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NYC Mayor Backs Lieberman; Eyes 2008 Run

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to back Senator Joe Lieberman’s independent re-election campaign. The story, from NewsMax, includes quite a bit of speculation on Bloomberg’s own plans for the 2008 Presidential election.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of Sen. Joe Lieberman’s re-election run as an independent is being seen as further confirmation that Bloomberg is contemplating a run for the White House as an independent in 2008.

Bloomberg expressed his support for Lieberman on Wednesday, the day after the Connecticut Democrat lost the primary to Ned Lamont, saying the country needs “nonpartisan elected officials who think doing the right thing for the public is more important than supporting some party.”

Republican Bloomberg also said he would campaign for Lieberman if asked.

“Political analysts said that if Mr. Bloomberg’s independent, nonpartisan style is going to fly, starting the movement now and including others would only work to his advantage,” the New York Sun reports.

As NewsMax’s Insider Report recently disclosed, a source close to the mayor predicted that Bloomberg would dispose of his multi-billion-dollar business holdings next year, give much of his fortune to charity and use some of the rest to fund a run for president as an independent.
And Bloomberg has been quoted as saying he “could easily put up half a billion” to fund a campaign for the White House.

If Bloomberg does decide to run for president, Lieberman’s campaign as an independent would bolster his credibility, according to Larry Sabato, a political science professor and director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

“Bloomberg would undoubtedly cite the Lieberman case as a recent example of how an independent can win, assuming that Lieberman actually wins, which is a big assumption right now,” Sabato said.

“If Bloomberg is looking for some justification and precedent, Lieberman could be the answer to his prayers.”

Bloomberg has expressed distaste for the two-party system. A lifelong Democrat, he ran for mayor as a Republican to avoid a tough primary. Since then he has distanced himself from other Republicans on several issues, including gun control and gay rights.
“I am not a partisan person, as you know,” he told reporters Wednesday.

“I think that political parties, the partisan process, has just hamstrung Washington. It’s paralyzed government at all different levels, not just at the federal level but throughout this country.

“We need people who stand up and call it the way they see it, and that’s what Lieberman does.”

5 Responses to “NYC Mayor Backs Lieberman; Eyes 2008 Run”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    This is a very interesting article, and congratulations to Austin for finding it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Bloomberg could actually win. I’m incredibly excited about the possibility of his running. I hope he does it correctly.

    As I’ve always said - a sane Perot could win.

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    I’d much rather see Jesse Ventura/Joe Lieberman.

    Bloomberg lacks the pizzaz, and if you add Joe on there, it’s total snoozeville.

    But a snazzy Ventura type, added to a moderate mature statesmanlike Lieberman would be the perfect match.

    That’s why the Libertarian Party needs to balance off Doug Stanhope for President with a more responsible elected official-type Libertarian for VP.

    Latest: A guy named Cline, Libertarian City Councilman in Texas, has expressed an interest in the VP slot for 2008.

  4. Robert Stark Says:

    Joe Lieberman seems the most likeky VP choice if Bloomberg ran. would he take more votes from dems or reps or equally? I personally would rather see Lou Dobbs run as an independent.

  5. RJ Says:

    He has the most important item required for independent candidacy: money.

    Plus, I think a Republican on financial issues and a Democrat on social issues is a good combination.

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