Gorman Backs Phillies for 2008

I must say that the apparent support of Mr. Gorman is making me wonder if Phillies might just be able to pull a Badnarik-style upset and win the LP nomination.

In truth I think Gorman would be a stronger candidate than anyone that’s announced so far… but it’s hard to argue with his wish to focus on a more winnable local campaign.

The press release from Phillies2008…

The Phillies 2008 campaign announces additions and changes to its extensive campaign team. Don Gorman is a new Campaign Advisor. Carol McMahon is the new Treasurer.

Sean Haugh has become a campaign advisor.

Donald Gorman of Deerfield, New Hampshire has joined the Phillies 2008 campaign as campaign advisor. Gorman is a four-term New Hampshire State Legislator (two terms as a Republican, two terms as a Libertarian). He is again running for state legislature, and is likely to win. He spent a term on the Libertarian National Committee. Gorman’s Libertarian Campaign school is widely recognized as one of the most effective tools for producing more effective libertarian campaigners. In 2000, Gorman was a candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination. He declined a near-certain nomination as the Vice Presidential candidate, on the grounds that the nomination should go to one of the men who had worked hard to earn it.

Carol McMahon of Monson, Massachusetts joins the campaign team as the new Treasurer. McMahon is an accountant specializing in tax returns. She serves as Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and of the Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association. She is also a graduate of the Gorman campaign school. McMahon’s daughter Heather is about to leave for her second tour with the Army in Iraq.

“This is an entirely friendly replacement,” candidate Phillies explained. “Phillies 2008 Treasurer Sean Haugh has had some exciting new opportunities develop, starting with his work creating a list of libertarian candidates for the LNC. Sean and Carol were happy to make this change, which should advance both of their political campaign careers. Sean will continue as campaign advisor, giving us the benefit of his valuable, thoughtful advice.”

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  1. Lonnie Brantley Says:

    IMHO the Kevin Zeese campaign in Maryland is more important, by a factor of 10, than the current LP maneuvers for an ‘08 candidate. Because the LP remains dominated by small minds and blatant opportunism, it will probably not figure out that it needs to nominate someone like Andrew Napolitano, Karen Kwiatkowski or T J Rodgers. Any of these almost-celebrities would jolt the party into a new mindscape. But it’ll never happen with the current crop, good guys all, but presidential material? Nah. Another Badnarik mistake will doom the party forever, which may be a good thing, having outlived it’s potential by a decade or two.

  2. Doug Craig Says:

    I am glad to see Phillies getting such a jump on his campaign team and supporters.This is what we need .I do not agree with every postion phillies has , but as a party we need to do a better job supporting our candidates.
    It seems Phillies is way ahead of everyone in being organized, The fact is most of the voters will never get so see the views of the Libertarian candidate unless we are more organizes which it seems Phillies is.

  3. Nigel Watt Says:

    Phillies will be great for the LP, especially if the party gains enough credibility this November to warrant a place in the debates. (In other words, if either Smither or Badnarik gets into Congress, or, even better, both.) Phillies clearly won’t win, but he seems intent on helping other candidates win to increase the party’s power and he will effectively debate the Republicrats.

  4. P Says:

    Andrew Napolitano would be an awesome candidate. I would really get behind that. Napolitano/Paul 2008!

  5. Mike N. Says:

    Donald Gorman was elected to the NH State Legislature as a Libertarian?

  6. Doug Kenline Says:

    Good work George Phillies.


    We would like to have you as a guest on The Gene Chapman Radio Hour show. Please leave a comment at our website and let us know when you might be available to join us on the show.



  7. Nigel Watt Says:

    Doug, your man is one of two LP 2008 Presidential candidates I know I won’t be voting for.

  8. Gene Berkman Says:

    In answer to Mike N., Don Gorman was elected to the New Hampshire House in 1992 with the Libertarian and Republican nominations, then re-elected in 1994 with the Libertarian and both major party nominations. In 1996 he sought re-election only on the Libertarian ticket, and received 23% to come in third.

    The Libertarian Party is never going to be taken seriously if it continues to run candidates for President, since it is clear that we don’t have the resources or support to make an effective campaign at that level. We need to put our resources into Congressional and state legislative campaigns, and we will still lose many races before we start winning.

  9. Timothy West Says:

    Running an LP presidential dude or dudette would only be good if they served as a tool for state and local campaigns. Pledge that fully 50% of all fundraising will be used to advance the 10 best LP state and local candidates around the country.

    But this will never happen, becuase the LP is addicted to proving that it’s just like the big boys. Not having a guy for POTUS, no matter that they have no chance of winning the office, would cause the LP to lose face, no matter how much sense it makes.

  10. Doug Craig Says:

    Gene When Badnarik Came to Atlanta in 2004 It was much easier to get interviews for him more so than any other candidate I have worked with.
    It is much easier to get a large radio station to do an interview with a presidential candidate compared to a city council race. Because of theBadnarik campaign we helped a local candidate win his race.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    So, Phillies is in line to be the next Libertarian Party Presidential candidate. The LP has an excellent farm team of former and current elected officials:

    Sheriff Masters
    Judge Gray
    Mayor Ed Thompson
    Philipsburg, MT City Councilman Andy Lochridge
    Tom Knapp, Federal Appointee, Selective Service Board

    Yet they go with the guy who has ZERO experience as a public official.

    And you all wonder why so many libertarian Republicans choose to hold their nose and cast their vote for the GOP Presidential Nominee instead?

    Don’t you dare blame us libertarian Republicans for “selling out the libertarian movement” when we cast our votes for Guiliani or McCain in 2008. Don’t you dare!!

    Until you guys get serious and start nominating indidividuals with some celebrity, resume and political background you have NO ROOM WHATSOEVER TO CRITICIZE US LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICANS for bolting to the major party ticket.


  12. Eric Dondero Says:

    It’s interesting to hear Don Gorman may win a NH seat. I’m glad to see that. But curious if he is running on both the LP and GOP tickets again this time around.

    Actually, the LP has an excellent shot to gain a great many state legislative seats this year in both NH and Vermont. There are 7 LPers in VT with dual-party nominations. The best is Benjamin Todd, who honestly has a good shot of prevailing on the GOP line.

    Then there’s this crazy Alciere guy in Nashua. He’s actually more of an Anarchist than a Libertarian saying on his web site, “too many cops, not enough cop killers” in regards to the drug war. But because of a fluke filing deal, he may actually win on the Republican line. Alciere formerly ran as a Libertarian.

    Add Gorman to the mix, and by my count you could have as many as 3 Libertarian State Legislators elected this year in 2 different states. As many as possibly 7 or 8.

    As a frequent critic of the Libertarian Party, I must say that that would be a significant accomplishment for the LP; one in which they should be heartily congratulated if they prevail. Hell, if even one of two of them get elected, my guess Gorman and Todd, that would be a huge coup.

    For continuous coverage of the Benjamin Todd race:


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