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Lieberman to Keep Going After Narrow Loss

Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary by about 3%, but in his concession speech referred to the campaign as only half over… saying that he planned to charge ahead to victory in November.

Clearly a signal that he is planning to move forward with an independent campaign to retain his Senate seat.

Speech is still being delivered, airing on C-SPAN.

25 Responses to “Lieberman to Keep Going After Narrow Loss”

  1. Mike Grimes Says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The party which he has associated himself for the last 18 years has rejected him, and this hack wants to now pretend he’s an independent? Should have thought of that before you ran with a party that doesn’t want you.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Hey, look at it this way. Just one more proof that the Democrats and the GOP are just ‘name brands’ like Jimmy and GMC, like Budweiser and Bud, like GE and Hotpoint.

  3. rj Says:

    My previous post on this site:

    “If there’s ever a case for why there needs to be a party between Democrats and Republicans, this is it. There is no party for the Gang of 14 to belong to without being greatly criticized as marginalizing their own party come primary time. And in the primaries, the only people that vote are far-left and far-right. So a moderate gets screwed.

    If Lieberman runs in November, I’ll write him a small check and ask him to remain outside the Democratic caucus after elected.

  4. usa2008 Says:

    Lieberman is doing the right thing running as an Independent. If you don’t think your primary opponant will do a good job in the senate then you should not support him the general election.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Now we just have to convince Chafee, Snowe, Collins, Specter, and all the other moderates to go indy.

  6. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I’m no fan of war-mongering, pro-censorship, Bush-lovng Zionists. Of course, Ned Lamont is a nouve riche douche bag white guilt socialist. I’m no fan of him either.

    I think Lieberman has every right to do what he’s done - i.e. fight in the primary, then go on as an independent. I’m glad he’s doing it. I hope Lamont wins, but I hate political parties, and I admire Lieberman for standing up to that historically racist cabal of stupidity, aka the Democratic Party.

  7. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Evidently, Conneticut does not have a “Sore Loserman Law.”

    By the way, yesterday was a great day for the Peace Movement!

  8. Donald R. Lake Says:

    I, and most of the more active members of Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, go around looking for Minor Party types, Micro Party types, and true Independents (like Los Angeles teacher and California Govenator wannebe Eric “Moose” Mahoney) to support.
    Gulf War Joe? Pass!

  9. rj Says:

    ^ Is Mahoney going to win office in Nov?

  10. Eric Dondero Says:

    Joe Lieberman decided to go Independent before the Primary. It was just difficult for him to withdraw himself from the Democrat Primary process.

    This is an enormous victory for the 3rd Party movement. Lieberman will give huge legitamacy to all 3rd Party candidacies with his run.

    Also, there’s already rumors spreading of a Jess Ventura/Joe Lieberman Independent ticket for 2008.

  11. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    (A) ‘Moose’ Mahoney will probably run as a write in, bunches of signatures not with standing, in November.

    (B) Gulf War Joe will not help the Non Democratic/ Non GOP cause! He is part of the reason for Gore’s short falling(s) in 2000! He is a TINO: Thirdparty In Name Only!

    A pox on his silly, tired, pro-establishment, go-along, immoral old ass!

  12. Jim 101 Says:

    This was a real “throw the bums out” vote if I ever saw one, and Joe Lieberman is not even one of the bums! He is the last of a dying breed of statesman, who you can disagree with, but with a civility to rarely seen in todays political circles.

    I wonder whats going to happen to the real bums in Congress when election day rolls around!

  13. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Jesse Ventura is a very good man. My suggestion is that he immediately declare as a candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination of the Green Party of the United States. That is where the action is going to be!

    Senator Lieberman has no base of support to speak of. If he becomes a candidate for national office in 2008, the whole peace movement will be against him.

  14. undercover_anarchist Says:

    As a former Green, I can assure you that the party is too arrogant, too stupid, and far too crunchy to nominate Jesse. The move to the totalitarian left by the Greens is even more troubling than the LP’s move to the statist right.

  15. [email protected] Says:

    Hope you are on to something Brother Phil, it is sure some thing I would propose to Citizens For A Better Veterans Home.

    Hilary Rodam Clinton as the anti occupation candidate——give me a break, around the third and fourth vertibate.

    Also, can we agree that Gulf War Joe is an ‘Independent’ we can stay away from?

