Badnarik, Smither Fail to Top 10%

Bob Smither and Michael Badnarik have both failed to top 10% in their respective races.

In Maine, Merrill hits 20% and LaMarche is topping 10%. Whitney holding a solid 10% in Illinois.

No solid word yet on state house races…

14 Responses to “Badnarik, Smither Fail to Top 10%”

  1. Otto Kerner Says:

    Well, I’d prefer it if Mr. Badnarik had won, naturally, not that that ever seemed like a plausible outcome. As a consolation prize, though: good riddance to bad candidate.

  2. Phil Says:

    In Pierce County, a charter amendment to use IRV for county offices is passing 53%-47% with 90% of the vote counted.

  3. Phil Says:

    Pierce County in Washington I should say.

  4. torah Says:

    This is a disgusting update of news. I for sure thought the total would have been higher for both of these candidates. I’m ashamed. Allen Hacker will have a lot of explaining to do…

  5. Mike N. Says:

    Smither is currently at 16.48% in the special election.

  6. Mike N. Says:

    He is actually at 18.54% not 16.48%.

  7. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Any generic candidate should have been able to poll 15%+ in that race. Those are probably just Democrats who voted for Lampson in the general.

  8. Mike N. Says:


    Really, then why is Smither 2nd in that race - ahead of 3 Republicans… all of whom are less than 15%? Why didn’t 3 Republicans get at least 15%?

  9. Jackcjackson Says:

    Polls were somewhat right. Obviously more Republicans did vote for Lampson than Smither and in the special election I think Austin is right that it was probably mostly Democrats voting for Smither to vote against all the other Republicans.

  10. Jackcjackson Says:

    and Badnarik probably woud have gotten 4% without spending a dime. Any “no name” Libertarian would have gotten 2-3%. I hope his career of running for federal office in the LP is over.

  11. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I wouldn’t trust Fraudnarik to run for county commission. He would need $100,000 just to do that.

    Seriously, I’m against capital punishment, but Fraudnarik and Hacker each deserve death for this.

  12. Mike N. Says:

    Smither polled 18.90% in the Special.

  13. rj Says:

    No one’s impressed.

  14. Timothy West Says:

    austin, congrats on your victory in your race. I was back in the hospitl last 3 days so did nt gt to see anything.

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