Red State’s Erick Erickson Endorses Smither

First noticed on my end at, Erick Erickson, well known Republican blogger of Red State and Peach Pundit fame, has endorsed Bob Smither in the Texas 22nd. Per Erick’s post:

Who is Bob Smither? He’s my choice to replace Tom DeLay in Texas-22. He is the Libertarian candidate. Libertarian? Yeah, but think Ron Paul or Neal Boortz, not Ryan Sager.

What does he stand for? Read about him and his positions here.

Will he caucus with the GOP? Of course he’ll caucus with the GOP. And we can bet he won’t vote to raise taxes or spending like some of the RINOs.

Smither also has a better shot of getting elected than the GOP write-in candidate with the difficult to write-in name.


I would certainly be interested to see if this endorsement will bring any cash in for Smither. If nothing else, an endorsement from one of the web’s most well known conservative bloggers certainly can only help Bob’s cause.

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  1. Peter Borah Says:

    Brilliant! That should be a good shot in the arm for Smither.

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! Austin demures a bit on describing Red State. They are THEE top Republican Blog on the Web. This is huge Could be the biggest story of the year for the Libertarian Party.

    Please fellow Libertarians. Let’s return the favor here. These Republicans have stuck out their necks for a Libertarian Party candidate and risked disfavor amongst Party loyalists. Let’s cool out on the GOP bashing for a while. At the very least go on over to Red State and thank them for doing this, or thank the nearest Republican you know.

    And, if there’s a race where there is no Libertarian running, please vote for the Republican candidate. Like Negron v. Mahoney for the Foley seat in Florida.

    After all, you don’t see any Democrats anywhere backing Libertarian candidates now do you?

    Yes, Republicans suck some of the time. But damned, this is a huge thing that they are doing for us here. We ought to extend our gratitude.

    Eric Dondero, dues-paying Member of
    Both the Libertarian Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus
    A real “Libertarian-Republican”

  3. George Whitfield Says:

    This is a valuable endorsement. Red State’s Alexa ranking is 25,552 so it gets alot of readers. Eric Dondero, thanks for your favorable comments on the Red State blog. Lets rally for Bob Smithers.

  4. undercover_anarchist Says:

    There’s one thing I definitely agree with.

    Neal Boortz is every bit the libertarian that Ron Paul is.

  5. Stuart Richards Says:

    Hey UA, you dropped your perpetual stormcloud.

    picks it up and hands it back

    Here ya go ‘lil buddy. :D

  6. Timothy West Says:

    :D heh

  7. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I don’t get it. Is it because I ended a setence with a preposition?

    Stormcloud? Hey, I’m just agreeing with the guy. How can I get hammered for agreeing with a guy? Just trying to keep things positive, fellas.

  8. torah Says:

    The Senate candidate for the LP in Texas debated Hutchison and the loud-mouth Democrat:

    Hardly any coverage of Jameson.

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    Because you are a “perpetual stormcloud.” Your recent bashing of the Libertarian Party of Michigan on this Forum only feeds this common perception of you.

    Question. Is there anything at all going on right now in the elections that’s positive from your perspective? Are you supporting ANY candidates ANYWHERES??

    There’s an Anarchist Libertarian running for Congress in California. His name is Paul Ireland. He’s the only candidate on the ballot against the dreaded Maxine Waters. I friggin’ hate Ireland. He represents EVERYTHING THAT I OPPOSE as a Mainstream libertarian.

    But ya know what? I’m hoping he kicks the dogsh*t out of that Commie bastard Waters.

    Have you sent Ireland a contribution? Have you pledged to drive your raty old Ford down to south L.A. to walk some precincts for him?

    He’s right up your ally. You can’t find another Libertarian in the entire US more radical than Ireland.

    If you can’t even support him, you’re nothing but a lazy-ass Libertarian blogosphere troll.

  10. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I’ve lent monetary support to probably a dozen candidates across the country this year, the majority of whom are not libertarians. I did give $100, aka 1/5 of his total funds, to Greg Creswell, which gives me the right to speak out about his fraudulent campaign. I’ve also donated $50 to Tammy Lee (I-MN 5), $100 to Sharon Renier (D-MI 7), $120 to Mike Simpson (D-MI state house), $100 to Doug Campbell (G-MI Gov.), $50 to Austin Cassidy, etc. Many more that I can’t think of at this time. I’m going to be pounding the pavement for Ms. Renier. Is she perfect? No. Is she a libertarian? No. But she has a real chance of beating the Nazi Walberg, who your racist idol Leon Drolet endorsed. I was also going to give money to Phil Maymin, until I saw his anti-immigrant, pro-big government platform. And as for driving my “ratty ass Ford” to LA??? Unlike you, I don’t have a ratty ass Ford because I make good money WORKING. I can’t drive to fucking LA, idiot.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    And outside of Austin Cassidy and Doug Campbell everyone of those individuals mentioned is a Fascist enemy of freedom.

    Thus, you just proved your credentials as a Anarchist-Fascist kind of like the Brown Shirts in the 1930s, rampaging the streets of Berlin, harrassing Jewish shop owners and throwing bricks into the stain-glassed windows of the local synagogues.

  12. Resident of Michigan CD-7 Says:

    Renier has no shot whatsoever. Walberg will win hands down no matter what happens between today and election day. That is a lost cause UA. I would be shocked to see Renier break 40%.

    My guess for November 7th: Walberg® 58% Renier (D) 38% Hutchinson (L) 3% Horn© 1%...

    I plan on voting for Hutchinson even though I know absolutely nothing about him. I’m not going to argue with you UA that the Michigan LP is extremely lame. Their candidate websites are pathetic, and they have given no effort to campaigning anywhere that I’ve looked. Is this due to lack of funds? Yes. Have I donated to them? No, they don’t deserve any of my money after they keep pushing this Prop. 2 BS…

    I’ll vote no on all proposals except the eminent domain one. I think it’s prop 5?

  13. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Dondipshit, not you’ve really exposed yourself as a true idiot with no historical foundation. ANARCHISTS are the ultimate enemies of FASCISM. Jesus Christ you are stupid.

    As to the 7th Dist. resident, I agree with you, RE: The MI LP. THey are a disgrace.

    But you’re wrong about Renier. Yes, she will probably lose. But it will be MUCH, MUCH closer. She’s being outspent 45 to 1, and just toay, the RNCC pledged even more money to Walberg because they view him as VULNERABLE

    My prediction: Walberg 49%, Renier 47%, other 2%

  14. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I would also like to know by which standard of Dondildo’s is Doug Campbell good but Tammy Lee is bad?

    I do not feel good about my Campbell vote.

    I feel very good that I have supported Tammy Lee’s campaign. I’m donating another $200 to her this week.

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