    Tish and I will be in the Roseville (former CALVETS employee Ivann Green) and Sacramento area next week. We will try to see you, but fatique and health will be a factor. Poor Tish has done way over half of the driving with ‘Little Red Gorbichof’ as I cannot not be trusted not to doze off after a couple of hours.

    We were in Central Oregon when the (Maverick Independent) Ben Wustlund with drawl came out over the radio. Another good guy bites the dust. Andrew Hedden-Nicely (Natural Law Party shell game) has been very happy with our work in Idaho, and we will probably make a U-Turn before headed south again.

    We stayed around for a couple of hours at John Coffey’s place in Barstow California, but he never appeared and has not answered email or voice mail since.

  16. Mike Grimes Says:

    Joe Lieberman does nothing for the third party movement. If he wins he will become a Republican. If he loses they will say third parties gave it there best shot and couldn’t get it done. You don’t live your entire life as a fan of the two party system and then overnight become an independent.

    Also I have no respect for any candidate that runs in two different parties in one election cycle. With the exception of someone who starts off as an independent and finds a party they can fit in. You don’t run in the wrong party ever.

    Joe Lieberman doesn’t know what party he belongs to, and Joe Lieberman is as wrong as it gets on the issues. If this shmuck gets over 5% of the vote it will be an embarrassment to those of us who actually vote third party because we’re not satisfied with the BS we see now.

  17. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Any political party is only as good as the collective whole of the people who make it up. The Green Party of the United States is fast growing and is riding the wave of the future. Jesse Ventura is a very intelligent man and I am sure that he would consider giving the Party all appropriate thought. Furthermore, Mr. Ventura (like Michael Bloomberg and other potential independent candidates) needs a base of support. It is much better to go with a “third party” than the independent route.

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  19. Mike Grimes Says:

    Running in the Green Party is political suicide for any third party candidate who is otherwise capable of winning. Also as we saw with Ross Perot a great candidate creates a third party movement out of nowhere. While the Reform party has run it’s course Jesse needs the support of those that supported Ross Perot, not those that supported Nader.

  20. Eric Dondero Says:

    Undercover Anarchist says that the “LP has moved to the Statist Right.”

    What?! Are you kidding? The LP is full of Anti-War America-hating Islamo-Fascist appeasing Pacifists. It’s anything BUT Right-wing.

    That’s precisely why so many of us Pro-Defense Libertarians have left the Party for greener pastures in the GOP. We’re sick and tired of cowering to the Islamo-Fascists who want to cover our women in ugly Black Burkas from head to toe, force us all to kneel to Allah, who beat up our Gay and Lesbian friends, stone Prostitutes, and work to outlaw Marijuana, Gambling, and all Sexually suggestive Movies.

    If you’re a Socially Tolerant individual you will OPPOSE ISLAMO-FASCISM!!

  21. Mike Grimes Says:

    I see your one of these lesser of many evils guy Eric. While I guess I can see your perspective but my god that is redicules.

    “We’re sick and tired of cowering to the Islamo-Fascists who want to cover our women in ugly Black Burkas from head to toe, force us all to kneel to Allah, who beat up our Gay and Lesbian friends, stone Prostitutes, and work to outlaw Marijuana, Gambling, and all Sexually suggestive Movies.”

    So I joined the Republicans.

  22. AmaniS Says:

    Libermann will not become a Republican. Give the guy a break. He tried to run under a party he has been with for years. He did not change the party did. They left him. Now he will run and win by changing his label nothing more.

  23. Jim 101 Says:

    Ned Lamont makes his acceptance speech, and who is on stage with him? None other than the two racial hucksters, Jesse Jackson and the “good’ Reverend Al Sharpton!

    Good move Ned! Joe Lieberman wins in a landslide as an Independent!

    And I agree AmaniS, the Democratic party has change so much it is now unrecognizable since Joe Lieberman entered politics…

  24. Eric Dondero Says:

    And the latest poll shows Lieberman with a solid 6 point lead for the General. And favorable ratings across the spectrum as positive.

    I agree, Lieberman wins hands down in November.

  25. RJ Says:

    And I agree AmaniS, the Democratic party has change so much it is now unrecognizable since Joe Lieberman entered politics…

    I agree, they’ve pretty much become the Green Party (at least on the war anyway).

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