And Now The Missouri Constitution Party

Word on the street is that the Missouri Constitution Party has joined New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Montana state parties and is now disaffiliating from the national Constitution Party organization.

The following resolution was forwarded to me…


Whereas, the Constitution Party (CP) was founded to advance the crown rights of Jesus Christ in the realm of civil government, and the first duty of civil government is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood; and

Whereas, despite the pleadings for fidelity to Jesus Christ and the CP platform, both the national Executive and National committees have by majority vote chosen to affirm the IAP of Nevada in good standing despite the latter advancing exceptions relative to murdering babies; and

Whereas, in doing so the national Constitution Party has publicly proclaimed welcome and good standing to any state affiliate that compromises on the issue of abortion; thus choosing to fear man rather than fearing the triune God, placing the creature before the Creator, and promulgating politics over principle; and

Whereas, it is the steadfast devotion of the CP of Missouri to remain true to King Jesus and to the CP platform,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the CP of Missouri disaffiliate or withdraw from participation with the national Constitution Party, while the former retains the name “Constitution Party of Missouri”; and

Be it further resolved, that the Constitution Party of Missouri calls on the majority of both the national Executive and National committees to reconsider their decision not to disaffiliate the IAP of Nevada, and submit themselves to Jesus Christ, foregoing the allure of pragmatism and celebrity.

This resolution of disaffiliation was adopted by unanimous vote of the State Committee of the Constitution Party of Missouri on June 24, 2006.

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  1. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Well the IAP just keeps marching along with or without Missouri.

    Felony Complaint to be Filed Against Lomax

    IAP Candidate Lance Hinton to be placed on November Ballot by Order of Judge Williams

    At a hearing on Thursday in Department 16, Judge Williams heard arguments as to whether or not he should issue a Writ of Mandamus requested by the Independent American Party and Lance Hinton to place Hinton’s name on the November Ballot for the office of Clark County Treasurer.

    Judge Williams heroically issued the Writ and Lance Hinton will now be the ONLY opposition to the current Treasurer. In the legal briefs the IAP had suggested that Harvard Lomax committed a felony by discouraging Hinton from registering to vote because of :

    NRS 293.5045 Voter registration agencies: Prohibited acts; penalty.

    1. A person who works in a voter registration agency shall not:

    (c) Make any statement or take any action to discourage an applicant from registering to vote;…

    2. A person who violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a category E felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

    Hinton wasted no time and filed for office just after the hearing was completed and the ruling had been made in his favor. “It’s done,” said Hinton with joy in his voice. “I am officially a candidate!”

    The good news for Hinton was just to opposite for Harvard Lomax. The REAL bad news for him came at the very end of the hearing when Christopher Hansen, one of the plaintiffs, asked Judge Williams if he had heard the judge correctly. Had Judge Williams really said, during the hearing, that Mr. Lomax’s action had caused a “chilling effect” on Mr. Hinton’s attempts to register to vote? Judge Williams confirmed those were indeed his words. An audible groan was heard from Lomax’s Deputy District Attorney as the judge finished. Christopher Hansen guessed, “She must know we are going to file charges for sure now.”

    “We were thrilled to hear the judge confirm what we already knew and that was that Lomax had “discouraged” Hinton from registering to vote. That was a felony and we are going to file charges against Lomax as soon as we get a copy of the transcript,” said Christopher Hansen, the state chairman for the IAP. “This petty tyrant has to know that he must follow the law, ALL of the law, and not just the sections he likes. He must stop trying to write law and just enforce it. Or better yet when the system is done with him maybe he will no longer be the Registrar of Voters but a convicted felon.”

    The charges will be filed with the Secretary of State since, by law (NRS 293.124), “the Secretary of State is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the provisions of title 24 of NRS and all other provisions of state and federal law relating to elections in this State.”

    The regulations for filing such a complaint are found at:

    NAC 293.025 Submission of complaint concerning violation of provision of title 24 of NRS. (NRS 293.124) A person who wishes to file a complaint concerning an alleged violation of any provision of title 24 of NRS must:

    1. Submit the complaint in writing to the Secretary of State; and

    2. Sign the complaint.

    The complaint may include proof of the alleged violation.

    There were also issues of the constitutionality of several laws but Judge Williams wisely decided that these issues need ed to be heard more fully and will be decided after more briefs are filed and arguments are made.

