Kubby Campaigns for Amendment 44

The press release follows…

The 14,000-foot slope of Hawaii’s Mona Kea. Half a million vertical feet in the rugged mountains of British Columbia. Steve Kubby has skied virtually everywhere. But he isn’t coming to Colorado for the powder. This time, it’s all business.

On November 7th, Coloradoans will vote on Amendment 44—a state proposition which will legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. Kubby, one of America’s best-known fighters against the war on drugs, will address events in the Denver area on behalf of SAFER (Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation) Colorado, the group backing passage of the measure.

“Last year, more than three quarters of a million Americans were arrested on marijuana charges,” says Kubby, author of the California bill which legalized medicinal use of the plant and started a revolution which has taken twelve states by storm. “Murders went unsolved, rapes went uninvestigated, but hundreds of thousands of people were pronounced criminals for their choice of medicines or recreational substances. SAFER is trying to draw a saner line in the sand, and I’m enthusiastic about helping them put their state on the
right side of that line.”

Recent polling shows Amendment 44 lagging by six points, but with 35% of voters undecided the issue is still very much in contention. SAFER plans to energize its base with a series of campus rallies and public activities in the week leading up to the election. Voters in Denver passed a similar measure in 2004, but local prosecutors turned to state law in defiance of the public’s clearly expressed sentiment. Kubby hopes to be part of turning Denver—where more than half of Colorado’s population lives—out to re-state that sentiment.

Kubby, 59, of California, plans to spend October 31st thru November 3rd in the state, campaigning for Amendment 44 and with Libertarian candidates for public office. In August, he announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nomination.

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