Texas Libertarian in Senate Debate

Looks like Scott Jameson will participate in a Texas U.S. Senate debate to be broadcast statewide on local PBS affiliates.

From the Dallas Morning News...

As Texas’ governor and his three challengers finished prepping for their first debate tonight, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison finally committed to facing off against her rivals, after weeks of wrangling and taunts from her Democratic opponent.

The one-hour debate will be taped Oct. 19 at public broadcasting station KLRN-TV in San Antonio, and aired statewide that night at 9 on public broadcasting stations, including KERA-TV (Channel 13) in Dallas.

But it wasn’t certain until Thursday that the debate would even happen.

“I’ve called over there, and they’re giving us the runaround,” Raul Salazar, executive administrator at the League of Women Voters of Texas, the debate sponsor, said Thursday morning. “It’s getting frustrating. I expected it last week.”

A few hours later, a fax arrived from the Hutchison camp confirming that she’ll debate Democrat Barbara Ann Radnofsky and Libertarian Scott Jameson.

For weeks, Ms. Radnofsky taunted the senator for refusing to accept any debate invitations, including forums proposed by student political groups at Rice University and a Dallas women’s lawyers group.

This week, she accused the senator of “stage fright” and “first-debate jitters,” and said that if rumors are true that Ms. Hutchison hopes to be on the 2008 short list for the GOP’s vice presidential pick, she needs practice in such forums.

The senator’s negotiators objected to having a live audience in the studio. The host TV station agreed to move the audience into a separate studio. Hutchison spokesman James Bernsen had played down the snags, saying the senator always intended to participate.

The debate will be moderated by Yolette Garcia, director of multimedia communications at KERA, the Dallas public broadcasting station. Questions will be posed by Christy Hoppe, Austin bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News; Clay Robison, Austin bureau chief of the Houston Chronicle; and Carlos Guerra, a San Antonio Express-News columnist.

8 Responses to “Texas Libertarian in Senate Debate”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    This, no doubt, is a direct result of Kay Baily-Huthcison’s soft spot in her heart for Libertarians.

    Let’s remember, the VERY FIRST REPUBLICAN to endorse Ron Paul, immeidately after he won his GOP primary, was none other than Kay. She came down and campaigned for Ron for an entire day. She also helped him raise funds. Kay and Ron go way back in south Houston politics to the early 1970s.

    Kay, also has one of the most stable libertarian voting records of any US Senator, right up there with John Cornyn, also of Texas, and John Thune of South Dakota.

    But will Libertarians ever give her any credit?

    Nah, they’d rather be cynical, bash Bush, and bash all Republicans, inlcuding Kay 24/7, 365 days a year. Don’t count on ever getting a kind word out of an LP Libertarian for someone like Kay Baily-Hutchison.

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    “GOP’s Vice-Presidential short list”???

    Hell, why not Kay Baily-Hutchison for President?

  3. Nigel Watt Says:

    OK, Eric, explain how KBH is the least bit libertarian.

  4. Nigel Watt Says:

    And, also, how her being small-l libertarian would lead her to grant Jameson a debate spot - if she shared similar positions, wouldn’t she be worried about him taking votes away from her?

  5. torah Says:

    Honestly, with the approval ratings KBH has in Texas, having the more opponents on stage with her wouldn’t matter.

    The KBH campaign just sent our local party several huge 4×8 signs.

    I don’t see a single thing other than bumper stickers for Barbara Ann. Nothing for Jameson either, but I’d at least expect TV commercials from this thorn-in-the-side Democrat…

  6. Eric Dondero Says:

    No, not at all Nigel. Kay has nothing to worry about for her reelection.

    Again, as for Kay’s “alleged libertarianism” just ask Ron Paul. He owes her a great debt of gratitude for coming down to his District in 1996 and campaigning her ass off for her old friend, almost two days () of campaigning in fact in a cessna all over CD-14.

    Also, you can check Kay’s relatively high Liberty Index scores at www.rlc.org. She usually scores in the top 5 in the US Senate.

  7. Scott Jameson Says:

    Poor Eric has no experiece in the real-world. I have complimented KBH when appropriate and she has returned the favor. At an event after the debate for her high-dollar contributors in North Texas, she said that she agress with me on 80% of my positions, the other 20% being would should have the job. I complimented President Bush yesterday on Channel 2 TV in Houston. I have even publicy agreed on a few points with BAR. So your image of Libertarians is wrong.

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