Write-in Votes Continue to Trickle In

First off I want to apologize about the update I posted earlier on Randy Stufflebeam’s write-in totals. The original post missed the fact that the Stufflebeam campaign was including “undervotes” in the totals until such time as hard numbers became available. This probably created an extreme over-estimation of the

In my correction to the story, I did not mean to offend anyone or suggest anyone was misleading anyone else. It was an accident on my part, and until we get hard numbers from the state of Illinois, I don’t want to speculate on how many write-in votes Mr. Stufflebeam may have won.

Also in write-in news, Alabama is slowly pulling together write-in numbers for Libertarian Loretta Nall. Those can be found here on her site.

4 Responses to “Write-in Votes Continue to Trickle In”

  1. American Conservative Says:

    Stufflebeam won 19,020 votes according the Illinois State Board of Elections web site.

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