Loren Collins & the Fightin’ 4th

I had a few beers tonight with Loren Collins, write-in candidate from the Bull Moose party for Georgia’s 4th Congressional district. More correctly, I should say that I drank several ales while Loren drank water and Coke. Something about being a responsible driver. Anyway, I came away really impressed with Loren and hope that some of you visit his website, www.voteloren.com. In the meantime, you can view several videos he has put up on YouTube at this link. You can also view one of them below. Look for a more thorough recap on my evening and chat with Loren on my homepage and back here at TPW.

[Update: You can view the full text of my piece on Loren at the American Politic. I’d paste it fully here but I am strapped for time today.]

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  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded 1998) Says:


    New California Registration Tally
    November 6th, 2006

    California registration for October 23 shows 15,837,108 registered voters, which means that an independent candidate for statewide office in 2008 will need 158,372 signatures. This is a decline from the 2006 requirement of 165,573. The California independent requirement is nevertheless more than twice as many signatures as are needed in any other state.

    California’s previous tally had been on September 8. Between September 8 and October 23, registration increased 1.42%. Percentage increase for each party between those two dates is: Libertarian 1.97%; American Independent 1.89%; Republican 1.46%; Democratic 1.00%; Green .98%; Peace & Freedom .47%. Independents increased 2.35%. The largest unqualified party, Reform, declined from 32,402 to 31,897. Natural Law, which is still qualified but defunct, also declined, from 22,274 to 22,231.

    The December 1 print edition of Ballot Access News will have the latest registration data for all parties, for all states.

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