Kubby Enters LP Presidential Race

An impressive list of candidates have been lining up to compete for the Libertarian Party’s 2008 Presidential nomination. And it’s only 2006!

Activist George Phillies, Comedian Doug Stanhope, and now you can add Steve Kubby to that list. Kubby is best known as a fighter for marijuana legalization who has spent time in prison for using the substance to treat his medical condition. He served as the California Libertarian Party’s 1998 gubernatorial candidate, earning 73,823 votes or 0.88%.

To be fair, the party’s next gubernatorial candidate (Gary Copeland) improved that total to 161,203 votes or 2.16% in 2002.

Still, Kubby is well known in Libertarian circles and will likely be able to drawn upon support from groups like NORML to run a highly credible campaign for the party’s nomination.

The press release follows:

Steve Kubby announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party nomination for President to more than 50,000 cheering fans on Sunday, August 20, at the 15th annual Seattle Hempfest in Seattle, Washington. More than 150,000 attended the event held in Myrtle Edwards Park on the shores of Puget Sound.

Kubby’s announcement of his Presidential candidacy was endorsed by an all-star cast of cannabis activists (shown from left to right in photo above): Eddy Lepp (Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens), Jack Herer (“The Emperor Wears No Clothes”), Ed Rosenthal (“Ask Ed”), Elvy Musikka (Federal Exemptee), Chris Conrad (“Hemp For Health”), NORML Director Allen St. Pierre and NORML Founder Keith Stroup.

“I’m running for President because I’m fed up with bad government, corrupt politicians, and arrogant officials. Like you, I’d like the government to support my liberty, protect and serve my family, respect my personal property and stop passing and enforcing laws that assume I have the intelligence of a child,” Kubby proclaimed to the thunderous approval of the Hempfest crowd.

Kubby for President
P.O. Box 50, PMB 199
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-0050
[email protected]
(909) 338-8215

41 Responses to “Kubby Enters LP Presidential Race”

  1. Joey Dauben Says:


    No way Kubby will make it. If Badnarik gets in, he wins. Hands down.

    I thought the LP was trying to position itself as more than a drug legalization party? Kubby has a few warrants out in the U.S., right? This reminds me of the Andre Marou stuff in ‘92. His past will make it very, very bloody for the LP, image-wise.

  2. Nigel Watt Says:

    If Badnarik wins this November, he’ll be focusing on maintaining his seat in 2008, not on a quixotic run for President. I have this from Allen Hacker. That said, Phillies and to some extent Stanhope have already laid a much better foundation than Kubby seems like he’d be able to.

  3. Jackcjackson Says:

    Warrants? I thought he just got out after serving his time.
    He wouldn’t be any worse than ( insert name here). I don’t see how almost being killed by the government is bad for image.

    That said, I dont see him getting the nomination anyway. Badnarik isnt going to win in ‘06 so I think we can elminate the “’defending his seat” exclusion. Stanhope will probably have a lot of support, and Phillies has his faction and an early start.

  4. Doug Craig Says:

    Maybe one of these guys could make a great Libertarian VP candidate.
    I hope we have some more people step forward. I would like the choices to be a lot deeper.There is also two other people who are running.Gene Chapman and Christine Smith.

  5. Matt Sterba Says:

    Kubby would only damage the parties image. With him as the nominee, I can just picture every single interview and article focusing on the drug issue and very little else. He and his case (while I support him and his issues) have already gotten enough exposure from the Libertarian Party. I watched the ‘04 convention on c-span. I remember thinking how silly it was that instead of the party leadership taking every precious bit of air-time that they could talking about why the LP is better than the R & D’s, they decided to play a video that must have been near an hour long about Kubby and his struggles. It is a MUST to talk about individual freedom and personal responsibility but why do we have to lead with the drug issue? Social security and other such issues would resinate much better with the American public.

  6. Doug Kenline Says:




  7. Doug Kenline Says:

    Need to get a comment preview function on here…..can’t preview comments to make sure there aren’t any errors….......



  8. Doug Kenline Says:

    Thank you Doug Craig.

  9. George Whitfield Says:

    I am glad Steve Kubby has entered the race. His record and achievments cause me to respect and admire him. See: http://www.kubby.com
    This should be a spirited race for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President and Vice President. We will have alot of choices which is good for choosing the right people to represent us.

  10. Trevor Southerland Says:

    Out of the choices presented thus far, Stanhope and Kubby lead the pack.

    The Libertarian Party will have several small name people (even in Libertarian circles) step forward to run… but we need serious candidates, that can reach out to more than just Libertarians.

    If the convention were today, and these were my choices, I’d have to go with Stanhope.

  11. Kyle B Says:

    seems like the guy that got 2% of the vote for governor in 02 (Gary Copeland) would make a better candidate then Kubby. Seems from my perspective that he most of been a better campaigner to more then double the vote total that Kubby got in 98

    then again I do not pretend to be an expert on the LP ( I am a Democrat). I watched the convention in 04 on CSPAN and was shocked that Russo or Nolan didn’t win.

