Texas GOP Backs Houston City Councilwoman

From KGBT-TV...

Texas Republican precinct chairmen tonight selected a Houston city councilwoman as the write-in candidate to support in place of Tom DeLay.

Republican officials say Doctor Shelley Sekula-Gibbs was selected by a clear majority of the precinct chairmen who attended a gathering in Pearland.

The Texas Republican Party decided it should rally behind one write-in candidate to give that person financial and organizational support.

Tina Benkiser, the state G-O-P party chairwoman, says about 85 of the 150 precinct chairmen invited to the two-hour closed-door meeting attended.

Texas G-O-P officials were forced to scramble when the courts prevented Republicans from replacing DeLay’s name on the November 7th ballot. The Sugar Land Republican has resigned from Congress, moved to Virginia and withdrawn from the race.

Sekula-Gibbs and any other write-in candidates will face Democratic nominee Nick Lampson and Libertarian Bob Smither.

Sekula-Gibbs, says, quote, “I’m honored to have received this support.”

7 Responses to “Texas GOP Backs Houston City Councilwoman”

  1. Chris Moore Says:

    WOW! Could the Republicans get any more screwed in CD-22?!

    They have one candidate already registered as a write-in who has pledged to run no matter what. So they pick another candidate with a difficult to SPELL name to be their “official” WRITE-IN candidate. Now there will be at least TWO Republicans running as write-ins facing a Libertarian with republican appeal and name recognition whos name is on the ballot and a Democrat with $2 million in the bank.

    Prediction: either Lampson wins by a landslide, or he screws up and begins attacking the Republican write-ins and Smither eeks out a close win with 35%.

  2. Kyle B Says:

    Lampson will win in a landside

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    This could be the seat pick up that makes Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives… gotta feel proud!

  4. Gene Berkman Says:

    Chris Moore made the point already, but you have to hand it to the Republicans - they backed a write-in candidate with a hyphenated last name that is unusual, and hard to spell.

    I lived in Texas, which uses voting machines that make a write-in vote particularly difficult. Here in California, we are using touch-screen voting machines that make write-ins easy. But having an easy to spell name is a real advantage.

  5. Joey Dauben Says:


    I really wish people would gather sooooome common sense. No Libertarian-on-the-ballot-as-a-Libertarian is ever going to win a U.S. House race.


    I don’t care how much money they can raise. Americans will not elect a third-party candidate to the House - exceptions include the socialists in Vermont.

    Good grief.

    Ya, it’s nice to see Smither getting REpublican consultants’ help, but ya gotta be realistic here. Focus on city council races, then crawl in the pipedream.

  6. Doug Craig Says:

    Even if Smithers does not win but does well how good will this be for the state of Texas LP.You have Ron Paul(ran for president as a Libertarian) on one side and Micheal Badnarik on the other side spending over 380,000.00$ dollars in his campaign.You will also get Rebuplicans voting for the first time for A Libertarian. How many people will start to look at the LP in a differnt view.
    Doug Craig

  7. NewFederalist Says:

    Joey Dauben- are you saying voters will never elect a “third” party congressional nominee? Do you mean this year or what? The Socialist Party and the Prohibition Party have both elected people to the House of Representatives (in addition to the mayor of Milwaukee and the governor of Florida within the last century). While I happen to agree with you that it is very unlikely any “third” party nominee will be elected to Congress (independent candidates in Connecticut and Vermont notwithstanding) I just think saying “never” is a bit too absolute.

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