    Independent American Party candidate for Assessor and attorney in this case, Jonathan Hansen said, “We look forward to debating the constitutionality of these issues. The Independent American Party supports the integrity of the voting system and knows it must be secured. The present system, however, encourages fraud while discouraging honest people. We need a system that only allows Nevada Citizens to vote in Nevada.”

  2. Gary Odom Says:

    I have to think Jesus would resent very much being used as a political football.

    Take this resolution out on the street and present it to the average voter whose support we seek every two years. Tell them absolutely nothing more about the issues involved and present no argument supporting the National Committee’s actions. Forced to chose which side more closely reflects their own point of view -the side whose position is presented in this resolution or the national committee whose position is otherwise unknown to them, the overwhelming majority of voters in any community in America would, without doubt, chose to identify themselves with the national committee leadership. But, then again, the type of people who “crafted” this resolution rarely care in the least what the voters think.

    I get rather irritated when some Libertarians and Greens and others, who monitor and post on this site, refer to the Constitution Party as a theocratic party, but when you read stuff like this you can certainly see where they might get that impression.

  3. RCAIP Says:


    The national Party really needs to reshape its image now, and I DO NOT mean by brown-nosing the state-affiliates that are leaving and left by caving in to their idealogy.

  4. Joe Says:


    I do not see how this resolution would give them that impression. The Constitution Party of Missouri has left the Constitution Party, so obviously their disaffiliation resolution can not be construed to reflect the views of the Constitution Party.

    On the other hand, the platform of the Constitution Party acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the Universe and of these United States. We hereby appeal to Him for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Providence as we work to restore and preserve these United States. This great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been and are afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here. The goal of the Constitution Party is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries.” Which seems to me just another way of stating what Missouri has stated in their resolution, so I’m not sure why you would find it so offensive but not the Constitution Party’s platform?

  5. Gary Odom Says:


    Historically the California American Independent Party of which I have been a member since 1971 and the national Constitution Party with whom we have been affiliated since 1992 took the same approach as the founding fathers in in the founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence: in the preamble to our platform we simply acknowledged God and appealed to God mercy aid and so forth.

    It was only very recently that elements in the party ( some of whom are apparently now leaving) insisted that wasn’t good enough. When this issue came up before the platform committee I pointed out that the founding fathers approach was a unifying factor, but anything more narrow and specific would end up being divisive. I encountered more than one holier than thou type with the temerity to tell me that the founding fathers made a mistake that they were going to correct. Why did it pass? It was much the same strategy as George W. Bush used in gaining passage of the Patriot Act-”If you’re not for this, you’re for the terrorists.” This small group was able to get a majority plus one vote by making enough delegates feel guilty with the argument that “if you are not for having Jesus Christ mentioned in the platform, you are anti-Christian and against Jesus.” So, maybe that will tell you how I feel about the current wording of the preamble of the platform.

  6. Joe Says:

    Well Gary, if you disagree with the preamble of your own party platform I can certainly see how you would object to Missouri’s resolution. In your analysis you seem to have overlooked the 2004 Valley Forge convention where the current language was adopted. I voted for it on the convention floor as did four out of six of our state’s delegates. My recollection is that the vote of all delegates for adopting the current platform with the current wording was something on the order of 400 for, 100 against. And I know for a fact that at least some of those who voted against did so, not because the adopted wording was too explicitly Christian, but because they felt that it was not explicitly Christian enough. I know that was the case for our two delegates who voted against the current platform.

  7. Gary Odom Says:

    I was on the platform committee in Valley Forge. The current language was revisited there. I was refering to St. Louis National Convention in September of 1999.

    What state are you from, Joe?

    You are aware, are you not, that among the ranks of those promoting disaffiliation from the Constitution Party are those who believe women should not be allowed to vote, that Mormons are “devil worshippers” (and no, I am not a Mormon), that Catholics and Jews should not be welcome to participate in the Party (though this is often, but not always, whispered privately), and that only Christians should be allowed to hold public office or work in government. I don’t find these positions to be acceptable and I’m pretty darn sure that the average American does not find them acceptable.

    As to abortion, the whole thing is phoney issue. The Constitution Party has never had anything but a 100% pro-life platform. To my recollection there has never been any attempt to modify this plank in order to dilute it, including by anyone from the Nevada IAP, which, by the way, has a 100% pro-life plank in their state platform. What your people seized upon was not any attempt by anyone to modify a state or national party abortion plank, but simply that a single leader in Nevada expressed his own personal feelings on the subject in a way that was not in total conformity with the national platform or his own state platform.

