Rapping for T. Lee Horne

Picked this up off the LP’s national website, it’s a rap music video for 2007 Libertarian for Governor of Louisana, T. Lee Horne.

My first thoughts were negative when I hit play, assuming that it would degenerate into some cheesey mess. As I watched the whole video, it’s actually kind of interesting. I’m sure it wouldn’t appeal to all segments of the electorate, but even still. The song is king of catchy and effective at delivering a few key populist campaign messages.

Impressively, this has been watched almost 7,000 times on YouTube since it was posted about 2 weeks ago.

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  1. George Whitfield Says:

    Great song by Lil Nuke and support for an active and personable candidate, T. Lee Horne, III. I liked the video more after I viewed it again. Horne is one of my favorite LP candidates for the 2007 elections. With fewer elections we can focus our resources better.

  2. torah Says:

    When’s Badnarik pulling out the policy statement as to why they only got 4% of the vote?

    I’m curious to see what it says…

  3. Lenny Zimmermann Says:

    I think another important aspect of a fan-made video like this is that is that in a predominantly Democratic controlled African-American vote region that Lee is getting the word out and making an impact on a cultural base that traditionally Libertarian candidates have not seemed to resonate with as much. Perhaps it is also telling that he’s also a member of the LRC and an advocate of incrementally moving the libertarian message forward politically. He’s definitely a candidate I’m excited about, but getting him any real press in this state is still pretty tough, despite his having been actively campaigning for well over a year now.

    I’ll say this, he sure puts in a lot of time and legwork in. Just look at all the places he goes by checking out his blog at http://www.governor.ws and you’ll see what I mean. I know I’ll be donating some more to the campaign.

  4. Jason Gatties Says:

    I was very impressed with the video.

  5. Jackcjackson Says:

    Badnarik is busy making bumper stickers apparently. He has to do something to retire the debt.

  6. R. Mayer Says:

    My God that was awful.

  7. matt Says:

    You, R. Mayer, need to make a stand in your life and vote for Mr. Leon.

  8. paulie cannoli Says:

    Can a Weird Al Yankovic parody be far behind?

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