Democrat Endorses LaMarche for Governor

Good bit of news for the LaMarche campaign in Maine…

Democrat Christopher F. Miller has announced his support and endorsement for Pat LaMarche for Governor in November. Miller ran as a Democratic candidate and got 24% of the vote against incumbent governor John Baldacci in the June primary election.

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  1. undercover_anarchist Says:

    This is why I’m perhaps the only self-identified libertarian who supports optional public financing for elections. I’m against restricting free speech through contributions, but in support of public funding. The cost is insignficant, and the benefits are huge. The government has few legitimate functions, but providing for fair and open elections is one of them. Pat LaMarche has instant credibility because she has access to the resources reqired to run a legitiate campaign. Kudos to her and the people of Maine. “Clean Elections,” as it is in ME, is far from perfect, but I would take it any day over the current system.

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