    Do you remember China’s Cultural Revolution in the 60’s where people who were alleged have thoughts and express views not in conformity and compliance with Mao’s version of the Communist Party line were dragged out into the streets and forced to acknowledge their errors and make”corrections” in order to bring themselves into compliance with the Party (and to save their skin)? Those who demanded that the Nevada affiliate be kicked out unless they corrected their thinking and brought their views into comlete compliance with the Party platform (to paraphrase John Lofton) were simply engaging in a “kinder and gentler” form of the tactics employed in the cultural revolution. I doubt that many people who were supporting disaffiliation of Nevada thought of it this way, but that does not make it any less true.

  8. Christopher Hansen Says:

    A 90% friend should not be a 10% enemy. And yet that is what has occured.

    A person that agrees with you 75% of the time is a rare and amazing find.

    A person that believes that if you do not agree 100% with “me” on any single issue is an enemy to getting anything accomplished.

    Good-bye to any and all that think that way.

    I want to make the USA, but especially Nevada, a better place to live and if that means working with people that agree with me on ONLY one issue and only 51% of the time on that issue then I will work with them.

    These states left because they refused to work with Nevada when Nevada and its members have done more as a political party to over turn Roe V Wade and to restore freedom in America than any other member states in the Constitution Party.

    These states seem to want to fail. Why would anyone care if they left?

    Hopefully we can now form a coalition that wants to get something done step by step and percentage by percentage instead of working on issues that cannot win at the 100% level.

    Politics is the art of tiny bites. It is taking what you can get and working with ANYONE that will help you take that tiny bite.

    Anyone that wants it all (100%) at once is a child in politics and needs to grow up.

    Take what you can get. Support even the smallest change in the right direction to any law. Work with anyone that will help you. Look for reasons to make friends. Look for ways to love your enemies.

    In Nevada we turned the ACLU into an ally on a SINGLE ISSUE and now they no longer attack us on other issues.

    The IAP is no longer the “hate” party but are now the “get things done” party. Instead of being maligned we are praised, even by our former political enemies. And yet we are stronger advocates of saving the unborn, promoting moral issues, fighting taxes and those that want to raise them, fighting for petition and voter right, fighting against illegal immigration than ever before.

    We made friends on petition rights issues with every group the does petitioning from the far left to the wacko fringe in every direction. We have softened the hatred of our enemies while not surrendering a single principle.

    And then, so-called Christians tried to cut our throats over a 1% or maybe up to a 5% disagreement on one issue.

    How pitifully sad is that? How unChristian is that? How foolish politically is that?

    I proved that what I do politically builds party members, gets friends in the press, recruits candidates and even wins in court.

    As the Bible says: By their fruits shall you know them.

    My fruits are defeating the government tyranny in courts,
    changing laws that were tyrannical, making the government servants fear to disagree with us while assisting in liberty, sustaining party growth (150% in 3 years) and have turning away the wrath of our enemies and even sometimes turned them into allies by demonstrating that we only want people to be free.

    In doing so, and in following the teachings of my church (that many of these so-called Christians believe to be a Satanic cult) the Constitution Party is dividing. The States that do the most are mostly staying while the States the mostly do the least are leaving.

    I was very sad to see Montana go but God’s will be done.

    I never asked or demanded that a single State leave. Those that left did it all on their own. I had NOTHING to do with them leaving.

    I will continue to work for liberty and will continue to be successful as long as I do what God commands. He is not with me. I am with Him.

    I recently found a poem that describes my life and what I have done for 40 years. I will not stray from that path no matter who leaves the party over a 1% disagreement.

    Uphold the Right

    Emily Hill Woodmansee

    Uphold the right, tho’ fierce the fight,
    And pow’rful is the foe;
    As freedom’s friend, her cause defend,
    Nor fear nor favor show.
    No coward can be called a man—
    No friend will friends betray;
    Who would be free, alert must be; Indifference will not pay.

    Note how they toil, whose aim is spoil,
    Who plundering plots devise;
    Yet time will teach, that fools o’erreach
    The mark, and lose the prize.
    Can justice deign to wrong maintain, Whoever wills it so?
    Can honor mate with treach’rous hate?
    Can figs on thistles grow?

    Dare to be true, and hopeful too;
    Be watchful, brave and shrewd;
    Weigh every act; be wise, in fact,
    To serve the general good.
    Nor basely yield, nor quit the field—
    Important is the fray;
    Scorn to recede, there is no need
    To give our rights away.

