Zeese and Resist…

A little piece today on Kevin Zeese’s run for the U.S. Senate from Maryland. I particularly liked the “Zeese for Peace” and “Zeese and Resist” slogans, kind of clever.

From Gazette.net...

Kevin Zeese has a fitting surname to run for U.S. Senate as an anti-war third-party candidate.

His campaign signs read ‘‘Zeese for Peace” and supporters don T-shirts emblazoned ‘‘Zeese and Resist.”

But the veteran activist from Takoma Park isn’t just a single-issue candidate who espouses immediate U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq. Zeese has called for an impeachment inquiry of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney, re-evaluation of diplomatic relations with Israel, a ‘‘single-payer” universal health care system and reducing the economic divide between rich and poor by eliminating taxes from the first $100,000 of income and replacing it with a ‘‘micro-tax” on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

‘‘I want to change the direction of the country, and neither of the two parties are willing to make fundamental changes,” he said.

Regardless of what happens on Nov. 7 when he faces Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele® and U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Dist. 3) of Pikesville, Zeese has already made history by receiving nominations for the first time from of three separate parties — Green, Populist and Libertarian.

His fund-raising lags far behind his mainstream rivals, and recent polls show him receiving less than 5 percent of the vote, but Zeese is undaunted.

‘‘I’m running to win,” he said. ‘‘This is not a money campaign. This is an ideas campaign.”

Zeese predicts his poll numbers will increase once voters see him debate his rivals; one debate was held Tuesday in Baltimore. ‘‘Voters want change and I’m the only non-status quo candidate.”

A longtime critic of electronic voting machines and proponent of substance abuse treatment reform, Zeese, 50, shakes his head when he watches Cardin’s and Steele’s television commercials.

‘‘I listen to their ads and it sounds like they’re talking about me,” he said, noting that Steele does not identify his party affiliation and claiming Cardin falsifies his position on the war in Iraq. ‘‘My guess is that their polling shows Marylanders want someone like me.”

His campaign has the support of former third-party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who applauds Zeese’s refusal to accept contributions from corporations or big business.

‘‘He’s not going to put his hand out as he puts his conscience up for sale,” Nader said. Zeese was Nader’s presidential campaign spokesman two years ago.

Although their numbers pale in comparison to the major political parties, independents represent the fastest-growing group of voters in the state.

‘‘We have 100 kinds of toothpaste to choose from when we go to the grocery store,” said Patsy Allen, co-chairwoman of the Maryland Green Party. ‘‘We should have more than two Senate candidates to choose from.”

7 Responses to “Zeese and Resist…”

  1. undercover_anarchist Says:

    A few comments…

    1) I thought Zeese was also a libertarian? “Single payer” health care? That’s the oldest song in the Democratic Party hymn book… Or at least the oldest one that doesn’t have the n-word in it. LAME.

    2) Where can you find 100 different kinds of tooth paste? I’ve never seen more than maybe 20 or 30.

    3) What a joke. As if a corporation would want to give him a candidate with literally no chance of getting more than 2% of the vote any money. Also, how about his refusal to take money “from corporations or big business.” What the hell is this supposed to mean? Are there really some big business sole proprietorships out there? If so, I’m sure glad that Zeese is taking a stand against them, as well as the corporations.

    This campaign is a fucking joke. Case closed.

  2. Peter Borah Says:

    Normally I’d comment on the insanity of this guy being a libertarian and supporting socialized health care, or the wierdness of not taking donations from corporations, but UA covered it nicely. The LP in Maryland must be totally off its collective rocker.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It does seem pretty doubtful that a guy who spends all day denouncing corporations would have to “turn down” any corporate donations.

  4. Jackcjackson Says:

    The LP of MD May be off its rocker.. However, IIRC he BARELY was endorsed. I think he got the absolue minimum number of votes. This is a “Fusion” candidate, not a Libertarian. He is an alternative to Cardin and Steele, at least.

  5. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Fusion candidate… Better than the alternative. Sure. But the dude also SEVERELY overestimates his own significance. THAT is annoying.

  6. will Says:

    you guys always seem so damn bitter on these posts, i like Zeese, and fusion canidates are good things. i would like to see the greens and the LP work closer together on supporting each others canidates.

  7. undercover_anarchist Says:

    No. I would have been bitter if I said, “he should have ended with ‘we should have more than two candidates from which to choose.’”

    Pointing out that Zeese is a self-important idiot is not being bitter. It’s recognizing fact.

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