Scott Bludorn Joins Free State Project

Scott Bludorn is moving to New Hampshire. Specifically, he and his wife have joined with the Free State Project and signed on to be part of the first 1,000 individuals who plan to make the move in hopes of establishing a concentration of libertarian-minded individuals.

Earlier this year, Bludorn received 46% of the vote in a Republican Primary for Illinois State House, nearly defeating the incumbent. In 2004, Bludorn captured 8% of the vote against the same incumbent while running as a Libertarian.

The official press release follows…

Upon returning from a recent fact finding mission to New Hampshire, former Libertarian and Republican candidate for Illinois State Representative Scott Bludorn has announced that he has signed the Free State Project’s Statement of Intent as well as the First 1000 Pledge.

The Free State Project was founded by Dr. Jason Sorens in September 2001 as a new strategy for restoring individual liberties. The Free State Project is an effort to concentrate 20,000 liberty-oriented activists in a small state so participants could exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

The Free State Project has been established as a non partisan, non profit organization to facilitate an intentional political migration to the State of New Hampshire and has been endorsed by economist Dr. Walter E. Williams, Michael Badnarik, Claire Wolfe and others. Even former Republican Governor Craig Benson said “Come on up; we’d love to have you.”

Interested parties can find out more about Free State Project, Inc. by visiting its website at

“I have recently spent some time in the “Live Free or Die” State and I quickly discovered the New Hampshire people are a sturdy, self-reliant people who embrace America’s libertarian heritage,” Bludorn stated in a letter to supporters.

Explaining that the First 1000 Pledge is designed speed up a restoration of Constitutional republicanism whereby States compete with each other for citizenry, Mr. Bludorn went on to say “New Hampshire, one of the freest states in the U.S right now, would become far and away the freest state: the best place to run your own business, educate your children, exercise your right to keep and bear arms, manage your property as you choose, protect your home from eminent domain, vote your conscience when serving on a jury, keep much more of your paycheck… the list goes on and on.”

Mr. Bludorn closed his statement by urging his supporters to “join me in New Hampshire so that we can work together to restore the American tradition of liberty. Establishing a Free State is more important than ever. I’m looking forward to the day when we can once again refer to our great country as “These United States…Now is a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote with your feet and take action!”

2 Responses to “Scott Bludorn Joins Free State Project”

  1. tom Says:

    I guess this just goes to show you that as a LP candidate a majority of the voting populace is so close minded that voting for anything other then the monopoly candidates just isn’t done.
    I believe the local organizations could help change this trend by educating people that we are the only viable CONSTITUTIONAL candidate.

  2. mark s2 Says:

    Does this whole press release thing stike anyone else as just a bit self serving? Who cares?

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