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Libertarians Polling Strong in Michigan?

The following SurveyUSA poll seems a bit odd to me, or maybe just surprising since I’ve not heard all that much about the campaign. Still, I think I’ll remain suspicious until I see confirmation from another source.

For U.S. Senate:

Stabenow (Democrat) - 48% (incumbent)
Bouchard (Republican) - 41%
Schwartz (Libertarian) - 8%

The link.

Background: In a hypothetical election today, 8/8/06, for US Senator from Michigan, Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow defeats possible Republican opponent Mike Bouchard, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WDIV-TV Detroit and WZZM-TV Grand Rapids. Stabenow gets 48% today, Bouchard gets 41%. Libertarian Leonard Schwartz gets 8%. 3% are undecided. Bouchard leads among males by 10 points; Stabenow leads among females by 23 points, a 33-point Gender Gap. Bouchard’s support is strongest in the Grand Rapids area; Stabenow leads in all other regions of the state. Moderates support Stabenow by 22 points. Schwartz gets 16% of Independents. The election is in 13 weeks, on 11/7/2006.

Additionally, the poll shows Republican Dick DeVos ousting incumbent Jennifer Granholm in the gubernatorial race… with support for Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Greg Creswell at 6%.

50% - DeVos®
42% - Granholm (D)
6% - Creswell (L)

4 Responses to “Libertarians Polling Strong in Michigan?”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is probably a result of all the work elected libertarian State Legislator Leon Drolet of Macomb County has done the last few years. Drolet gets a great deal of press, and is always identified in the media as a “libertarian.”

    When you have such a prominent elected libertarian in the state, you’re bound to get a great deal of credibility as a result.

    I know Leonard Schwartz. A bit geeky, but a super nice guy. I wish him the best!

  2. undercover_anarchist Says:

    The race-bater Schwartz is the #1 reason I’m not affiliated with my state’s LP. His entire campaign is based on “the white man is oppressed.” I will vote for Stabenow, who ranks highly on the Freedom Democrats scale, and is twice the Libertarian as the CP racist in disguise, Schwartz.

  3. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Oh, and BTW-the poll is guaranteed BS. There’s no way that it’s accurate, I will stake my life on it.

    Speaking of Drolet, he is also a faux-Libertarian. He supported the fascist Nazi Tim Walberg in his primary to oust incumbent Joe Schwarz, a moderate and sensible Republican. Waberg’s campaign was based on Ovarian Marxism and Rectal Censorship. He is not for “small government,” he is for 1984.

  4. Lex Says:

    Why be surprised or suspicious, for Pete’s sake? Most surveys don’t even include the Libertarian candidate, until everyone believes he or she isn’t a factor.

    Michael Badnarik polled as high as 5% in some states, until the election neared and people gave up hope. He polled as high as 8% in surveys asking who people really wanted to win, as did Judge Jim Gray in California. There are a lot of libertarians out there—they just don’t generally vote that way, because they fear one of the D or R candidates too much.

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