Greens Lose State House Seat…

John Eder appears to have been narrowly defeated for re-election in Maine. As the party’s only state representative nationally, this is a huge blow.

Matthew Reading, another Green seeking a Maine state house seat has fallen short by 4 votes and this race will probably be heading to a recount.

Benjamin Meiklejohn, another promising state house candidate in Maine, fell far short of victory with less than 15% of the vote at this time.

On the plus side for Maine Greens… Rebecca Minnick was elected to the Portland School Committee and Pat LaMarche polled 10% for Governor.

8 Responses to “Greens Lose State House Seat…”

  1. Jesse L Says:

    In addition to Minnick winning on the school board in Portland, the Greens lost a member (Stephen Spring) on the school board and won two seats on the city council.

  2. maine green Says:

    infact Ben Meiklejohn, while losing only lost by 400 votes : 43%-57%

  3. Ben Meiklejohn Says:

    Thanks for all the support! I lost by 13.9%.

    Representative to the
    Legislature (District 120)

    Meiklejohn, Benjamin J.

    Rand, Anne M.

    Ben Meiklejohn

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