Vermont Libertarians Lose Ballot Spots

A real disappointment for the Libertarian Party of Vermont as they failed to file their paperwork on time and have lost their place on the ballot for their very promising slate of state legislative candidates.

From Ballot Access News...

The Libertarian Party of Vermont nominated nine candidates on September 13, 2006. Seven were running for the legislature and two for local office. All of them mailed their acceptance forms on the morning of September 14. The deadline for the Secretary of State to receive these forms was September 15. Normally, all intra-Vermont postal mail is delivered in one day. However, in this case, none of the forms arrived until September 16, and the Secretary of State is taking a hard-line position and denying them ballot access.

However, since three of them were already also nominated by the Republican Party, those three will still be on the November ballot. However, instead of being listed as “Libertarian, Republican”, they will simply be listed as “Republican”.

The Libertarian Party will continue to be a ballot-qualified party in Vermont. Vermont determines party status by whether it is organized in 10 towns, not on how many votes it polls or how many candidates it runs.

4 Responses to “Vermont Libertarians Lose Ballot Spots”

  1. JH Says:

    This is one of the times you just want to scream at them.

  2. citizens for a better veterans homes Says:



    clock Sep 20, 2006 9:37 pm US/Central
    Poll Results Show Pawlenty And Hatch In Dead Heat
    Pat Kessler
    (WCCO) There are surprising new
    numbers in the race for Minnesota’s
    next governor. The Humphrey Institute
    of Public Affairs just announced the
    results of its poll in the Minnesota’s
    2006 gubernatorial race.

    According to the poll’s findings,
    if the election were held today,
    Democrat Mike Hatch would get
    44 percent of the vote, Republican
    Governor Tim Pawlenty would grab
    42 percent and Independent Peter
    Hutchinson would receive nine percent.

  3. Richard Winger Says:

    Some of the Vermont Libertarians did get their paperwork in on time. My original post was wrong, but I have altered it.

  4. Hardy Machia Says:

    An update on Vermont…. six of our candidates are on the ballot. (Lib/Rep) (Lib/Rep) (Rep) (Rep) (Rep)
    and Andrew Thomas (Lib) doesn’t have a website yet

    In the end, I screwed up with out last minute candidates by not having them drive from all points of Vermont to the Sec of State’s office to make sure they made it, but most of the people who aren’t on the ballot weren’t the focus on our 10/10/10 efforts to elect Libertarians to the State House. We still have a good chance to get 5-6 Libertarians elected to the State House. We only lost one candidate that we really wanted on the ballot because of my screw up in thinking that the normally excellent postal service in Vermont wouldn’t be a factor.

    Our six candidates can still use all of the financial support that readers can give them. These are small races where raising $5,000 can win most races. Donate $10, $100, or more today.

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