Guthrie Goes on TV

Bruce Guthrie, Libertarian candidate for Senate in Washington, is going on television. With about 2 weeks left before the election and over a million dollars in his bank account, he could still have a major impact on this race.

The press release follows…

Today, the Guthrie campaign launched a new television ad unlike anything his Democratic and Republican opponents have offered.

The ad is first in a series that feature audio from actual Washington voters expressing their conflicting reasons for supporting their candidate of choice. While this may sound tame, it’s the main characters that make the difference. Rather than using the original video from the interviews, the statements are voiced by puppets - paper bag puppets, to be precise.

Besides adding a dose of humor into an otherwise dry political season, the campaign hopes to sway independent voters to support Bruce Guthrie.

“From our conversations with voters throughout the campaign, it’s clear that many people are voting based on what they believe a particular party stands for, rather than looking at the voting record or campaign message,” explains Bruce Guthrie’s campaign manager Travis Wright. “I think these ads highlight the silliness and futility of voting that way.”

With less than 2 weeks until the election and absentee ballots already mailed, it’s impossible to predict what impact these ads will have on undecided voters and the more than 50 percent of voters who might otherwise sit this election out.

The 30 second television spot will begin airing today and will be available online at and by Friday.

3 Responses to “Guthrie Goes on TV”

  1. Timothy West Says:

    it’s clear that many people are voting based on what they believe a particular party stands for

    Hello? Thats all they have ever voted for. Voters vote first based on perception always. Often, it’s not even their own perception, but those of their father or mother.

    Guthries ads are awesome. They do exactly want has to get done for him to win - stick a voodoo pin in the voters heads about why they vote.

  2. Peter Borah Says:

    I agree, that’s a brilliant ad. This biggest challenge to any third party will always be the “party puppets”.

  3. mark s2 Says:

    Go Bruce! We are on our way to the 5% return that will get us back to Major Party Status up here in Washington State!

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