Assorted Polling Numbers…

The results of a few recent polls worth taking note of…

>> Conn. US Senate:
Lieberman (Independent) - 49%
Lamont (Dem) - 39%
Schlesinger (Rep) - 5%

>> Virginia US Senate:
Allen (Rep) - 49%
Webb (Dem) - 44%
Parker (Ind. Green) - 2%

>> Maryland US Senate:
Cardin (Dem) - 47%
Steele (Rep) - 46%
Zeese (Green) - 4%

>> Mass. Governor:
Patrick (Dem) - 64%
Healey (Rep) - 25%
Mihos (Independent) - 5%
Ross (Green) - 1%


>> Illinois Governor:
Blagojevich (Dem) - 45%
Topinka (Rep) - 39%
Whitney (Green) - 7%

>> Texas Governor:
Perry (Rep) - 35%
Friedman (Ind) - 23%
Bell (Dem) - 23%
Strayhorn (Ind) - 15%
Werner (Libertarian) - 2%


>> Oklahoma Lt. Governor:
Askins (Dem) - 50%
Hiett (Rep) - 43%
E.Z. Million (Independent) - 3%

>> Kansas CD-4:
Tiahrt (Rep) - 63%
McGinn (Dem) - 30%
Holt (Reform) - 4%

>>Minnesota CD-2:

Kline (Rep) - 55%
Rowley (Dem) - 35%
Williams (Independence) - 5%

>> Colorado CD-4:
Musgrave (Rep) - 46%
Paccione (Dem) - 42%
Eidsness (Reform) - 8%

21 Responses to “Assorted Polling Numbers…”

  1. paulie cannoli Says:

    Latest polls on Ark. Gov. race:

    Zogby: Green Party 4%

    Survey USA: Green Party 2%

  2. Joe Magyer Says:×6p4

    WSJ/Zogby has GA’s Garrett Michael Hayes, Libertarian, polling at 8.4%.

  3. Mike Gillis Says:

    U.S. Senate results in WA:

    Maria Cantwell (Dem): 54%
    Mike McGavick (Rep): 42%
    Aaron Dixon (Green): 3%
    Bruce Guthrie (Libertarian): 1%
    Robin Adair (Independent): 0%


  4. RCAIP Says:

    Guys, you forgot this:

    NEVADA: Congressman Jim Gibbons® - 45%, State Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus (D) - 36%, computer consultant Christopher Hansen (Independent American) - 5%, environmental activist Craig Bergland (Green) - 1%. (Las Vegas Review-Journal/Mason-Dixon).


    (Las Vegas Review-Journal/Mason-Dixon)

  5. Alex Zeese Says:

    FYI Zeese U.S. Sen MD has three partys, Green, Libertarian and Populist.

  6. paulie cannoli Says:

    A poll commissioned by The Oregonian newspaper, and released September 27, shows these results for Governor of Oregon: Democratic 43%, Republican 38%, undecided 12%, Constitution 4%, other 3% (other includes Green and Libertarian). [ban]

  7. Mike Gillis Says:


    Does this mean that the GOP was unsuccessful in tossing the Constitution Party from the Oregon ballot?

  8. paulie cannoli Says:

    Not sure. This is from Ballot Access News.
    also lists all three major third parties as having candidates in Oregon.

  9. Jackcjackson Says:

    I was going to mention that Zeese has the Libertarian endorsement as well as Populist. However, I haven’t been home to MD in some time and am out of the loop there. For some reason I thought there was a law that he could only use 1 party label on the ballot. So i just assumed he was appearing as Green.

  10. Mike Gillis Says:


    Yeah, the big two didn’t like the idea of a third party coalition like that, so my understanding is that they passed a law to prevent a voter from seeing on the ballot that one candidate had the backing of three political parties and thinking, “wow, that’s quite an accomplishment. Maybe this guy is on to something.”

    So, Zeese chose to use the Green ballot line.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    Very happy to see that the Republican is leading in the Colorado Governor’s race. Also, seems like Allen has a strong lead in Virginia, despite liberal media attacks on him.

    Don’t count out Kinky. His polling is undercounted. Bet he wins in Texas in November.

  12. Daniel "Jeffersonian" Ong Says:


    Ritter, the Democrat, has a huge lead in most telephone polls for Colorado Governor over Bob Beauprez, the Republican and current congressman from CO CD-7 (the Zogby poll, using different polling methodology, has Ritter by a narrower margin). Ritter received the endorsement of both major Denver daily newspapers over the weekend, partly due to Beauprez’s apparently inept campaign. The margin will probably narrow if Beauprez gets his campaign in gear.

