackcjackson Says:

    HoT is/was a Libertarian political blog. Hit ‘n Run is more of a general issues ( sometime) small l libertarian blog where most contributors dont vote or vote for D/R.

  18. Jackcjackson Says:

    speaking of Libertarian-related updates, did everyone catch the Badnarik.org

    “Wrapping it up

    Friends from all over the country are pitching in to help Michael retire the campaign’s debts. Help free Michael up from that burden so he can get on with his teaching with a clear mind - click the donate button and join in!

    Where’s Michael?

    For those of you who have asked, Michael has joined Rick McGinnes at the Bumper Sticker / Liberty Stickers.

  19. kcjerith Says:

    Hey anyone wanna kick (in a rehotical sense)crap of a neo-con jerk off, go here


    he how douch bag defends both the war on (some) drugs, and the over use of SWAT teams

  20. kcjerith Says:

    wow, I need HoT to come back, I have to find fights to pick, well not really pick. it was a response to a hit and run article post “Jeeves, My slippers, Please


  21. megan Says:

    People like whom?

    I don’t know, people who promise the world and don’t deliver, people who don’t keep their word, people who not only take $10,000 and abscond with it without anything to show for it, but who mock those who ask what’s going on. People like that.

    The fact is: They asked for that $10,000 so they could take time off to work on the site. Then, they immediately used that time off to work on failed political campaigns.

    The fact is: They promised time and again: Oh, it’ll be out February, oh we’ll keep donors posted regularly, oh, it’ll be out March, oh it’ll be out 6/6/06, oh, it’ll be out Election day, oh - it’s done, but I’m not ready to show you yet, etc etc ad infinitum. By my calculations it’s been delayed 7 times, even after we were told it’s ALREADY complete.

    To recap: People who don’t live up to their obligations, who break promises, who mishandle donated money, and treat it like it’s some big joke, people who just can’t be counted on for squat - THOSE people are why Libertarians continue to fail.

  22. Stuart Richards Says:

    I have no clue when it will return… the update is encouraging, but in the meantime I started my own blog to keep things moving. Click on the link in my name and it’ll come right up if anyone’s interested.

  23. paulie cannoli Says:


    Not sure if you and Tim have the same answer to that question. He might mean people like me. I just wanted to clarify that before I fire off a response :-)



  24. paulie cannoli Says:

    I have no clue when it will return… the update is encouraging, but in the meantime I started my own blog to keep things moving. Click on the link in my name and it’ll come right up if anyone’s interested.

    Looks good. I commented in one of the threads.


  25. Allen Hacker Says:


    Please get some facts. Neither the Steves nor any other writer at HoT worked for Badnarik for Congress. Many of us know each other, talk now and then, discuss work, but we never made any arrangements, they never worked for us.

    Are you a libertarian? Because if you are, you’re one of the people you’re complaining about; there’s not much difference between not keeping your word and having no word.

    Isn’t it time we started to focus on building something?


  26. Chris Moore Says:

    “Please get some facts.”

    Allen, you are the one in need of “facts.” Megan said NOTHING about the Badnarik campaign or you. She was talking specifically about LibertyMix, a project the Stephen’s raised over $12,000 for, had promised to release almost a year ago, and have so far failed to deliver.

    Now be a man and apologize to Megan.

  27. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Hackster immediately thought that FAILED POLITICAN CAMPAIGN = anything he’s involved with.

    Yes, Hackster, let’s begin building something. Like that new wing of the house you built with your embezzled money from Fraudnarik’s campaign.

    You two belong in jail one another. Who would be the pitcher and who would be the catcher? Nevermind, I’m sure you’ve already worked that out.

    And I’ve been a fan/defender of HoT for a while, but I never heard it broken down like Megan just did. They belong in jail right alongside you other fraudster profiteers.

  28. undercover_anarchist Says:

    In addition.. How completely unprofessional is it for HoT’s “leadership” to not even inform their own bloggers what the fuck is going on?

