Well, I’m Off And Running…

Not a third party campaign… but just a quick little update for anyone who might be interested. Last week I officially qualified for a place on the ballot as a candidate for Duval County Soil and Water Conservation Board.

I’ll be facing off against a former board member (he was defeated in 2004) come November, and I think I’m in a very good position to win this race.

The first version of the campaign website is active:

Bumperstickers and signs will be ordered shortly, and I’ve already picked up support from one of the current board members as well as a board member from a neighboring county.

Things are moving pretty quickly. To those of you who’ve sent emails or left comments on here wishing me well… thank you! I’ll post an update every once in a while as the campaign progresses.

6 Responses to “Well, I’m Off And Running…”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded 1998) Says:

    Honor amoung bloggers? Attention Austin and any one else involved in an active 2006 and 2008 campaign. (Don Lake is the de facto Veterans Issues Advisor and Campaign Director for Los Angeles area teacher and ‘Indie” Governor wannabe Eric ‘Bull Moose’ Mahoney*.)

    Mail a shirt, bumper sticker or campaign button to Politics1.com and get a shout out for the day. ‘Cheap advertisement at twice the price!’ And Austin, you do not have to mail any thing! Ron is a neighbor of your’s! Just walk your donation over! Maybe Ron is even in YOUR conservation district!

    Your approach to ‘conservation’ is a refreshing blend of private and public concerns, instead of either strip mining ‘paradise’ or throwing tax paper dollars willie nillie at a ‘problem’. Plz consider your self endorsed by Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, an eight year old, ad hoc, anti establishment advocacy group, critical of traditional coopt’d veterans groups and failed government programs and potentially lethal VA style agencies on the local, state (CALVETS and CDVA) and national level.

    • currently, LITERALLY on the campaign trail. Lake and Mahoney have ‘Moose’ hiking on Camino Del Real, the “Royal Road”, from Sandy Ego Mission northward on the “Old Spanish Trail” to the other colonial missions along the coast.
  2. IndiPol Says:

    Austin, good luck in your campaign. This position is at a non-partisan race level I am assuming?

  3. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    I was surprised to note we have many of the same items listed to which we belong except one, republican as I am socialist. It must be the Franciscan thought of helping the poor? Even funnier is the fact that me and Ann Colter are from the same area too. I could not disagree with her more either. I don’t see me voting for you and I in return don’t expect your vote in my campaign.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:


    Understood and no hard feelings naturally. Though I will say that if you were running against Katherine Harris, you just might’ve had a shot at my vote. ;)


  5. Natalie Winiewicz Says:

    Dear Austin,
    I sure wished I had seen the ballot sooner. You are assured of my vote and I will try to persuade all my friends to vote for you also.
    I was shocked to see Albert Wilcox was running again. He was a tennant of ours and he left the town house in shambles and a filthy mess. I had to throw out the stove frige, repaint replace all carpeting and repair and replace all fixtures. They also left with out paying the rent for the last two months. I have been trying to locate them so I can get them in court.
    They rented the property on 12017 cobblestone lane. You can try to reach us at 616-7812. we will be out of town for a week. I still cannot believe that he has the nerve to run and seve the public. He left in the middle of the night at that address One hear and tem months ago.

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