    I’m voting for our Libertarian candidate for governor, Dawn Winkler. She recently polled at 3%, pretty good for the major statewide race where the major party candidates are spending millions on TV ads. If Ritter is seen as being a lock, expect Winkler’s vote totals to increase (minor party candidates for major statewide races typically receive 1%), as Ritter has been openly pro-life.

    When are you going to post your quiz online?

  13. Chris Campbell Says:

    Go Mary Starrett

    (this of course exempsts the CP breakaways that would never support a woman)

  14. Chris Campbell Says:

    Here’s Candidate Who Has A Lot On Beam

    by John Kass
    Chicago Tribune Staff

    Stufflebeam. Stufflebeam of Illinois. Gov. Randall C. Stufflebeam.

    Hmm. I endorse no one here, but there’s a musical quality to the name Stufflebeam. It’s melodiously attractive, and I think I know why.

    Stufflebeam sounds nothing like Topinka or Blagojevich.

    Stufflebeam, 46, of Belleville is a conservative write-in candidate for governor of Illinois. There are other write-ins, including one from the Green Party, but don’t they demand we ride bikes to work? I’d rather drive.

    Stufflebeam is difficult to spell, but he won’t confiscate my beater Camry. He’s a member of the Constitution Party and spent more than 20 years in the Marine Corps, retiring as a gunnery sergeant.

    “The first eight years I blew up tanks for a living,” he said of his early work history.

    His opponents, Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Republican Judy Baar Topinka, didn’t apprentice with honest work such as blowing up tanks. Instead, they learned how to finagle.

    “I once considered myself a staunch Republican,” Stufflebeam told me. “But then I got back to Illinois and saw what the Republicans and Democrats have done to my state, I considered myself a Constitutionalist.”

    Many Illinois politicians are allergic to the Constitution, particularly the 2nd Amendment, which in their minds applies only to their bodyguards, drivers and coat holders.

    The Constitution isn’t beating Blagojevich; the news is beating him, with stories about federal investigations, $1,500 checks to his daughter and his slimy associates. The feds are investigating, but what’s hurting him now is the media pack. They’re on him now.

    I remember the media pack being anti-Glenn Poshard when Democrat Poshard ran for governor against crooked Republican George Ryan. Poshard would have made a good governor, and I said so back in 1998. Rod is a phony reformer.

    But surely voters must realize that Topinka is no reformer, not by any stretch of the imagination, and merely the beneficiary of the Rod thwacking festival.

    Yet there are few, if any, stories about Judy’s associations with Boss Hog Republicans.

    Like Big Bob Kjellander (state pension fund investments) and Bill Cellini (casinos, asphalt, Springfield hotel loans). Kjellander and Cellini don’t interest the pundits, at least on the record. They have been powerful political string-pullers for years, working with Democrats and Republicans. Their relationship with Topinka was at the center of the Republican gubernatorial primary. Every major newspaper editorial board in the state asked Judy about them.

    Yet Cellini and Kjellander have never been the subjects of in-depth investigative profiles and the election is only weeks away. Amazing. Are Judy’s P.R. people that much smarter than Rod’s P.R. people?

    With a name like Stufflebeam, you don’t need public relations. It sounds as if drawn from English literature, from Henry Fielding (Squire Allworthy, Mr. Thwackum) or Charles Dickens (Josiah Bounderby, Mrs. Bangham, Mr. Toots).

    “It’s not English,” Randall Stufflebeam told me. “It’s originally German, but I’m American.”

    I don’t believe in hyphenated Americanism either.

    “Agreed,” he said.

    He’s opposed to tax increases, opposed to state subsidized home and college loans to illegal aliens (Rod), opposed to financing government by casino (Judy).

    Stufflebeam, Stufflebeam, Stufflebeam, I murmured. Having already been reminded 600 times last week that I’m not Mike Royko, I’m beginning to suspect that I’m neither Fielding nor Dickens. Yet I like the Stufflebeam name thing.

    He’s now a consultant to the Department of Defense, working on its global transportation computer network. He’s been married 26 years to Lisa. They have three daughters. And he’s a member of something called the Illinois Constitution Party.

    “Little did I know that I’d become the last man standing for the conservatives,” he said.

    Third party symbolism is tricky. For example, what do the words “Green Party” have to do with forcing Americans to ride bikes to work? Apparently, Illinois Constitution Party members insist they’re about supporting the Constitution, a radical concept in this combine state.

    Blagojevich and Topinka surely consider the Constitution an important document too. But they also consider state Sen. Jimmy DeLeo (D-How You Dooin’) an important legislator, which he is, almost a vice governor.