    Left-handed fraud let those applaud
    Who would by fraud prevail;
    In freedom’s name contest their claim,
    Use no such word as fail;
    Honor we must each sacred trust,
    And rightful zeal display;
    Our part fulfil, then, come what will,
    High heaven will clear the way.

  9. Christopher Hansen Says:


    I was and am in 100% compliance to the State of Nevada Platform and the National Platform AS IT IS WRITTEN.

    There are, even now, disagreements within the party as to what 100% pro-life even means as life of the mother is considered by many to not be an “exception” and therefore allowable.

    I want to end all abortions. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The question is not: “Is Christopher Hansen 100% pro-life?” The question is: “How is the end of all abortions to be accomplished.”

    The No Exceptionists way has been a 100% failure for 30 years. Why not try something new and see if we can take a bite out of abortion one step at a time like all other things in politics happen?

    Do we want to honestly stop abortions or do we just want to say we do while caling anyone that disagrees with our tactics a baby murderer?

    The No Exceptionist crowd has failed to get anything done and are now working to further limit themselves. They want to lose but feel good about it. Is it not time to let them and feel good about it?

    Let us start working with people that want to win and let those that like to feel good about losing lose on their own.

  10. Gary Odom Says:

    Good Advice!

  11. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    You write:

    “I get rather irritated when some Libertarians and Greens and others, who monitor and post on this site, refer to the Constitution Party as a theocratic party, but when you read stuff like this you can certainly see where they might get that impression.”

    It’s really kind of strange. I know a few members of (and at least one leader in) the Missouri Constitution Party. I’d even call a couple of them reasonably close friends. They aren’t wild-eyed lunatics, they don’t hit everyone the pass on the street over the head with an oversize copy of the King James Version, and if you ran down an issues checklist, I’d probably agree with them on more than half of the issues.

    But, as you say, stuff like this is … well … insane. It’s about 20 steps beyond affirming the legitimacy of their religion in public life, or even holding that their religion should be the guiding principle or standard to the conduct of political affairs.

    I don’t have a problem with those who think that God supports their public policy positions versus those of others. I do have a problem with those who think that simply saying “God supports my public policy positions” is an argument. It isn’t.

    If God supports the Constitution Party and its public policy positions, then presumably the Constitution Party’s candidates and spokespeople can “seek wisdom” from him on how to present real-world arguments that aren’t entirely dependent on the mere assertion that “God says so” ... “and not be upraided.”

    Tom Knapp

  12. Chris Campbell Says:

    I have to disagree with Mr. hansend that the 1200% crowd has never gotten anything donw. When have we even the chance to?? Both GOP and Dems have not given us any chance to even come close.

    I have to agree with Gary’s posts, I have seen and forwarded on to Clymer and Shearer some of those whispers from some on the “Pro” crowd.

    I voted “no” in Tampa to kick out Nevada as teh views of one or two does not indicate a whole state party is out of platform. I do not agree with many things Chris Hansen has said, but I respect the Hansen family’s work and was pleased to meet Janine in Tampa. I know that if the Mormons are forced out, the Catholics-that I have worked hard to bring on board the CP and are hestitant due to the views of many “Pro” people-are next.

    BTW… good interview you gave Chris, linked to it from IAP site.

    I dont think most of the “Pro” group is wild eyed KJV hitters either, but enough to make me wonder. I agreed with most of Lofton and Peroutka’s points in Tampa, but not their view of Nevada a a whole or the situation.

    I agree that Jim Clymer’s not backing Chris’ campaign is the proper way to go, not kicking out whole party over a few.

  13. Chris Campbell Says:

    Sorry for mis-spellings

  14. Chris Campbell Says:

    “Be it further resolved, that the Constitution Party of Missouri calls on the majority of both the national Executive and National committees to reconsider their decision not to disaffiliate the IAP of Nevada, and submit themselves to Jesus Christ, foregoing the allure of pragmatism and celebrity”

    That is complete arrogance- as if we were not in submission. I guess according to them, we are not-though I cannot anywhere find their names in scripture to be my judge. Whence is this authority they have??

    Jesus talked (Mt13) about separating the chaff from the wheat, not tearing up the whole garden. (no I am not calling Mr. Hansen a weed OR wheat-I will not stoop that as the drafter noted above apparently will).

