Horn Not Making Big Effort in Michigan

David Horn isn’t running a particularly serious campaign this year, but at least he’s got a good reason.

Horn is a computer programmer and the Constitution Party’s candidate for Congress in Michigan CD-7. This is his second run for the seat as he was also the party’s nominee in 2004.

His 2004 showing was the best for any third party Congressional candidate in Michigan. In a 5-way race he received 3% of the vote, more than double the Green candidate and triple the Libertarian candidate. In Hillsdale county, Horn actually polled 8% of the vote. That was against centrist Congressman Joe Schwarz.

As you might remember, Schwarz was defeated a few weeks ago in the Republican primary by a more conservative candidate. A candidate that Horn doesn’t particularly have a problem with.

From the Battle Creek Enquirer...

U.S. Taxpayer candidate David Horn is not making a serious run for office.

He does not intend on investing in his election efforts before the Nov. 7 election or doing much campaigning.

He was nominated in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District by his political party before the primary decided Tim Walberg would be the Republican nominee. Horn had expected U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, whom Horn faults on many fronts, to coast through the primary thanks to the power of incumbency.

But Walberg’s unexpected win put Horn, who also ran as a U.S. Taxpayer in 2004 against Schwarz, “between a rock and a hard place.”

“Basically, for anyone to want to vote for me, they’d have to be too Libertarian to vote for Walberg, and too conservative to vote for the Libertarian (Robert Hutchinson),” Horn said. “That’s a pretty, pretty narrow focus there.”

While Horn doesn’t want Democrat Sharon Renier in office, he thinks it would be good if Walberg were elected.

“I’d probably be a Republican if more Republicans thought as he did,” Horn said.

Horn said he agrees with Walberg’s stances on “probably 90 percent of the issues.”

The other 10 percent of issues — differing opinions on the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq — are issues where he is in step with the Libertarian Party.

“It really doesn’t leave me a lot of room to distinguish myself,” the Liberty Township resident said.

He doesn’t intend on investing any money in his campaign, saying it would be “more or less a waste.”

While Democrat Renier is the only candidate in the four-person race approaching the election from the political left, Horn said he is not worried about splitting the vote and inadvertently helping her campaign. After reviewing past election statistics, he said he believes the district will support a Republican.

Dropping out isn’t a solid option, either. State law requires he remain on the ballot as a choice for voters, even if he doesn’t lift a finger in his campaign, having already passed a deadline to withdraw from the election.

“Basically, I’m on the ballot,” Horn said.

9 Responses to “Horn Not Making Big Effort in Michigan”

  1. RCAIP Says:

    I feel for Horn,

    if a candidate you were running against mirrored your views and beliefs- whats the point of campaigning in the first place?

  2. Jackcjackson Says:

    It’s sad that being against the War and the Patriot Act are not considered distinguishing issues.

  3. Gary Odom Says:

    I agree with Jackcjackson. The war in Iraq and the Patriot Act are huge issues. We’re talking about whether we are to be a Constitutional Republic or a world empire and whether the people shall retain their 4th Amendment rights.

    This gentleman may simply not have the resources to wage much of a campaign. I understand that all too well, but these issues are of paramount importance for the future of our nation.

  4. paulie cannoli Says:

    Apparently there is already a Libertarian campaigning on those issues, if I read this correctly.

  5. undercover_anarchist Says:

    from: http://politicalfug.typepad.com/political_fug/2006/02/40yearold_virgi.html

    40-Year-Old Virgin For Congress

    Many people think that “experience” is important for any candidate seeking elected office. I say that “experienced politicians” are to blame for wars, unemployment, deficits, a horrible education system, you name it. But I, like most people, would agree that life experience is essential to any candidate for any office, congress in particular. With that said, do we really want a congressman who has never gotten laid?

    I mean, we have to assume that David Horn, Constitution Party candidate, has yet to experience any of a woman’s orifices. He’s never been married, and he’s an ardently devout Christian patriot (isn’t that a euphemism for “white supremacist?”). Perhaps the Horny bachelor has remained single because he isn’t interested in girls. After all, by reading the inflammatory denunciations of “homosexual marriage” in his platform, one cannot help but think he doth protest too much. Inflammatory? Flamer? Maybe.

    But more likely, this poor bastard is asexual, and not by choice. Mr. Horn is cursed with a mug only Doug Spade or a mother could love. Actually, his mother probably tried to abort him, and he’s the unfortunate mess she ended up with. With this in mind, you can sort of empathize with his hatred of women and savage desire to suppress their right to choose.

    Despite all of this, and a degree of charisma that not even Milton from Office Space would envy, Horn did well in this same race in 2004 as the only “pro-life” candidate. Of course, the bleeding-heart compassion he has for zygotes does not extend to those awaiting death at the hands of the state, despite Horn’s alleged distrust of the federal government. You would think that a tried-and-true Confederate (i.e. sympathizer with a terrorist insurrection that explicitly sought to destroy the United States) would be more wary of Uncle Sam, but Horn’s disapproval of state authority is selective.

    That his skepticism exists at all would probably be a shock to the voters who supported Horn in 2004. I doubt these modern-day brown shirts are aware of Horn’s libertarian streak—he opposes the war in Iraq, he’s against the Patriot Act, and gasp he doesn’t have a “Bush/Cheney” bumper sticker next to the “God Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” one on his Ford pickup truck, (or does this 40-year-old virgin still ride a bike, too?). Regardless of the fact that Horn dislikes the president because he thinks Bush hasn’t done enough to end the “holocaust” of abortion (what I like to call “the holocaust of ‘womb-parasites’”), Horn’s supporters—who are on average as dumb as he looks—would undoubtedly reserve for Horn the same kindness they would for a dying AIDS patient (or their least favorite NASCAR driver) if they knew he was anything less than fully obedient to their Fuehrer.

    Like all politicians, Horn is, above all, a glory hound. His worst nightmare is not that a “radical liberal” like Joe Schwarz get elected to congress. No, his worst fear is that the Reverend Tim Walberg (even crazier and far more evil than Horn) win the Republican nomination, because this would render Horn completely irrelevant in the general election (just like high school). While Horn’s disgust for cooze and queers may rival the evil reverend’s, Walberg is obediently servile to the Bush agenda, and that pleases the NASCAR dads, meth moms, FAS-babies, and Amish families that constitute their shared right-wing base. Besides, Walberg has access to money, and I’m pretty sure Jesus said that he who is richest is surely most righteous. Or maybe it’s just that whoever has the most money always wins the election.

  6. Gary Odom Says:

    UA, in the words of the Firesign Theatre, “There is so much you don’t know and everything you know is wrong!”

  7. RCAIP Says:


    I think you’re the one that’s either a virgin or asexual, since you’re so psychologically insecure about yourself that labeling normal people for your sad condition is the only only to ease the tension in yourself.

  8. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Um, I didn’t write what I posted. It was from another blog. And I thought it was funny. It was from like six months ago.

  9. RCAIP Says:

    -Well, you’re the one that’s obsessed with people’s sexuality. I don’t even want to know what your idea of “kinky” is.

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