Reform Party Candidate Enters Florida Fray

This could become really interesting, depending on how much of his personal fortune he’s willing to pour into the race.

From the St. Petersburg Times...

Max Linn, a Pinellas County political activist best known for his advocacy of eight-year term limits, will run for governor of Florida in November as a Reform Party candidate.

Linn filed qualifying papers Thursday and announced he has hired two strategists: Doug Friedline, who worked on Jesse Ventura’s victory as Minnesota governor, and Russell Verney, who managed Ross Perot’s Reform Party presidential bids in 1992 and 1996.

Linn said his travels around the state have revealed “deep frustration with the mainstream political parties.” As president of Florida Citizens for Term Limits, Linn opposed a legislative effort in 2005 to ask voters to extend term limits from eight to 12 years. Lawmakers reversed themselves and voted in May to strike the proposal from the 2006 ballot.

Linn lists a net worth of $15.9-million, far more than any of the four major candidates running as Republicans or Democrats. His holdings include real estate worth $3-million in Treasure Island and $750,000 in Dunnellon, and a Cessna airplane valued at $361,000.

Linn is the fourth minor-party candidate for governor to quality. The others, all carrying no party affiliation, are Karl C.C. Behm, Richard Paul Dembinsky of Port Orange and John Wayne Smith of Plantation.

The qualifying fee for a gubernatorial candidate is $7,744.

7 Responses to “Reform Party Candidate Enters Florida Fray”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    This sounds good. I was involved in the first ever Jack Gargan/Reform Rally in Tampa in the early 1990s.

    It’s a shame though, that the Reform Party has taken a dive nationwide. Libertarian-minded voters truly need a mainstream libertarian alternative 3rd Party to the hapless Libertarian Party.

    Jesse Ventura for President in 2008!!

  2. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    Besides the story trying to over charge me by $0.40, I’d have to say the idea is very much right on the mark. Florida is ripe for a major change. The only hold back is the voter. I noticed some voters tend to let the government run on autopilot after the election. This trend also lets the elected forget their words spoken or written to the public.

    Maybe there should be a reality show for the new Governor? This might cut the need for long boring speeches and free up appointment times. Work on the fly and in your face action, now that might be fun… [after thought] I don’t think I’ll ask FOX to edit.

  3. Darcy G Richardson Says:

    This is a terrific story. As someone who has been highly critical of Third Party Watch in the recent past, I would like to commend Austin for the excellent coverage he’s provided in the past month or so on the third-party and independent candidates competing in this year’s mid-term elections. The dynamic, amusing, almost Hunter Thompson-esque on-the-scene coverage of the Libertarian convention in Portland last month, courtesy of Joe Magyer, was truly outstanding. It would be really neat if Austin could provide the same kind of coverage of all of the significant third-party national conventions in 2008. That would really be a unique and splendid service to the hundreds of thousands of voters in the United States who are looking beyond the two old parties for solutions to the myriad of problems plaguing this country.

    In any case, it will be interesting to see if Doug Friedline—- a real blast from the past—- can breath new life into the dormant Reform Party, not only here in Forida, but across the nation.

    Good work, Austin!

  4. Richard Paul Dembinsky Says:

    Best Wishes to all the residents of Florida, so far so good, no storms this season… we may actually have an enjoyable Florida Election.
    Visit when you have time. Dr. Joe Smith will be my running mate in November and we both are determined to give the D and R a run on the important issues. We wish all the independent (NPA) candidates the best election ever!

  5. Bill Garner Says:

    Interesting that the Florida Reform Party has borrowed from the failed 2004 train wreck, in 2004 the Reform Party pimped its ballot line to a Republican, Buchanan, now we have the millionaire head of a Republican organization renting the Reform Party ballot line in Florida. I bet the Reform Party HQ in Florida has a red light on its porch.

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Actually the Reform Party of Florida put Ralph Nader on the ballot in 2004. Their nominee in 2000 was Pat Buchanan, but that was because the national party (or what was left of it) nominated him.

  7. Tony Hernandez Says:

    Max Linn is fiscally conservative/ socially moderate and a small - L
    libertarian. He is getting lots of interest from Democrats and Republicans fed up with the main party power brokers. We have pleadges of support in the legislature by such candidates of the D’s and R’s if they are elected despite their party machines.

    Max sees the fundemental problem as the permanent structures of the D’s and R’s who are sclerotic, frozen in time and serving only themselves.

    Hence the Term Limits fight. It is his core and it resounds to his advantage in every issue he will approach. The Homeowner’s insurance crisis was brought about by D’s and R’s and they are unwilling to shed the special interest money of lobbyist for the industry. Education is another do nothing act of the Flroida Govt.

    Max has no such baggage.

    Failure of Insurance can kill the Florida economy ie building, Finance, furnishings, in short the American dream of home onwership.

    If you are local to St Petersburg, come meet him this Sunday August 6th
    at noon to 3 pm at 6133 West Central Ave St Petersburg FL 33710

    Music Food Beverages and Speeches and a beach party to follow. or

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