    BTW- maybe my memory is faulty, but if Missouri is so gung-ho to leave National, where were their members in Tampa??? If ya don’t vote, don’t complain. At least Lofton, Peroutka and Co. did

  15. Chris Campbell Says:

    I also work hard to get everyone on board with CP, esp those that are Christian. The Reformed folks are already open, many others need more encouragment to switch from GOP Cool-Aid to CP freedom.

    I am open to working w/o religious division-ism. We are in a fight, we need to work together and not fight religious wars.

  16. Barry Kroeker Says:

    Despite the babbling of Chris Hansen and the distortion and deception of Gary Odom, the salient point of the article remains: The Constitution Party is destroying itself from the inside. Due to the national party leadership decision to argue in favor of a the Independent American Party of Nevada “exceptions” abortion position, the national organization has already lost six state affiliates with more to follow.
    It is a leadership failure of colossal proportions and leaves a void in the political landscape for principled Christian conservatives-a void that Lord willing will soon be filled.
    Chris, Gary and company can delight in their dwindling empire and pat eachother on the back until hell freezes over, but it won’t change reality.

  17. Joe Says:

    Gary, I am in New York. I know you were talking about St. Louis. The close vote there supports your argument that Missouri’s recent resolution is far out of the main stream. However, the St. Louis vote is largely irrelevant. The current platform language was adopted at Valley Forge, not in 1999. The current language was approved by an overwhelming majority of the delegates in ‘04, and many who voted against it did so, not because they felt that the language was too explicitly Christian, but because they thought it was not explicitly Christian enough.

  18. Chris Campbell Says:


    I am not into Empire’s, that is why I left the GOP. I do not see the Nevada Party as taking any “exceptions” position, only Chris-and maybe Janine-Hansen, due to their religious beliefs.

    IF Nevada does not agree w/Chris, when is term as Chairman is up, let the Nevada members vote him out. If not, then maybe you would have more solid reasons to suspect Nevada as a whole to be in outside the Platform.

    I saw no proof at all of this in Tampa, hence my “no” vote. I have no “patting on the back” to do here, neither side really won a “victory” in Tampa, as we see and I suspected would happen.

  19. Barry Kroeker Says:

    Mr. Campbell,
    I was referring to Chris Hansen, not you, in my post.
    It was made clear during floor debate on the resolution in Tampa that the Nevada State Committee majority ENDORSEMENT of Chris Hansen, in response to the Ohio meeting Baldwin resolution, had elevated the scandal from a discussion of one man’s views to a systemic problem within the Nevada IAP organization. The proof was in that 70-page packet distributed immediately prior to the discussion, that you probably never read. It highlighted the public exceptions position of Hansen (which appears to dovetail with that of the Mormon church), as well as his sister. It also contained a copy of the pledge the IAP signed to be faithful to the Constitution Party positions and platform.
    Since Chris Hansen’s abortion position had been made crystal clear, the IAP has rewarded him with their 2006 gubernatorial nomination.
    The proof is all around you, but you have to pull your head out of the sand to see it.

  20. Gary Odom Says:


    I appreciate the civil tone of your discourse. We are both technically right about our accounts of the various votes. In 2004, those of us who felt the passage was not appropriate to be in the preamble of the platform were in the rather unenviable position of appearing to want to “disaffiliate Jesus Christ from the Constitution Party.” Of course that was not our intent at all.
    We simply wanted to be inclusionist towards all who wanted to work with the Constitution Party rather than to be exclusionist. We lost that vote. We remained and worked hard for the nominee of our party.

    Everyone has a right to follow their heart and their beliefs. I wish good luck and Godspeed to all who are working to restore constitutional government in whatever lawful way they feel like they have to do it. Thank God we still live in a country where we are free to disagree with each other.

    It’s long past time for me to remove myself from this discussion. The elavating tone of rancor isn’t going to do anyone any good.

  21. Barry Kroeker Says:

    Ironically the “inclusionist” big-tenters who railed against pro-life purists (as if pure was a bad thing) have already lost far more national candidate votes then they have gained by compromising the central pro-life plank of the Constitution Party platform and ignoring the (1999) party’s San Antonio resolution supporting it.
    The Nevada IAP contributed only 1200 votes to the CP national presidential candidate in 2004, despite their party membership of 30,000+.
    So much for the politics of inclusion. The IAP can’t even deliver the political goods for its faithful but gullible national organization. By contrast, Ohio voters contributed 12,000 votes to Peroutka’s total despite a state Constitution Party membership of less than 100…

  22. NewFederalist Says:

    Wow! What a shame. Both the CP and the LP potentially imploding right before an election. Where are voters unhappy with the two party duopoly supposed to go now?