  12. Otto Kerner Says:

    Somehow … I don’t feel impressed. A math professor, a comedian, and Steve Kubby. That’s nothing to get excited about. Now, if Karen Kwiatowski runs for president, she would be a good candidate.

    I realise this wasn’t Kyle B’s point, but Gary Copeland is the druid who spit on a radio talk show guy during the campaign (I think the lesson here is that the LP’s vote share tends to vary more based on factors outside of the candidates’ control). If he Copeland would join the race for president, well, then, we would really have a classic roster.

    By the way, just about everybody was surprised by Badnarik’s nomination when it happened.

  13. Nigel Watt Says:

    It is far from definite that Badnarik will lose.

  14. Fred Mangels Says:

    Kyle B wrote, “(Gary Copeland) would make a better candidate then Kubby.”.

    Gary Copeland died a year or two after he ran for governor of California. While I voted for him at the time, it might be fair to mention that the LP of California hierarchy withdrew their endorsement of him after he gained infamy for spitting on a radio talk show host during an interview in Southern California.

  15. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    I’m with Otto. I can think of no better presidential candidate than Karen Kwiatkowski. It takes practice, though, to spell her name right.

    Karen for Prez!

  16. Joey Dauben Says:

    You can’t pronounce Kwiatkowski. And that name would look horrible on a yard sign.

    What about drafting Sue Jeffers from MN?

    Then again, Gary Nolan is still my man, so I’d go with him any time.

    Then use Stanhope’s money.

  17. Chris Bennett Says:

    I would support Kubby, Phillies or Christine Smith before I’d vote for Stanhope. Stanhope is an embarrassment for the LP especially running for President. Heck I’d vote for Ed Thompson or Aaron Russo (again) before Stanhope. Get off the Stanhope bandwagon, he’s only been a Libertarian for a few years and he thinks he can be an effective spokesperson for the LP by running for President? You Stanhope supporters are smoking something stronger than what Kubby can get his hands on.

  18. Trevor Southerland Says:

    I’m not a Stanhope supporter, but all the people you named above, besides Ed, would be much worse of an emberessment.

  19. Timothy West Says:

    none of the above.

    the LP doesnt have the support structure in place to be a true national political party. Badnarik raised a million bucks. Put that same million bucks into the LP’s backbenchers in 2008 and forget about running a presidential candidate. None of the forementioned has the slightest chance of winning.

    of course, this wont happen, but if the LP is serious about building itself, thats what should happen…...as long as you can still fundraise

  20. Jake Porter Says:

    I’m not a Stanhope supporter, but all the people you named above, besides Ed, would be much worse of an emberessment.

    So you think Libertarian activists, such as George Phillies, who work very hard to build the party are an embarrassment?

  21. Doug Craig Says:

    I eat Breakfast this past Sunday with Gene Chapman,he seemed like a great guy.I talked to Christine Sith on saturday she was well spoken and articulate.I also know George Phillies has worked his butt off for the party.
    All these people have the potential to be great candidates.If the the Republicans can turn Bush into an electable candidate wecan do the same,but OUR party has to do a better job with our candidates.I know in my state our candidates are not getting a lot of support.

  22. Jackcjackson Says:

    How about a Druid/Blue Man ticket?

  23. Aaron Johnson Says:

    Hi everybody. I don’t usually comment on websites but I have a question. I looked up the Gene Chapman url posted here. The whole site looks like it’s just a free blog. His platform has some very violent old testament stuff in it and talks about communists a lot. He says he is Gandhi and there is a picture of him wearing Gandhi clothes. He says he is a slave and it looks like he is suing the government over the mark of the beast and slavery. It also looks like he is running for nomination by a bunch of third parties.

    This is my question. Does anybody know if that website is just a joke? Thanks.

  24. Trevor Southerland Says:

    Gene Chapman didn’t even know anything about the process for gaining the LP’s nomination… sorry, but when you have to post on blogs finding out how to run for President, you’re a joke.

    As for George Phillies…

    George is a good activist, and that’s what he should stick to. Activists don’t make good candidates all the time and the fact that George has chosen to run for Chair what 3 or 4 times in a row instead of running for a spot on the LNC and being productive… counts him out.

  25. Frank Buckner Says:

    Gene is a joke to be sure. His syncophant is Doug Kenline, so I wouldn’t take any of his comments regarding Togaboy seriously either.

    For the TRUTH about Gene “Togafraud” Chapman, please visit this outstanding blog - http://chapmanforpresident.blogspot.com/

    You might want to start at the bottom as the earliest post is at the bottom.

