Russo Film Has Respectable Debut

Aaron Russo’s film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” debuted in very limited release (10 theaters nationwide) and took in a little more than $60,000 at the box office from Friday-Sunday.

Not a bad start for a political documentary playing in only a few venues. The real test will be next week to see if the numbers hold up enough to warrant serious expansion.

Critically the film is not fairing as well, earning only 3 positive reviews out of the 14 currently available on Rotten Tomatoes.

Has anyone seen the film yet? Care to offer a review of your own?

8 Responses to “Russo Film Has Respectable Debut”

  1. Chris Campbell Says:

    I’ve asked some folks to try to get this in theaters in my state, no luck yet.

  2. Rolf Lindgren Says:

    It took in over $6000 per theatre, 5th best last week among films at 10 or more theatres.

    Please see:

  3. Gary Odom Says:

    I saw a pre-screenimg. It was very powerful and compelling. Everyone should see this and if you’ve seen it privately PLEASE support the theatres who are running it. Seeing it twice won’t hurt anyone!

  4. Hammer of Truth » “Freedom to Fascism” Pulled From Dallas Theater Says:

    [...] Over at Third Party Watch, Cassidy tells us that even with such a limited opening, it’s playing to decent sized crowds but getting overwhelming bad reviews (11/14 reviews are splats according to Rotten Tomatoes). [...]

  5. Gary Odom Says:

    Who is doing the reviewing? I will admit that the chase scenes were weak, the character development is thin, and I’m sure it was disappointing for erotic content. In all seriousness, what are reviewers expecting? I thought it was superior to Farenheit 911. It just doesn’t have the same ready made base (Bush hating Democrats) Unfortunately, a lot of people are still not familiar with these issues and, to paraphrase “Ghostbusters” many are not yet “ready to believe!”

  6. Liberty For ALL! Says:

    Daily Herald and TV Guide both gave America: Freedom To Fascism 3 of 4 stars, and the Chicago Reader Recommended the movie!



    Many more reviews on the Official Movie Blog…

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