  23. Jason Says:

    The main issue I have here is, if you research the CP on the internet, Constitution Party and theocratic or theocrats come up way to often in the same sentence. So I ask what the NHQ is planning to do to counter this bad press. Why hasn’t more been said and done to state our case? Is this party theocratic in doctrine? If you are, that is your right but I would like to know. I am not interested in pressing the crown rights of the King; whatever that means. I don’t think Jesus is too concerned with being a member of the CP. To be perfectly honest with you, there is too much religion mixed with this party - and you can see the results of that. It was a bad idea to get involved in.

    Let’s just recognize God his beloved Son and principles (kind like the Constitution and Dec of Ind does) and leave it that. From there, we can move to strengthen the Constitutional awareness into national politics. Let’s leave the ideology for the bickers and the realism to the victors!

    I love lamp,


  24. Centurion Says:

    Jason’s extensive research on “theocrat”/”theocratic” has obviously missed
    the simple meanings of the terms, not an uncommon result of too much dependence on the Internet for one’s etymology and epistemology.

    Jason, my friend, have a look at America’s founding documents and you will find theocracy—“God rules!”—in nearly very corner of the colonies and their new republic. They all warned against “democracy”—the people rule—and “autocracy”—the king or the state rules. They had seen the ravages of the “divine right of kings” and the enlightened egalitarians most recently all across the UK and Europe, no different than the earlier history of those abominations.

    Which of the above do you prefer, or have you yet another idea?

    The psalmist in 24:1 tells us the earth is the Lord’s in the fullness thereof, just one of hundreds of proclamations of theocratic rule—theocracy over all creation—but not “ecclesiocracy”—rule of civil affairs by the church.

    It is the latter that may be your concern or your fear. Christ-haters love to misuse the language to slander Christians, insult Christ, and to maintain power.

    It—ecclesiocracy—has never been a position of the Constitution Party or any of its members in my 14 years of involvement. You’ve been duped.

    Its platform preamble, however, establishes the same covenantal relationship for God-ordained civil government that was once dominant in our young nation—before we became wiser than God, in our collective rejection of His sovereignty and His law.

    The collapse of our culture, ethically, is the clear result.

  25. Kris Overstreet Says:


    I put it to you bluntly: do you, or do you not, advocate theocracy- by which I mean government by religion?

    Note I don’t say a religion- you can have a government which doesn’t mandate any specific sect, but which enforces religious edicts as if the government itself were a religious sect.

    From your post, I’d guess you do.

  26. Jason Says:

    Centurion (or whatever you call yourself)

    Whatever comments you have are null and void. You are an open theocrat (along with the Lofton and Whiteman type) on the American View. Spare me your council, your opinion is pointless and holds no weight. You know why? Because no one in America cares about what a bunch of Islamic type characters think or say. So stay on your site and “press the crown rights of the King” and send people to hell for endorsing women candidates.

    “Extensive research” nice one “Centurion”..

    You, like your colleagues, are fruits and have done more damage to the party than anything else. You are a bunch of misinformed weirdo’s who give Christianity and its teachings a bad name. If that is your thing - cool just stop trying to spread your fanaticism as the gospel.

    Oh and Centurion, I willing to bet Jesus does not read the Amerian View just like he is not a member of the Constitution Party. So do us all a favor and put a lid on it—you dork.

    “Press the crown rights of the King” I can’t get enough of that…Ridiculous, snap out of it man.

  27. Jason Says:

    Centurion, here is more on how I feel about you and your type. I’m talking here about Gilchrist running under the CP for president and I feel that being associated with the American View was a horrible decision on his part. Due simply, because of people like yourself.

    He better run for President under the CP ticket, or better yet, the CP better see to it they can get him to run for President. I know those “gentlemen” on the American View (mainly that John Lofton fellow) tried to make him look bad (or not to be extreme enough to their liking) in an interview and supposedly made the NHQ shy away from him. This is an absolute shame if the case is true. Surely the NHQ does not take seriously those “gentlemen’s” opinion.

    I say it is all the more good that Jim does not believe or advocate the American View position on politics and idea of government. If he did than I would be worried of his political prospects. Of course, I would in no way shape or form support him.

