Wisconsin CP Likely to Lose Ballot Status

Unfortunate news on the ballot status of the Wisconsin Constitution Party from Ballot Access News...

The Constitution Party is a ballot-qualified party in Wisconsin, so it nominates by primary. Parties remain on the ballot by polling 1% for any statewide race.

The only two individuals running for statewide office in the Constitution Party both failed to get enough signatures to be on their own party’s primary ballot. Therefore, unless either of them can get 2,000 write-ins in their own party’s primary in September, neither will be on the November ballot. Chances are high that the party will then go off the ballot, since it won’t have polled 1% for any statewide office.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Constitution Party really seems to be crumbling. I wonder the impact this will have on Jim Gilchrist’s plans for 2008. He seemed to be the likely candidate. I wonder if he’ll pass on the race, run as an independent, or seek to form a new organization.

  2. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Well he will be welcome in Nevada. We will have ballot position in 2008 AD without even trying. We have 45 candidates. We have 7 Statewide candidates and all three congressional seats covered. All we need is 1% of the total cast in the largest state wide election. We WILL get that with several of our local candidates. Some of our local candidates in Las Vegas should get around 90,000 votes.

    That would be about 30% of the total votes cast statewide.

    We should get that in at least two races.

    We are hoping to get 5% in a couple of the Statewide races but that is VERY difficult becasue of the None of the above catagory on our ballot which takes away a lot of protest votes.

    Too bad about Wisconsin though. Maybe they can still pull it together.

  3. Chris Campbell Says:

    Let’s hope so, this would be a sad loss for the CP. Many of the delagates I met were good folks and hate to see them lose what is so hard to get.

  4. Sean Scallon Says:

    It takes good organization and motivation to collect signatures. In neighboring Minnesota, the CP candidate for U.S. Senate Ben Powers has a good organization on the ground to collect signatures for him to get on the ballot but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Wisconsin and I too wonder how much the recent party in-fighting and calls for disaffiliation have sapped ordinary party members’ strength

  5. Chris Campbell Says:

    That apparently was the plan of the anti-Nevada group.

    A shame, but…..

  6. Gary Odom Says:

    The Constitution Party is not crumbling….

    It does take organization and effort to build and maintain state parties and to get the necessary signatures to get these parties and their candidates on the ballot…

    Endless debating about “religious doctrine” will not achieve these results…

    Hard work and dedication will …

    The trouble-makers have had their way by making noise for the last couple of months, but look for a re-energized national Constitution Party to emerge over the months to come.

  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    I hope you are right Gary because if not it will 15 years of a lot of hard work down the drain and a huge vacumn in the conservative wing of non-major party office building. I mean, who else is out there right now that has the CP overall organization nationwide? Certainly not the America First Party, the America Party or any others you can find registered at Politics1. It’s sad to see nothing comparable to the Greens in the conservative spectrum because it is sorely needed considering the GOP’s turn towards right-wing social democracy.

    I once worked with a few people with AFP from Wisconsin. When I suggested to them they should merge with the CP after AFP’s implosion in 2003, one of their members told me “Never! Because they have baggage and I don’t want any part of it anymore.” I couldn’t understand that at the time but now I do unfortunately.

  8. Gary Odom Says:

    Stay tuned.

  9. Chris Campbell Says:

    AFP does not want baggage, yet they are going nowhere and have achieved little.

  10. Sean Scallon Says:

    I agree Chris that unless something dramatic happens the AFP won’t amount to much.

    I’ve posted a message to the CP dissidents on my blog www.beatingthepowersthatbe.blogspot.com which you can link to right here at Third Party Watch in case anyone’s interested.

  11. RCAIP Says:

    -hey Chris (Hansen),

    Teno still wants to talk to you in the Maryland blog.

  12. Gary Odom Says:

    By the way, I suspect the “baggage” the AFP peple were refering to have made like Elvis and have “left the building!”

  13. Chris Fluharty Says:

    It is not that it is crumbling it is just because folks like Mr. Hansen have decided to allow exceptions in abortion and thus promote baby killing. If National will just do what is right rather than what is helpful this mess would be over.

    Gilchrist will never be the CP candidate because he supports exceptions in abortion and his views are also far from the CP platform.

    Many states including Missouri has left the National committee. I disagree with this because if we can’t solve these kind of problems we have no right trying to solve America’s problems. the CP will recover and become viable.

  14. RCAIP Says:

    Too bad someone like you will never get elected then.
    The CP will grow and simply start new parties in the states that lost affiliates.

    Thank the Theocratic morons like Chris F., not Mr. Hansen for leaving the Party.

  15. Chris Fluharty Says:

    Bad news RCAIP either you cannot read or you are ignorant. I said I did not agree with the leadership leaving. Three people removed the Missouri CP. I still consider myself in the CP. You also show your ignorance in the claim I am Theocratic. Do you even know the platform. In a Republican form of government Theocracy won’t work. We want to return America back to a constitutional republic. As for Mr. Hansen the Bill of Right has not changed. It still says “No person shall be denied LIFE, liberty , or property w/o due process of law. So exception deny them their constitutional right. It has nothing to do with religion people so get over yourselves already so we can press on.

  16. RCAIP Says:


    then read all the postings here:


    and this:


    I used to be against exceptions untill I realized the abortion issue with Nevada was only the tip of the iceberg.

    The people that wanted the Nevada Party out are outright anti-LDS to the core. What next after us- kick out Jews because they violate the Foriegn Policy Plank due to their belief in Zionism and supporting Israel? Or even Catholics because they also violate the Foreign Policy Plank of the national Platform due to their worship the Pope (a Foreign Power). And the Religious Freedom plank because they would turn America into a Roman dictatorship when they dominate the government?

    Actually I’m glad your people left. Now you’re not going to get anywhere in the Party if you want to turn it into a Church.

    Bad News Chris, I’m not stupid.

    Even worse news, we’re reorganized in the states that left and have new leaders there that don’t go off the deep end!

    “Constitutional Republic” Ha! Be Honest, you want Government the way Christian Reconstructionist wants it- The Biblically Christian verson of a Middle-eastern nation.

    More Bad News to come- I’m already building up the Party:D

  17. Chris Fluharty Says:

    Bad news RCAIP I did not leave the party and am a leader in the rebuilding of the party here in Missouri. Just because I do not want to waver on my 100% pro life beliefs does not mean I am someone who want to turn it inot a church. You do not know me and if you did you’d realizwe just how ignorant you sound. This party is about the foundation of biblical principles. If you do not like that find a new party. Either follow all the platform or get out plain and simple. We must show a united front or we will never be taken seriously.

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