NY LP Ballot Position Seems Safe

Some good news for the New York Libertarian Party from Richard Winger of Ballot Access News...

Last week, a challenge to the New York Libertarian statewide petition was filed by a Republican. However, the challenger’s specific complaint is that the Libertarian logo is too similar to the Conservative Party logo. Even if this challenge succeeds, the only result would be that the Libertarians would need to submit a new logo. A “logo” is a cartoon symbol of a party that appears on the ballot at the top of that party’s column or to the left of its party row.

The Conservative Party logo, starting in 1962, has been the torch of the Statute of Liberty. The Libertarian logo in New York, starting in 1988, has been the full statue. The challenge is not likely to succeed, since each party has been using its current logo for 18 years and no one objected earlier.

One Response to “NY LP Ballot Position Seems Safe”

  1. Joe Says:

    I realize that New York Republicrats will stop at nothing to keep alternatives off the ballot, but this has got to be silliest excuse yet. You might as well say that the Republican and Democrat logos are too similar. After all, they’re both mammals.

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