Libertarian Commissioner Defeated

More bad news for third party candidates. It looks like Libertarian County Commissioner Paul Trujillo was defeated in his New Mexico re-election bid last night…

DAVID R. MEDINA (DEM) . . . . . 1,781 (47.10%)
PAUL E. TRUJILLO (LIB) . . . . . 1,006 (26.61%)
ALBERTO C. CARRILLO (REP) . . . 994 (26.29%)

Total votes cast . . . . 3,781

6 Responses to “Libertarian Commissioner Defeated”

  1. Gary Odom Says:

    I have some good news. The Independent American Party won two partisan races in Nevada. Jackie Berg, the IAP candidate for County Clerk in Eureka County, received 54.10% of the vote beating a Republican and an Libertarian. And Cel Ochoa, the IAP candidate for constable in Searchlight received 54.93% in defeating a Republican opponent. The IAP also elected one of its own Bill Willkerson to the Elko Co. School Board in a non-partisan race.

  2. Derek Says:

    If that race had used IRV, I’m sure the Libertarian would’ve been re-elected with 52.9%. I just hope that now all the third parties think with their hearts and our democracy. 2008 seems a long way but let’s all start working now.

  3. Timothy West Says:

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