    (The blog url is not mine, I just think it’s the most comprehensive blog o’ facts about Gene Chapman)

  26. Doug Craig Says:

    I tell you what some one has a lot of time on there hands.I agree that some of the things Gene has said is weird , but the owner of that website is a loser.Gene has zero chance to run for prez, as the Libertarian candidate but this guy is stalking a guy who has no chance.On my blog I have made no call on Gene Chapman but at least he is doing something.
    I read alot of post by people who talk alot but never do anything.From what I gather about Gene is he does love freedom and in person I thought he was a nice guy.I am not a religous person so that part was a turn off for me, but I thought he deserved to be mentioned .

  27. Frank Buckner Says:

    Stalking? That by its very implication assumes that Gene is trying to hide or mask himself. He’s not. He does more than “say weird” things.

    He’s gone on 3 death fasts. Logic would dictate that were you to go on a “death” fast, you’d only need one.

    He requested a “burn permit” from the Federal Government so he could immolate himself in front of the IRS building - or the White House - depends on the day of the week he was posting.

    He stated - again - that he was going to perform the “Samson” solution on the IRS and was stopped by the police en route to the IRS building in a RV that had a leaking propane tank. For that episode he was involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

    My whole point in posting was to prevent the libertarian party (of which I was a member until Badnarik was nominated and then I quit in disgust) from allowing Gene Chapman to associate himself with the party.

    He’s a parasite and you’ll never be able to rid yourself of him if you embrace him in any fashion.

  28. Joey Dauben Says:

    Trevor, as a journalist/blogger, how do you even go about filing to run?

    Do you have to file - major party here - with the chair of each state for that primary?

    Or what about the LP? Do you have to file with the state chair or the FEC to get on the ballot?

    It’d be neat to do a kid’s book on “How to Run For President.”

    I’d like to see the filing fee(s) for running.

  29. Joey Dauben Says:

    By the way, $1 million won’t do crap. Impressive, yes, but…regardless of the candidate, if he can raise $10 million, the LP might get 2% of the vote. Nationally.

    Constant TV ads in major markets…that might work.

    But I’ve never worked on a national campaign, so I’m not an expert, but $1 mil covers gas/food/hotels and some radio ads.

  30. Trevor Southerland Says:


    I’m not sure of the major party issues. I know for the Libertarian Party you are nominated by the national convention… ballot status is determined state by state… and each state has such different laws it isn’t even funny.

    Writing a kids book about how to run for President would be nearly impossible; the politicians themselves don’t understand the rules they made, better yet lawyers… but then again, maybe that means kids could understand it. :-)

  31. Timothy West Says:

    Joey, I’m taking about putting that same 1 million dollars into state senate and house races and foregoing the presidential race at all. Or if some in the party simply cant stomach that then secure pledge from the nominee that 50% of the money he rises goes into the lower level races.

    Either he’s a tool to build the party at the lower level, or he’s nobody, becuase America won’t elect a Libertarian President without either considerable fame or considerable experience in governing. We dont have either.

  32. Joey Dauben Says:

    Where’s Ed Clark when you need him.

  33. Chris Moore Says:

    You mean: where’s David Koch’s money when you need it.

  34. Hammer of Truth » Two More Libertarians Vie for 2008 LP Presidential Nomination Says:

    [...] I’m surprised no one here at HOT had jumped on this story since Stephen Gordon did extensive blogging during Steve Kubby’s ordeal with the anti-prohibition authorities.Austin Cassidy over at Third Party watch has posted Kubby’s announcement KUBBY ANNOUNCES BID FOR PRESIDENT [...]

  35. Hammer of Truth » 2 More Libertarians Vie For the LP 2008 Presidential Nomination Says:

    [...] I’m surprised no one here at HOT had jumped on this story since Stephen Gordon did extensive blogging during Steve Kubby’s ordeal with the prohibitionist authorities.Austin Cassidy over at Third Party Watch has posted Kubby’s announcement KUBBY ANNOUNCES BID FOR PRESIDENT [...]

  36. Nigel Watt Says:

    Tim West makes a good point, and for building the party, it definitely seems that Phillies is the best choice.

    Luckily, Gene Chapman has provided the LP with an easy choice not to vote for.

  37. undercover_anarchist Says:

    The notion of “damaging the LP’s image” is hilarious. How delusional and self-important do you have to be to think that the LP even HAS an image?

    Phillies is the best choice for building the party? Mr. Watt, you and I are normally on the same page, but this could not be further from the truth.

    Stanhope is the only candidate who has the right strategy for building the party.

    Mr. Phillies may be sincere, but he’s just another old white guy in a suit with tired platitudes - many of which aren’t even libertarian (border marxist, trade nazi).

  38. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    How is direct marking topless co-ed videos and telling dick jokes “the right strategy for building the party?”

    Tom Knapp

  39. Chris Moore Says:

    Tom, I think you would be suprised how big the horny, beer-bonging, weed toking guy market is. :)

    I actually think Stanhope could increase LP presidential vote totals and maybe break 1 million. But you’re right—he could (at least temporarily) make the LP a political pet-rock.

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