    In my opinion, and I read the interview, Gilchrist looked to be a perfectly sane and sensible individual being questioned by an otherwise tormented and delusional man who showed that he wants to see America as a Christian Iran. Towards the end you could tell that Jim was growing uncomfortable with Lofton; and later appears to basically leave the interview (which was pathetic and pointless) after Lofton started explaining his “vision” of America. Lofton got pretty creepy towards the end.

    Jim should have never done that interview in the first place. I mean honestly, who cares what those “gentlemen” think. Better yet, what part of America cares what they think? If I were running for the highest office in the world, I would strictly ensure that I maintained credibility and marketability to all those seeking a plausible alternative for president. Having one’s name even associated in the least bit with open theocrats and hate mongers can not be good in the game of politics—and only applies the rope to which you hang yourself with.

    To see the interview:

  28. RCAIP Says:


    When I first got involved with the CP, I started out as a ‘no-exceptionist’ on abortion, until I read Chris Hansen’s arguments and also realized how religiously psychotic many of the other ‘no-exceptionists’ in the Party are.
    Really, its people like Barry Kroeker and Centurion (Frank Kellam) that are dividing and “destroying” the Party with their UNChristian, totalitarianistic dogma.
    Good riddence! the CP does not need people like them. the national Party can reform itself into a TRUE alternative to the GOP. Such splinter states will not survive for long I gurentee you- is the American Party still a rival to the AIP?

    The only good these nuts do is to serve the Devil himself- not Jesus -into purifying the party and limiting membership to the Fundamentalist Protestant.
    Too bad that’s not going to happen anymore in the CP.

  29. Jake Says:

    I’m certain that Centurion can defend himself on the substance of this debate; I merely wanted to comment on the childish quality of the last three posts- especially as compared to Cent’s post. Anyone who is patient enough to have waded through the misspellings and poor grammar must laugh at the inane logic and juvenile name-calling.

    Are you people going to be what’s left “under the hood” when those who refuse to endorse the Nevada decision have left the party vehicle?

    My money is on the disaffiliation crowd. I advise you to merge with the Republicans ASAP, and save yourself the slow, painful, and embarrassing death that awaits your party.

  30. Christopher Hansen Says:


    The IAP is not imploding. We are expanding. We are the fastest growing party in the State of Nevada. We have 45 candidates which is more than any other Constitution Party State affiliate. The next one to us is Utah. You see the Mormons know who to get things done instread of just complaining. All of the major races are covered. We have many new people running for office. We just had a major win in court to get one of our candidates on the ballot. We are in many two way races. We are building while the No Exceptionists States are, on average, doing nothing or less. Only Montana stands out as a winner on that side of the party.

    We are 100% pro-life. We always have been. We want all abortions to end. We have a different view on how that should be accomplished. That is all. The Calvinists and their ilk want it through law. We want it through law and liberty. The constitution was made for only a moral people. Law alone will accomplish nothing while America remains enslaved to Fascism. The law only way has failed for 30 years. I support winning. That is why Nevada does so well. If you cannot get the whole apple then take a small bite. My small bite leadership took us from 16,000 members in 2003 AD to 40,000 members in 2006 AD. From 6 candidates in 2000 AD to 50 in 2002 AD

    The reason the No Exceptionists came after us was because we are LDS. They have admitted it time and again. We are Satanists and Cultist to them. They cannot be “yoked” with us. They USED the abortion position to try to kick the LDS out of the party. Any other claim is a lie. They will continue to fail because we, not them, are on God’s side.

    We never tried to kick them out. They lied to us and used us. They lost. They will continue to lose. We will continue to grow in Nevada and be an example to all minor parties of how to do it right. We follow Christ without trying to force Christ on others. Force is Satan’s way. We know who they follow when they use force even if they do not know it. I repeat. We never tired to remove them.

  31. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Barry Kroeker,

    Maybe Nevada voters can see through a liar like Peroutka.

    My mom got 24,243 in a single County race in 2002.

    My wife got 11,155 votes in a four way race for County Clerk in 2002 AD.

    In Senate District 6 our candidate got 32.49% the vote which was 13,117.

    Our great candiates get a lot of votes. Our bad ones do not get many.

    If Peroutka was a good candidate he would have recieved more votes but Nevada voters saw him for what he was and so he got very few votes. My wife did not even vote for him as she did not trust him. She was right. I, however, was fooled. I did not find out that he was a religious bigot until later. I should have listened to my wife.

