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Wisconsin Greens Field Slate of Candidates


A longtime state employee and former Dane County supervisor will run as a Green Party candidate for governor.

Nelson Eisman, 61, said he will enter the race tonight to help restore citizen control of state government.

“Like a lot of people, I feel state government has deteriorated over the years,” he said in an interview. “Participation in politics has declined, and state government has become a much more partisan endeavor.”

A 30-year state employee who now helps run the BadgerNet system for the Department of Administration, Eisman said the state’s tradition of a government run by independent civil servants has been weakened.

“People are very suspicious about how state employees are hired,” even though the civil service process is supposed to be free of political influence, he said.

Eisman also said he would seek to rein in the governor’s powers, which have expanded significantly over the past three decades. He would allow citizen advisory panels to help select Cabinet secretaries.

Eisman also vowed not to use either the partial veto or the line-item veto to rewrite spending bills. Governors in both parties have used the power to alter the intent of budget bills passed by lawmakers.

“The partial veto is disgusting,” Eisman said. “It prevents the will of the people as expressed by the Legislature.”

Eisman also promised to restore the Wisconsin Idea, the partnership between state government and the University of Wisconsin.

But he said it was “wrong for a governor and a gubernatorial candidate to comment on the views of a professor,” a reference to both Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s and Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green’s comments on the hiring of a UW-Madison lecturer. The lecturer, Kevin Barrett, has come under fire for his contention that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government.

Eisman served on the Dane County Board from 1992 until 1995, where he was a member of the Airport Commission, the Public Works Committee, and the Dane County Regional Planning Commission.

The Green Party will also field candidates for the U.S. Senate and for all statewide offices except attorney general.

The candidates include: Rae Vogeler, U.S. Senate; Leon Todd, lieutenant governor; Mike LaForest, secretary of state; Winston Sephus Jr., state treasurer; Bob Levis, Congress, 5th District; Mike Miles, Congress, 7th District; Jill Bussiere, Wisconsin Senate, District 1; Claude Vanderveen, Wisconsin Senate, state Senate District 7.

8 Responses to “Wisconsin Greens Field Slate of Candidates”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Could former Patriot Party founder, reformer (including UWSA California founder in 1992), Peace and Freedom (Socialist/Feminist) activist Philip Sawyer of Sacremento County, Collie Fornia be correct? With all of it’s problems and short falls, could (Kermit and) the Green Movement be the most viable 21st Century American response to the Republicrats and the Democans of the Establishment Party?

  2. Frank Says:


  3. Will Says:

    Could Will, the frequent poster on this forum, the Will of the man, the illest, chillest, totally quillest Will be correct? Could Citizens for a Better Veterans Home /slash/ Don Lake /slash/ Philip Sawyer /slash/ whatever be totally insane and delusionally self-involved? You bet it. You heard it hear first. Let no Donip Laker or Philipon Sawke deny it!

  4. Jason Says:

    I would think the answer would be a resounding No…

    Greens wouldn’t make good elected leaders. They would be better served as a part of a interest group and lobbying. I would rather have someone from the American View as an elected official (as I would rather drink gasoline and play with matches) than a Green Pary official.

  5. Phil Sawyer Says:

    What is the “American View”? Is it a splinter from the America First Party?

    If my friend and comrade, Don Lake, and I are “totally insane,” here is hoping that the disease spreads rapidly. By the time that the Bush-Cheney Administration gets through driving our country and our constitution into the ground, we are going to be in very dire straits,

    It is not important that all of us third party people agree on everything. What is crucial, though, is that we all get as many new people to register to vote every day that we can - no matter what party (or no party)!

    You may write us off as “Chicken Little” people, if you wish. What, though, if Chicken Little is correct?

    Member: Citizens For A Better Veterans Home; former member of Vietnam Veterans Against The War.

  6. VermontProg Says:

    Unrelated question - does anybody have a color photo of Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jim Burns?

  7. VermontProg Says:

    Oops, used the wrong e-mail adress. I meant the one attached to this post.

  8. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    There are Indies and minor and micro party activists that make Democans and Republicrats look briliant!

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