A Second Legislator for Maine Greens?

Ballot Access News reports that Ben Meiklejohn is making great progress in his race for Maine state house…

Ben Meiklejohn, Green nominee for the Maine State House in the 120th district, is considered somewhat likely to win his race. A few weeks ago, the Republican in the race dropped out and endorsed Meiklejohn. Meiklejohn is an elected office-holder already; he is a member of the Portland School Committee. The Republican candidate’s name appeared on the ballot for early voting, but voters were given a piece of paper telling them that he had dropped out and that votes for him would be considered blank. The election-day ballots will list only Meiklejohn and his Democratic opponent.

Maine Greens already hold one legislative seat, that of John Eder, who is running for re-election in the 118th district.

We featured Meiklejohn earlier this year. Since that time he’s gotten himself a campaign website at: www.benmeiklejohn.com

This is a great example of how winning a low level office can lead to a big payoff down the road.

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  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded 1998) Says:

    AND IN NEAR BY VERMONT [title04]

    Editorial: Our suggestions for November 7

    We hope our political endorsements will be read in the spirit in which they are offered. The Chronicle staff has, collectively, covered a lot of elections, watched a lot of political promises broken, and a few kept.

    In some races, but not all, we feel moved to support a particular candidate. We donít offer our endorsements as revealed political wisdom, rather an expression of a simple preference of the sort that every voter acts on at the polls.

    To get an endorsement, a candidate has to first inspire considerable enthusiasm in at least one member of our editorial staff. That enthusiasm must, at least to some degree, be unanimous.

    Our endorsements thus represent a consensus of opinion of the editorial staff. As such, unlike other editorials, they are not followed by the writer ís initials. With that, the Chronicle endorses:

    Vermont State House

    Winston Dowland and Tom Jensen would be the best candidates to represent the Orleans-1 House district in the state Legislature.

    Both are members of the (Vermont) Progressive Party and show signs of that partyís belief in thinking through problems in a practical manner, with Yankee resourcefulness and determination and without a lot of need for fanfare or congratulations. Both are conservative with money but liberal with new, independent ideas. Both have backbones and would not flip-flop on issues at the whim of the moment.

    Mr. Dowland has shown that he will not kowtow to anyone but will do his best to keep spending in control while supporting veterans and farmers and property taxpayers. His time as a selectman in Holland and his two years as the House representative in the district have given him the experience needed to understand government in Vermont and make it work.

    Mr. Jensen is a newcomer to the House race but has served the public in many capacities for many years including as a selectman and on the North Country Union High School Board. He knows local government and the education system and he knows the area. He is the kind of person who would listen to whatever anyone has to say with an open mind and try to make things happen to solve problems.

    We hope the voters of Brownington, Derby, Charleston, Holland and Morgan will elect Winston Dowland and Tom Jensen to serve them for the next two years.

  2. Hammer of Truth » There’s still time for Sime Says:

    [...] The Green Party is much younger, yet already has at least one elected state legislator, with one more expected tomorrow. The Constitution Party is also likely to win one or two state seats. Additionally, the Progressive Party is even expected to win five or six seats. [...]

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