Colorado Green Drops Out of Race has the news that the Green Party’s candidate for Colorado Secretary of State has dropped out of the race…

Green Party candidate Rick VanWie today announced that he was withdrawing from the race for Secretary of State. VanWie had no chance of winning in November, but he might have been able to siphon votes from the Democrat in the race, Ken Gordon. That concern seems to be why he pulled out of the race, which you can read for yourself in an e-mail VanWie sent to supporters this morning…

Fello Greens:

After 10 months of effort, this morning I ended my campaign for Colorado Secretary of State. This was not an easy decision, as the opportunity to be the Green Party’s candidate for this important office was something into which I put a lot of emotion, time, effort, and travel.

However, tonight at 9:00PM on KBDI Channel 12, is the Colorado Decides debate between the candidates for Secretary of State. It became apparent to me that I should leave the race as a result of participating in this event.

What will be clear from viewing the debate this evening is the Republican candidate and our current state treasurer Mike Coffman’s adamant opposition to parts of our platform and the goals that we have as a party. This includes Instant Runoff Voting, which is key to the long-term survival of the Green Party, and our support for organized labor and the poor.

I believe if my candidacy played any role in helping Major Coffman become our next Secretary of State, our party would have paid a heavy price. Not only would I have helped elect Major Coffman, I would have helped defeat the candidate who, while not a Green, stands with us on Instant Runoff Voting, electronic voting machines, and campaign finance.

Many Greens disagree with Ken Gordon on his positions on issues that are not relevant to this race. However, he has come out publicly in support of Instant Runoff Voting. In the debate as well as in an e-mail to his supporters he represented that he supports IRV. In an article that was published in yesterday’s Denver Daily News, he stated that although it would be tough work to make it law, he was willing to give it a try.

Ken Gordon is also well aware of people’s concerns regarding the new electronic voting machines, and has worked to solve problems regarding this issue. When you step into the voting booth in November there will be an auditable paper trail when you cast your vote. In some machines you will see a little window in which you can see the paper trail when the ballot is cast. Sen. Gordon sponsored this bill, and was able to get bi-partisan support to make it happen.

Finally Sen. Gordon has taken no PAC money. In this age of big money in politics, he has raised his campaign funds the old fashioned way, through individual donations.

It is unfortunate that six years after the debacle that was the 2000 Election, voters still have to compromise their values at the voting booth. As of this moment, voting for some one you really support may still help elect someone you don’t. However, by removing myself from this race I feel that Colorado will have the opportunity to vote for someone who if elected, will help resolve this issue once and for all without the possibility of electing someone who won’t.

Thank you to the many who have supported this campaign. It has been a pleasure representing this party as I have traveled from Sterling to Cortez, and from Fort Collins to Breckenridge. I will always remember the warm hospitality I have received in my journey. I look forward to working with all of you as we continue in the struggle for a better, stronger democracy and a Green future.

Peace, Love and Understanding,

Rick VanWie
Green Party Candidate for Colorado Secretary of State

2 Responses to “Colorado Green Drops Out of Race”

  1. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Typical pansy-ass Green bitch move.

  2. Owen R. Broadhurst Says:

    I wish for the undercover_anarchist to know that it is certainly not typical of THIS Green, nor would it be typical of any Green campaigning in my state of Massachusetts. I deplore this sort of thing, as do many Greens.

    Paint not so broadly with thy brush.

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