    I’m sure glad I missed the deadline to “donate” money to that fraud of a project, LibertyTheft.

  29. megan Says:

    Neither the Steves nor any other writer at HoT worked
    for Badnarik for Congress.

    You’re right. Gordon worked on Badnarik’s failed presidential
    campaign, not his failed congressional campaign. You’re the one who ran
    Badnarik’s congressional campaign. Into the ground, that is. On the topic of Badnarik, he at one time wrote a fundraising letter for LibertyMix - then when brought up later, denied it, and said he didn’t even know what LibertyMix was. Sup wit dat?

    Steve Gordon actually took over $10,000 of donated money in order to take time off to build the new site, LibertyMix, then promptly took a job as communications director for the Libertarian Party. So, he didn’t participate in a campaign for a failed candidate, Badnarik, but a failed party. If I made it seem otherwise, my bad.

    Isn’t it time we started to focus on building

    Yes - I agree. They SHOULD focus on building the Libertymix site, as
    promised. Good point, and I think we can all agree on that.

    Are you a libertarian?

    Yes, which is why it chagrins me to see my own “people” act this way.

  30. Phil Says:

    I’ve been silent about this whole thing but I feel I should say something…

    I love the HoT crew, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here (I donated $25 way back in Spring), but - the way they’ve been handling this LibertyMix thing is highly unprofessional.

    When you say it’ll be online in a few weeks (Springtime) then you wait 8(?) months or so, something is fucked up. When you keep making promises to launch a site, then you disappear, you’re making all your readers and contributers out to be assholes.

    Just tell us honestly what the hell is going on and I think we’ll all be cool about it.

  31. Phil Says:

    Oh and by the way - LP’s #1 failure isn’t lack of money, or lack of qualified candidates, or the two-party system or XYZ….it’s the LP’s and LP member’s political ideology that’s completely out of touch with American voters. Cause at one time or another, we’ve had the money, we’ve had qualified candidates etc…but the one thing that’s remain constant is our way-out-in-left-field platform.

    Libertarians have complained in the past that Americans don’t know what the LP is all about - well it’s 2006 now and alot do, and they don’t like what they’re hearing.

    Bring the party closer to the center, embrace that 20% of libertarian-minded people we keep hearing about in polls - we’ll then get more support, get more donations, get more media attention, get more viable candidates, and win some important races. Then you can tell them all about how a privatized police force and heroin at the corner store is good idea for society.

  32. megan Says:

    Good points, Phil. There are some other curious and unhappy HoT followers discussing the matter on the official LP Blog, where one of the Libertymix guys is the “Communications Director”.

    In case that gets shut down, I’ve started a conversation on the topic of LibertyMix and Hammer of Truth here. If we all combine our voices, surely we can get answers and results.

  33. Fight For Freedom Says:

    I’m aware of two libertarian alternatives to Hammer of Truth.

    Seems like a more libertarian-friendly alternative to FreeRepublic.com, whose creators and moderators are all going to hell. ;-)

    George Phillies’ creation. It seems like an organizing place for his Libertarian presidential bid, so I don’t know how free-wheeling he’ll let it become. But’s it seems pretty functional.

  34. George Phillies Says:

    Liberty for America

    I paid Seth Cohn to do the setup. However, I recognized that if it were the private owned-by-Phillies site, it would be kind of useless for its intended purpose, which is to be the Libertarian match for Daily Kos, including using the same drupal.civicspace langauge. So I paid for it, and deliberately do not control its content.

    Admittedly there was a bit of discussion at the front end, expecially related to ‘office-safe’, and you may assume that users will not be posting full frontal nudity pornographic images, advertisements for impossible items, etc.

    However, I would be delighted to have all these TPW discussions appear also on LfUSA, which, by the way, is still in beta on some formatting issues and other bits. The site is stable, but may get prettied up yet.

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