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Michigan Natural Law Party Hangs On

From Ballot Access News:

The Natural Law Party was organized in the United States in 1992, and it ceased to exist as a national organization in 2004. All of its state units will be dropping off the ballot in November 2006, except for the Michigan unit. The Michigan branch of the party is the only one in the nation running any candidates. Because the Michigan procedures for parties to remain on the ballot are quite lenient, it is overwhelmingly likely that the Michigan Natural Law Party will still be ballot-qualified in 2008.

2 Responses to “Michigan Natural Law Party Hangs On”

  1. citizens for a better veterans home Says:


    Veterans home groups gets behind our campaign (BOISE, IDAHO) -
    “Both the Republicans and the Democrats cry for us on Veterans Day and forget us the rest of the year,” said Don Lake of Citizens for a Better Veterans Homes during an event Sunday (August 6th, Hiroshima Day) at Veterans Park in Boise, Idaho.

    The organization has endorsed United Party candidate Andy Hedden-Nicely in the Idaho First District Congressional race.

    “We have seen veterans’ homes deteriorate from the best in the world to some of the worst in the world. We are endorsing Independent candidates like Andy Hedden-Nicely, (and California teacher com Governor Eric “Moose” Mahoney, and former Oregon Independent Governatorial candidate Benjamin Westlund) because we want change,” Lake said.

    Citizens for a Better Veterans Homes was founded in California, May 1998 and has membership of aged and disabled Vets and their families. The organization can be reached at (or [email protected]).

    “Isn’t it ironic in this time of war, when more and more of our heroic young soldiers are being maimed in Iraq that we can’t take care of our heroes from past wars?” Hedden-Nicely said. “I can promise that I will address this outrage when I get to Congress next year.”

    Lake’s visit from Mexico is part of a trip from his home in San Diego, CA, to the Canadian border to bring attention to the plight of abused Vets.

    “We just want the Government to obey the laws and take care of our wounded Vets. It’s healthcare and housing that Vets need, not a bunch of empty talk.” Lake said.

    Andy Hedden-Nicely is running for Idahos First Congressional seat as a United Party candidate. Information can be found at

  2. Donald Raymond Lake Says:


    Two political groups join under United Party banner
    Campaign press release

    (MARCH 17, 2006) - At least three candidates will seek federal and state office from Idaho’s United Party this Nov. 7. The Party embraces a recent initiative launched by Boise businessman Andy Hedden-Nicely under the United Party banner and an earlier initiative in Idaho that formed the Natural Law Party.
    “Coming together with our friends in the Natural Law Party assures us legal access to the ballot in November,” Hedden-Nicely said. “We’re proud to pick up the mantle of the Natural Law Party first because we find ourselves in agreement on all major issues, and second because such a marriage of initiatives reflects our philosophy of bringing constituencies of like-minded people together to work in a positive way for change.”

    The Natural Law Party was founded in April 1992 by a group of a dozen educators, businessmen, and lawyers under the view that field-tested solutions to America’s problems already existed but were being ignored by government, due primarily to the pervasive influence of special interests. The Party quickly qualified for the ballot in 32 states, fielded 128 candidates, and became the first independent political movement in history to be granted “national party” status by the Federal Election Commission.
    While the Natural Law Party eventually disbanded at the national level, Idaho’s state organization has endured. Discussions between Hedden-Nicely and Ann Vegors, the Natural Law Party’s State Chair, led to a joining of efforts that will eventually go under the name of The United Party (, which was started by Hedden-Nicely in 2005.

    “We’re happy that our work on behalf of the Natural Law Party will be given a new life under Andy Hedden-Nicely’s leadership of the United Party,” said the Idaho Natural Law Party’s Ms Vegors. “We look forward to working together to find good candidates to fill the slate for this November’s general election.”
    Hedden-Nicely will stand as a United Party candidate for the First Congressional District seat being vacated by Republican Butch Otter. He is currently in discussions with potential candidates who may also want to appear on the United Party ticket in the general elections Nov. 7, 2006.

    Meanwhile, the United Party has continued to gather signatures of registered voters in Idaho’s First Congressional District in an independent petition drive. “We consider the petition drive as another form of mandate,” Hedden-Nicely said. “We’ve had many interesting discussions with voters in the First Congressional District, and we’re very encouraged at their response to the whole idea of an independent movement.”

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