Greens to Lose PA Ballot Spot?

Politics1 reports the following….

After a review of candidacy petitions filed on behalf of Green Party US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli and gubernatorial candidate Marakay Rogers, Dems plan to file a lawsuit bouncing them off the ballot. State Democratic Chair T.J. Rooney said a detailed review of the petitions—a signature drive admittedly financed almost entirely by GOP supporters of embattled US Senator Rick Santorum—showed 69,622 of the 94,544 signatures are likely invalid. “Phony names, fake signatures and a tremendous amount of illegal and deceptive practices were uncovered during our thorough and aggressive analysis,” said Rooney. The Dems mocked the submitted petitions for being so sloppy as to contain signatures purporting to be for Jesus Christ, John Kerry, Lee H. Oswald, Terri Schiavo and Mickey Mouse. Romanelli countered the move is a heavy-handed, undemocratic effort to block him from running. Various sources involved in Keystone State politics told Politics1 they are confident the Democratic legal challenge will succeed in disqualifying the statewide Green nominees.

3 Responses to “Greens to Lose PA Ballot Spot?”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    Any news article about the Green Party in Pennsylvania is deficient if it doesn’t mention that the 3rd circuit will rule any day now on whether the Green Party even needed signatures in Pennsylvania this year. The Green, Libertarian and Constitution Parties all polled enough votes in November 2004 in Pennsylvania to meet the state’s definition of “party”.

  2. Gary Odom Says:

    We can hope!

  3. Sean Scallon Says:

    The Greens should beware of Republicans bearing gifts. Ultimately this hurt their long-term credibility among voters. They should not have been so gullible.

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