Former Wisconsin LP Chair Faces Sex Charges

Arif Khan is the former chairman of the Wisconsin state Libertarian Party and, in 2004, received 0.28% of the vote as the party’s nominee for U.S. Senate against Russ Feingold. Now he’s being charged with three counts of sexual assault on a child.

Khan claims he’s the victim of his wife, who he charges is an opportunistic Pakastani immigrant seeking to divorce him and still keep her green card by fabricating these charges.

From ABC-7 in Chicago...

The former chairman of Wisconsin’s Libertarian Party faces a preliminary hearing tomorrow on sexual assault charges.

Arif Khan was charged in April with three counts of sexual assault of a child in Polk County.

Khan, of Frederic, says he wed a Pakistani woman through an arranged marriage and now the woman is trying to keep her green card and get out of the marriage by bringing charges against him.

The 38-year-old woman’s claims that he inappropriately touched her daughter in February.

The one-time U-S Senate candidate says the claims are ridiculous.

The preliminary hearing will determine if there is enough evidence against him for the case to go to trial.

4 Responses to “Former Wisconsin LP Chair Faces Sex Charges”

  1. Michael Badnarik Says:

    I, for one, agree that the claims are ridiculous! I’ve met Arif and consider him a good friend. I don’t believe he did anything inappropriate, and that he is being falsely accused. Unfortunately in our society, being accused of child abuse is percieved as being guilty of the crime. It is a blemish not easily removed from a person’s reputation.

    Until I see irrefutable evidence of the crime, I will stand in defense of Arif Khan - a man I consider a true patriot and a friend.

    Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

  2. Wendy Says:

    My family and I have know Arif Khan for over 14 years and consider him a dear friend. We have gone on trips together, had dinners together weekly, and spent many holidays celebrations together. I have trusted my child in the care of Arif many times and would again, without a second thought. I have never seen anything that would lead to me to believe that these charges against Arif are even remotely factual.

  3. James Khan Says:

    Today’s society is certainly the opposite of what our legal system is supposed to represent. According to our legal system one is innocent until proven guilty; there is a very good reason for that. Anyone can make a claim against anyone whether evidence exists or not. And in today’s society when someone is accused of something, than the first inclination by the public is to say and insinuate that the accused is guilty. If that person happens to be famous in anyway, than God help because the media is apparently required to publish that person’s name and picture in as many places as possible. I say all this because I happen to believe that Arif Khan is innocent of the charges brought against him. Generally, a person who assaults a child has a history of assaulting children. Arif Khan is my father, has been for 27 years, and never once has there been an instance that could even remotely be misconstrued as sexual abuse. I have an older brother, a younger sister, and twelve cousins (seven girls) that have all lived with and/or near my father and never has anyone ever had such instances with him. The saddest thing about this whole situation is that when my father is acquitted there won’t be headlines that read “Former Wisconsin LP Chair Exonerated of Sex Charges.”

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