Osborn Wins Warren County?

Libertarian Senatorial candidate Steve Osborn received just under 13% of the vote statewide in a one-on-one contest against Senator Dick Lugar. However, results on the CNN website and on Dave Leip’s site both point to a 60-40% win for Osborn in Warren county. This is not Osborn’s home county and it’s not a traditional hot-bed of Libertarian activity.

Furthermore, Osborn failed to crack 25% anywhere else in the state.

So how the heck did he win 60% in Warren?

Note the strange results here on CNN’s site.

HOWEVER…. the Indiana Secretary of State’s office suggests that Osborn polled a mere 325 votes in Warren, not the 3,419 votes on CNN’s site. I presume the SoS has more accurate numbers, but this is an amusing goof-up on the part of CNN. Not sure how they arrived at 3,419 though… it’s not like they just typed one of the numbers twice by mistake. Perhaps total turn out or something like that?

And now, even more curious news. Osborn is requesting a recount from the state of Indiana in 10 precincts, but giving no clear explanation as to why. See this posting on his campaign site for more details.

Thanks to Phil Gardner for sending in a heads up on this!

4 Responses to “Osborn Wins Warren County?”

  1. Seth Says:

    This happened in 2004, when CNN’s website inadvertently reported that Badnarik had recieved a plurality of votes in rural Tyrell County, North Carolina; they reported him as having gotten 853 votes in the state’s least-populous county, when he actually only got 4.

    Lesson: don’t necessarily trust CNN’s county-by-county results. Always check with the state and local boards of elections.

  2. Dave Leip Says:

    Along with the AP preliminary returns (e.g. CNN), the Indiana Secretary of State also had a much larger unofficial figure as reflected on the Atlas. As stated above, this preliminary figure was likely an error, as the newer unofficial results reflect a much smaller, more statistically consistent total. Most often, in my research, statistical anomalies are generally errors - there are the exceptions such as John Hagelin’s strong performance in Jefferson County, IA.

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