Unity ‘08 Inspires Candidate Label

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Unity08 is not yet a political party, and it may never become one. However, already it has inspired an independent candidate for Congress this year to use “Unity” as his ballot label. Harry Welty is on the ballot in Minnesota’s 8th congressional district this year as an independent candidate, and is ballot label is “Unity”. He says he was inspired by Unity08 to choose that label. Welty is the only opponent of the Democratic and Republican nominees in the 8th district race. He also ran as an independent for the same office in 1992 and polled over 22,000 votes, placing 3rd out of 4 candidates.

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  1. Mike Indiana Says:

    I wish Harry Welty the best of luck
    and with any luck his campaign can generate more interest and publicity for the Unity08 campaign and website

  2. Harry Welty Says:

    This post is one of the things that gives me hope that I can get more traction than I did in 1992 when I had no resources to conduct a third party campaign for Congress. That and the fact I don’t have to worry about losing votes to another third party candidate, Oh yes, and the fact that the public’s faith in Congress is at its lowest ebb since the Depression.

    I’m Harry Welty. I’ve been in the news a lot in our sprawling district’s most populous City, Duluth, as a two-term School Board member. That’s yet another luxury I did not enjoy 14 years ago - some standing in the community.

    I didn’t realize that my campaign had been written up yet in the Ballot Access Newsletter. I only heard about your mention of my campaing because I signed up for “Google Alerts.” I could never before have afforded a clipping service. This one is free and international at that.

    If anyone wants to learn more about my campaign they can visit my campaign website or my blog: www.lincolndemocrat.com

    I’d love to put a dent in the major parties by undoing the power of “seniority” in Congress and the voting public’s desire to keep dottering old warhorses in Congress long past their passion for the job. In the 1940’s they used to call it the “Senility system” and my Mother told me about the US Senator from Kansas who could regularly be seen peeing in public on the state capitol grounds when he was back home in Topeka.

    With our ten trillion deficit and a incompetenly run war handed to us courtesy of President Pandora it looks like the senility system is still alive and unwell.

    All the best, Harry Welty
    Unity Party Candidate
    Minnesota - 8th Congressional District

  3. lincolndemocrat.com » Blog Archive » The Internet rescues me from Dog days of August Says:

    [...] Not any more. The promise of the Internet that I’ve been counting on kicked in a little. My campaign got two mentions here and here. Thre will be more, many more. [...]

  4. Chris Correia Says:

    Thanks for the note and well wishes, folks. I’m Harry’s campaign manager. If anyone has any comments, thoughts, ideas, opinions, advice, recommendations, strategy suggestions, or just some good jokes, please feel free to email them to us. I’m particularly interested in ways of using the internet and online communications/forums (broadly speaking).

  5. Mike Grimes Says:

    Hey Harry just what was the reason for running as a pure independent under the lable Unity, rather then running with the established Independence Party.

    John Binkowski and Tammy Lee along with Robert Fitzgerald really create an oppurtunity for change in Washington.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    As one of the netizens who has been doing a lot here and there online to raise awareness of the Unity Movement I’d just like to say that I couldn’t be happier with the first Unity Party Candidate in the country. If someone had been planning a perfect first candidate I think they’d have a harder time coming up with one.

    Also, on the subject of “things the net makes possible” I just wanted to let people know that I added a page about Mr. Welty to the Unity Wiki. It’s available for viewing and editing at: http://unitysupporters.com/wiki/index.php?title=Harry_Welty

    Give ‘Em Hell Harry :-)


  7. Harry Welty Says:

    Darn it, I just spent thirty minutes explaining the answer to Mike G’s excellent question and punched some keyboard button and lost it all because of something Yahoo has embedded in my system. At least that’s who I think is to blame.

    In short Mike, I just spaced it. There are just a few IP party people in our vast Congressional district. I’ve just emailed one who lives in Brainerd. I live in Duluth. This is a huge District and the IP is very thinly spread.

    I will be asking them for their endorsement.

    This is probably a much better answer. Incomplete but short and sweet.

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