MN Independence Party Polling at 8%

SurveyUSA has released a pair of polls on the Minnesota gubernatorial and Senatorial races. They included the Independence Party candidate in each poll and the results follow…

Pawlenty (Rep) - 50%
Hatch (Dem) - 36%
Hutchinson (Ind) - 8%
Undecided - 6%

Klobuchar (Dem) - 47%
Kennedy (Rep) - 42%
Fitzgerald (Ind) - 8%
Undecided - 4%

7 Responses to “MN Independence Party Polling at 8%”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    To me, with the low name recognition of each of these candidates, this shows that the IP has a base of loyal voters out there. While 8% doesn’t compare to the Dem and GOP numbers, it’s solid for a third party - given that most third party candidates don’t hit 8% in November.

    I actually think that Hutchinson is the best positioned of any of the indy candidated for governor to win. Penny would probably have won in 2002, if not for the Wellstone funeral fiasco and Ventura-fatigue.

  2. Chris Campbell Says:

    Powers Attains Ballot Access for November 7th General Election

    26 July 2006 - AUSTIN MN - Ben Powers has been certified by the Secretary of State as a candidate for the US Senate. In a letter dated 25 July, Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer confirmed that the Powers Pitcrew had gathered the requisite 2000 signatures.

    “We are pleased to receive this confirmation from the Secretary of State’s office. The Constitution Party of Minnesota can be counted on to support its endorsed candidates. We couldn’t have made this hurdle without the help of dedicated volunteers state-wide,” stated Powers.

    Mr. Powers turned in over 2500 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office on 18 July. This feat was attained without any help from the national Constitution Party or paid petition gatherers. “The Constitution Party of Minnesota continues to grow steadily without compromising its principles. Minnesotans are looking for real leadership, and the end of politics over principle,” said John Robillard, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Minnesota.

    Mr. Powers will be one of five candidates for the US Senate on the November 7th ballot. Along with Green Michael Cavlan, Mr. Powers will face the winners in the September 12th DFL, Independence, and Republican Party primaries. “All Minnesotans that want real change in government are welcome to join in this campaign for the US Senate,” Powers said.

  3. Ken Says:

    What about Sue Jeffers for Governor. She’s running in the primary against Pawlenty (GOP).

  4. Mike Grimes Says:

    Jeffers is giving it her best, but shes a complete non factor. You don’t make it in politics when the decision on what party you’ll run with is made in front of the public. She’ll be lucky to crack 15% in the primary.

    It should be noted a candidate will be running for Governor under the lable don’t raise my taxes. I’m convinced he’s a Democrat but that won’t stop him from getting 2 or 3% in November.

  5. Mike Grimes Says:

    The Independence Party also has two candidates who are probably at or above the 8% level running for Minnesota’s two open seats in congress in Tammy Lee and John Binkowski.

  6. Gene Berkman Says:

    The Independence Party in Minnesota is a mixed bag, but at least the LP will be spared the embarrassment of having Sue Jeffers on their ticket.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Tammy Lee has an excellent chance of actually winning, and will probably come in second. From what I understand, the GOP hasn’t fielded a top-tier candidate in this (very) Democratic district.

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