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More “No Shows” in Texas…

Someone posted these links in the comments section of another topic, so I figured I would give this it’s own topic.

As we mentioned in a past article, some Texas Libertarian candidates seem to be having a hard time making it to press interviews. Here are two more examples of that…

Libertarian Justin Winn did not respond to an interview request.

Libertarian candidate John Turner of Irving, a 35-year-old medical service firm vice president, didn’t show for an interview.

21 Responses to “More “No Shows” in Texas…”

  1. Peter Borah Says:

    Not cool. :(

    Libertarians have the best message and the most intelligent candidates, but we seriously need some PR rehab.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Point One, Thomas Jefferson, the Statute of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, for the most party the Libertarians have done a GREAT job with FREE, public domain, FREE mascots, icons, and symbol.

    Point Two, for two decades Don Lake has brought the following glaring lack of an official banner to unhearing ears:

    2004: T H E 1 7 7 6 L I B E R T Y F L A G

    Library of Congress: “Fort Moultrie Flag, rectangular, a royal blue field with a
    crescent moon in the ‘north west’ quadrant & capitol block letters L I B E R T Y
    centered in the lower third of the body. In 1776, Colonel William Moultrie
    commanded the defenses of Charleston, South Carolina. He ordered and supervised
    the construction of a fortification on (then) ‘Sulivans Island’. This facility was
    located at the entrance of Charleston harbor and would later bear Colonel
    Moultrie’s name. Later yet, it would the site of the failed infantry charge by the all
    black Union Civil War Infanty Unit as depicted in the major motion picture ‘Glory’.

    During the American War of Independence, on June 28th, 1776, British Naval and
    Hessain ‘shock troop’ units attacked the fort. The primitive installation was mostly
    constructed of palmetto trees* and sand berms. The Royalist - Loyalist take over
    attempt ended in a crushing defeat which helped to keep the English out of South
    Carolina until 1780. Until General Washington’s December 1776 victories in New
    Jersey, this stubborn resistance was the high light of the colonial effort for
    independence.” *official flag emblem and state foliege of South Carolina….

    As some one who has helped and even managed the political efforts of Libertarians,
    and a citizen who has wide libertarian streaks in my social philosophy, I have
    admired some of the Libertarian Party symbolism for many years. Thomas Jefferson,
    the Statute of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell are all well known public domains.
    Jefferson has starred out over the Great Plains of South Dakota from Mount
    Rushmore for decades.

    With out fee, fine, penalty, or contract, all these public icons adorn Libertarian Party
    property. Just as Andy Jackson silently toils for the Democratic Party and ‘Honest
    Abe’ represents the GOP—- Jefferson is an ubiquitous emblem for the Libertarians.

    But for decades I have also been bothered about the lack of an official Libertarian
    Party flag. As early as 1776 there exist yet one other free, no cost, public domain
    completely that is completely unexploited by the libertarian movement. The Fort
    Moultrie icon even has the word ‘Liberty’ prominently displayed. So much than the
    circle of stars or the ‘Don’t Tred On Me’ snake banner, the Fort Moultrie emblem
    is tailor made for the official LP flag. And here it is, converging on half a decade
    into the 21st Century and almost 230 years since the historic battle for Fort
    Moultrie, and this lost opportunity just stares back, unblinkingly, from the wall of
    American History. Could someone please explain this gross stupidity to me?

  3. Doug Craig Says:

    Paper candidate are more than useless they are a negative.We need to stop running paper candidates.This is especially true in places like Texas where they have enough candidates not to have to run paper ones.These guys hurt people like Badnarik and Smither.

  4. Sean Scallon Says:

    The LP loves to claim its the largest non-major party because it runs the most candidates. Yet if they are of the “paper” varsity as we’ve seen here, it only winds up hurting the credibility of the LP. This has got to stop. Find your potential voters, run candidates in districts where you have a chance of doing well or winning and build from there. Running everywhere only means you lose everywhere.

  5. Wes Benedict Says:

    Test. (last two attempts to post didn’t work).

  6. Wes Benedict Says:

    Dear Jerry Springer readers,

    Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is often reported not responding to press inquiries or attending campaign events.

    I wish we had a handful of great candidates in Texas who could win their races this November. Not expecting that we would, our state recruited lots of candidates. No one predicted District 22 in Texas might be winnable for a Libertarian back in March. However, we did recruit a paper candidate, Bob Smither, to run in that race. Fortunately we had him in that race and he’s stepped up to the plate and become a very active campaigner since Tom Delay dropped out.

    Our objective in Texas is to improve over past performances. Wish we could completely take over the state tomorrow, but I just don’t think that’s in the cards.

    There are so many knuckleheads on these silly blogs with anecdotal evidence of whatever point they want to make.

    In the end, it really doesn’t matter what some guy named Doug Craig or Sean Scallon think because they aren’t who make things happen in Texas.

    Can we fight about this? I’d like to see a 100 plus postings here.
    —Executive Detractor

  7. Wes Benedict Says:

    Austin Cassidy,

    I do wish you luck in your race for Soil Water Boy. With any luck, the soil will become so great in Florida under your leadership that people from across the world from all backgrounds will drop their swords and bombs, go to Florida, and settle their differences with a good old fashion Florida redneck mudwrestling match - busting braziers legal.

  8. Will Says:

    If it’s so unimportant then why the hell do you give a shit enough to come here and talk about it?

