Last Minute Predictions…

Eric Eidness polls greater than 10% for Congress in Colorado. Max Linn scores a 3% showing for third place in the Florida gubernatorial contest.

Michael Badnarik and Bob Smith both finish their races with somewhere between 12% and 20% of the vote. To predict more specifically than that would just be plain guessing.

The LP picks up one state house seat, either Indiana or Vermont. The Constitution Party wins one or two state house seats… Rick Jore for certain and Ed McGarr in Utah is a possibility.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman are both elected to the U.S. Senate as independents, both caucusing with the Democrats.

The Greens will retain their state legislator in Maine and add one more to that. In addition, they’ll top 10% of the vote in Illinois and Maine’s gubernatorial races.

Kinky Friedman and Carole Strayhorn will finish in 3rd and 4th place… not sure which will be which yet. But both over 15%.

Paparian will top 10% in California, Halcro will score at least 5% in Alaska. Also, Barbara Merrill will probably top 15% in Maine… and there could even maybe, just maybe, be a surprise second place finish in store up there.

The Libertarians will force a run-off in Georgia’s gubernatorial race with 7% of the vote.

Anything I missed? Got your predicitons ready? The polls are about to close…

9 Responses to “Last Minute Predictions…”

  1. rj Says:

    Early 3rd party results of note:

    In races with one of the main parties missing:

    Sanders (Indy) - Vt. Sen. - 57%

    Osborn (Lib) - Ind. Sen. - 13%

    Ard (Lib) - KY-06 - 16%

    Burckard (Ind. Green) - VA-04 - 25%

    Pryor (Indy) - VA-06 - 11%
    Peery (Indy) - VA-06 - 10%

    In key races between two main parties:

    Houillion (Lib) - KY-04 - 4%

  2. Matt Sterba Says:

    I hope people here in Illinois aren’t stupid enough to give an admitted socialist 10% of the vote for Governor.
    I usually favor third parties, however, when it comes to the anti-freedom Green Party, I would hate to see them as an established political party within Illinois.

  3. rj Says:

    The more choices the better. Regardless of what they are. If people think like you, they wouldn’t vote for them anyway.

  4. Matt Sterba Says:

    Both major party candidates for Governor in Illinois have been (accurately) labeled “corrupt”. I would assume that 99% of the votes cast for the Green are simply voters that are disgusted with their options and are choosing (in essence) “None of the Above”

  5. rj Says:

    ^ and that’s bad why? We could just have the Dem and Rep on the ballot.

    Anyway, it appears Libertarians on this board were blowing hot air with Rex Bell in Indiana. From the national party website:

    Saunders -R- 44%
    Sadler (D) 44%
    Bell (L) 12%

  6. Anthony Smith Says:

    What party is Ron Avery in Texas-28 affiliated with????

  7. Matt Sterba Says:

    It looks like the polling data was right in Illinois. The Green party is getting about 10% state-wide. It seems as if this guy didn’t even try to get his name out there untill about two weeks ago. Imagine if he would’ve started earlier. He’ll now have automatic ballot access in the years to come. That is good news for future Republican candidates (not that I care).

  8. Otto Kerner Says:

    Just to clarify what Matt Sterba said, the gubernatorial election is huge for minor parties in Illinois. As I understand the election law, getting over 5% of the vote for governor makes the Greens officially a major party for every election in the state, meaning that they can get their candidates on the ballot without circulating petitions for president in 2008, the statewide races in 2008 and 2010, as well as U.S. Congressional races, state legislative races, and all kinds of local stuff.

  9. Doug Craig Says:

    As of Midnight it looks like we did cause a run off but not in the gov race but another statewide race.The PSC race.We will know more tomorrow.The numbers for Ga can be found at

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