    No matter who wins in November—Topinka or Blagojevich—they’d take Jimmy’s call before taking James Madison’s.

    If they’d put Madison and DeLeo on the bipartisan Illinois political scales, my guess is that Jimmy would have more weight.

    Again, I don’t make endorsements. One phone interview isn’t enough to determine anything about a candidate. I’ll interview the Green Party candidate too. And I know that write-ins are protest votes, but with Illinois offering Topinka and Blagojevich on the ballot, isn’t it finally time for a protest?

    Stufflebeam isn’t Topinka or Blagojevich.

    And I’m starting to like the sound of it.
    [email protected],1,7792975.column?coll=chi-news-col&ctrack=1&cset=true

  15. Chris Campbell Says:

    Vote For California Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Noonan

    by Ed Noonan
    Chairman & Gubernatorial Candidate, American Independent Party of California

    To all groups and individuals who want to protect our borders: What you can do to help fight unsecured borders and stop illegal immigration?

    You can help fight the terrible immigration problem by getting more involved in the current election campaign!

    At present in California we have six candidates for Governor. As you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger has had little interest in securing our border. There is one other candidate, Art Olivier of the Libertarian Party, who claims to be of Minuteman-mindset, but in 2000 he ran as the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Candidate, and skipped hand-in-hand with its Presidential Candidate, Harry Browne, down the campaign trail with an OPEN-BORDER-party-platform-and-agenda clinched between his teeth. Of course there’s the Peace and Freedom candidate, and Green Party candidate, but neither of these two have a desire to close the border.

    That just leaves me, Ed Noonan, American Independent for Governor. For many years the American Independent Party, California affiliate of the national Constitution Party has had the best platform on immigration. Our 2006-08 Platform clearly states:

    “Liberalization of American immigration laws is upsetting the labor balance in our country, and having an adverse effect on our economy, and exposing our people to terrorist threats. The mass importation of people with low standards of living threatens the wage structure of American workers, and frequently, the political subversion of our American institutions. Immigration now exceeds the number of new jobs which the American economy has been able to produce. Therefore we recommend that:

    “- A moratorium be placed on all immigration to the United States, except in individual hardship cases or other individual special circumstances, until the laws can be revised to better protect American workers and taxpayers;

    “- United States immigration laws be re-written to limit immigration to modest quotas of immigrants. We oppose the use of immigration laws as a device to effect major alteration of the cultural composition of the nation;

    “- the United States discontinue all special immigration programs such as that under which refugees from various nations are being admitted to swell our welfare rolls;

    “- every immigrant be carefully screened to guarantee the loyalty to the United States of all persons entering this country, the immigrant be free of any communicable disease, and careful enforcement of the naturalization laws be implemented to assure that only fully qualified persons be granted citizenship;

    “- every individual, group, and/or private agency which requests the admission of an immigrant to the U.S., on whatever basis, be required to commit legally to provide housing and sustenance for such immigrant, bear full responsibility for the economic independence of the immigrant, and post appropriate bonds to seal such covenants; and that

    “- laws be enacted and enforced to deport illegal aliens, withhold from them all unemployment, educational, welfare, Social Security, and other governmental benefits, and penalize employers knowingly hiring illegals. We urge that all public employees, in whatever capacity, be required to cooperate and assist in the enforcement of the immigration laws, and that employers be required to use the basic Pilot Program to verify the citizenship status of all employment applicants.

    “We support the assignment of military personnel to our borders as needed to protect and preserve our country from immigrant invasion. Border security should be a paramount goal of America’s immigration policy.

    “We oppose amnesty and paths to citizenship for illegal aliens, any new or liberalized “Guest Workers” program, and/or the extension of any law permitting the importation of foreign workers in high tech or other industries.

    “We support any legislation necessary to preclude automatic citizenship status to children born in the United States of illegal immigrant parents.

    “Immigrants to the United States must live under and obey our laws, just as do our citizens. Immigrants are not entitled to raise a so-called “cultural defense” when prosecuted for violation of our criminal statutes.

    “The American Independent Party is opposed to the employment of aliens by tax-supported agencies, believing that tax-funded employment should be reserved for American citizens in all cases where there is a qualified citizen to fill the job.”

    Endorse the party that ran Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project, for Congress.

    I am asking you…ENDORSE ME! Tell me when/where your protests are. Help me get some exposure. Your endorsement of my campaign will help. Invite all six of the California candidates for Governor to your rallies and protests and see who shows up.


    You can contact my campaign by calling (530) 743-6878 or on the web at

    Thank you for your support!

  16. Chris Campbell Says:

    What about Stufflebeam?????????

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