    Paper candidates = a waste of time. Anecdotal evidence? I’ve seen stories of like a dozen of your candidates not showing up to interviews or not taking them seriously. Meanwhile people like yourself bitch and moan about a lack of press coverage. Well, if you don’t even use what you get.

    How are

    Parties exist to help CANDIDATES. Real candidates. Libertarians love to run these ads and give out quizes and all this shit about “Vote Libertarian!” but they neglect the candidate element.

    Democrats aren’t spending 95% of their time running around screaming “Vote Democrat, Democrats are Delicious…”

    They’re out there with serious candidates and they are promoting those candidates.

    You can have great candidates with no platform or ideas and you can still win an election. You can’t have a good platform and a bunch of clowns as candidates and still win. CANDIDATES TRUMP IDEAS EVERY TIME!

  9. Wes Benedict Says:

    Oh SHIT! I just had a major SHIT PANIC

    I hope Doug Craig isn’t the guy I claimed completely made my week just a couple weeks ago. If so, I apologize, Doug.

    Somebody come shoot me. Surely we can find better help here in Texas than me.
    —Executive Detractor

  10. Wes Benedict Says:

    I don’t bitch about lack of press coverage. I’ve been bragging about how much we get!

    See which lists ten gazillion stories this year. Maybe I’m exagerating a little.
    —Executive Detractor

  11. Hairy Says:

    In case anyones interested, here’s a new candidate for the 2008 presidential election, and he could use some press coverage. You can find his blog at

  12. William Satterwhite Says:

    “Democrats aren’t spending 95% of their time running around screaming “Vote Democrat, Democrats are Delicious…”

    They’re out there with serious candidates and they are promoting those candidates.”

    To be fair, Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy does have the Democrats running paper candidates in some districts that the party knows they have no shot to win. While I think it is really bad to pass up these interview requests if they are available, I don’t think the party should be blamed for running “paper” candidates if that’s what it takes to make sure every spot on the ballot is covered. Regardless of how much actual campaigning they do, these candidates are doing a great service just by making sure sure that there is a Libertarian option on the ballot.

  13. Doug Craig Says:

    Wes I not sure how I made your week but I hope I did. I think you guys are doing great in Texas. I sent Bob money last weekI try to as much as I can on my blog about Bob Smither.There is a differnce between candidates in training and paper candidates. We have our own problems here in Georgia so please do not take it personal

  14. Wes Benedict Says:


    I double-checked and it was a Texan, not you, whom I especially did not want to offend at the moment. Not that I necessarily want to offend you just because you are a Georgian. I cut my teeth in Cobb County Georgia working with Garret H and David C.

    Libertarians fight constantly over whether we should run one serious candidate or many, then they fight over whether we should run only non-partisan or partisan elections, then if partisan, they fight over whether we should run for Congress because federal laws are what matter most, or whether we should only run in the smallest counties in the smallest races with the fewest number of voters because it might be easier to win. It’s a wasted argument. Even if people were to agree only to have one congressional candidate, then they’d fight over who that candidate should be and what race they should run in.

    I mostly just enjoy the fight itself as an occasional hobby and distraction. People who put all of their effort into in-fighting mostly just piss everyone off including themselves and don’t get much done. That just makes it easier for the real workers to get even more done. I can recruit candidates and volunteers far faster than the Timothy Wests of the Party can chase them away. Of course that’s not true for everyone. Some read the boneheaded failed ideas from the Timothy Wests of the Party and make the mistake of listening to him and subsequently allow themselves to become useless.

    I wish your state-wide candidates in GA the best. They won’t win. However, I hope they boost their percentages based on their hard work. I hope they recruit more and new volunteers. And I hope those new volunteers don’t fall prey to the LP bashers who have infected far too many people on the LNC and in the national headquarters office. Of course, survival of the fittest will works it’s course eventually, even within the LP.

  15. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Hey Wes - Nice job mocking Austin. He is running a REAL campaign. I’m sure it’s hard for you to recognize, what with your paer candidate jokes and mass corruption of the Badnarik campaign. It is jokers like you that make the LP such an embarassment.

  16. Wes Benedict Says:


    I lost valuable time on very important projects making an ass of myself. Please don’t discount my wasted efforts. Is Austin Cassidy a purist or a fascist? Or a paper fascist? Or a paper airplane?

  17. Doug Craig Says:

    Wes when did you live in Ga. Did you work on the Dale Richey campaign.I worked on the Southside of Atlanta with Mark Mosley.

  18. Wes Benedict Says:

    Doug, I served as Cobb County Chair in 1999. Dale was just getting started at that time and I worked with him some but I left for Austin in 2000 before his campaign ramped up. He was a great candidate. Perhaps we’ve met. I was only in GA for 16 months.

  19. George Phillies Says:

    Let us see an honest count. How many candidates of each party failed to show?

    My book calls for running lots of candidates, even if they are only minimum activity candidates who file paperwork, show for debates, and take telephone interviews.

  20. Sean Scallon Says:

    Even if an LP candidate has little chance of winning, would it be too much to ask if they are on the ballot to at least campaign? Going to an editorial board meeting for an interview is not exactly an onerous task and snubbing them or just forgetting to show up or not even caring only reinforces people’s perceptions that the LP is a joke. How can you blow off a chance at getting your message out for free?

    If you’re going to campaign for public office, then campaign!

  21. citizen1 Says:

    Maybe they have a hard time making it to the interviews and event because they actually work. The multimillionaires and career politicians usaully don’t have the same problem because they do not need to show up for work in order to put food on the table. Maybe that is why the Republicrats are out of touch with the real world.

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