  32. Christopher Hansen Says:

    On Theocracy,

    The beauty of the United States of America concerning religion was that South Carolina could say: We are Calvinists and if you do not like it you can live here but not be political. New York could say: We are not going to require religious tests. Virginia could say: We should have Christian tolerance toward all. Utah could say: If you are not LDS then you cannot vote. Rhode Island could say: We welcome all Christians but you must believe the Bible is the whole truth. Massachusetts could say: We are a Catholic state and you had better be a Catholic if you want to vote.

    But on the National level you got to vote no matter what religion you belong to. What a great system. People could vote with there feet.

    Then we got the 14th Amendment followed by a misinterpretation of that amendment by the Power hungry Supreme Court and they some how figured out that Congress shall make no law meant State Legislatures could make no law. The constitution was Verbicided and now we have the mess we are in.

    States should decide if they want State Schools and if those schools should have a Calvinist Prayer or a LDS prayer or a Catholic prayer or a Jewish Prayer of a Wiccan prayer or no prayer.

    Abortion, marriage, murder, theft, business laws, schools should be 100% a State’s jurisdiction. Now we have the feds telling us what to do at every level.

    We IAPs are fighting the Fed’s HAVA laws right now. We are always fighting the Feds New American Civil Religion of income tax and Social Security.

    We once had freedom of association. We no longer do because of the 14th and the Supreme Court judges who are the High Priests of the New American Civil Religion.

    We have a theocracy in the USA today. It is the “Sacred Trust” religion and it is built upon Socialism and Fascism and I would guess that everyone on here but me pays tithing to this religion and carries their Religious Mark of the Beast the SSN.

    Kneel you slaves and lick the boots of your High Priests.

    I will only bend my knee to Christ.

  33. Stuart Richards Says:

    ALL RIGHT! The LP is gonna be the main third party in yet ANOTHER state.

    Keep this whole “purity” thing up, guys! We love it!

  34. RCAIP Says:

    Don’t count on Nevada though, or California voter reg. wise; the LP takes forth place still.

  35. RCAIP Says:

    No Jake, we’re simply Gandolf the Gray at this point; we will soon be reborn as Gandolf the White and more powerfull then ever by 2008.

  36. Chris Campbell Says:


    For the record, my head is not “in hte sand” and as for the packet you all handed out-it wa large and hard to read in the 1 hour (at most) we had (I was the 2nd person to arrive and take a seat). Too much info, waaay to little time to read it. Then, 2 hours of debate and the vote.

    IF I really thought that hte IAP was clearly behind the exceptions then my vote may ahve been different.

    For the record, I support the Feds stopping the shedding of innocent blood, the only real function of Govt. Pass one of the Ron Paul Amendments, reverse ROE, whatever. IT is the one time that the Fed should and ought to get involved, to stop innocent deaths.

    As for the SS# being the Mark, I fear the RFID implant, with scanning abilities and satellite tracking far more than a number that can be defeated or subverted. RFIS forced under the skin is much more in line with Revelations. ANy further discussion on Marks, etc, is futile in regards to CP Nevada votes.

    BTW, ALex Jones ah a good interview on this:

    Interview of Jack Schmidig, Police Chief of Bergen County, New Jersey
    Alex Jones Radio Show
    May 12, 2005

    AJ: It’s exciting to get this guest on. This is an interesting story. It’s covered by Business Wire, Associated Press, you name it. Back on April 22nd, Bergen County Chief of Police, they have a chief of police for the county, Jack Schmidig leads regional rollout of VeriChip by receiving a VeriChip. Now remember last year, the Mexican attorney general told 160 plus of his employees, or even more, they had to take this microchip to get into secure areas. The Chief is not making his employees take it. Though I guess he might be recommending it. But joining us to talk about this important issue is Chief Jack Schmidig. Chief, good to have you on with us.

    JS: Thank you.

    AJ: Tell us how this happened, why you got the idea? What you’ve done? You’ve got the chip. Tell us about it.

    JS: It started with a dear friend of mine, Mr. Nicholas Minicucci, who is the founder of the Molly Foundation. It’s a foundation for diabetes research. His daughter Molly has had the disease for twenty years. And I’m a member of the board of trustees on the Molly Foundation. He, Mr. Minicucci, came up with the idea, through the VeriChip company, of implanting a chip in your - mine is in my arm - I don’t know if it can be located anywhere else. But it is readily available to obtain your medical information. When you have the chip implanted, they ask you a series of questions. Are you allergic to anything? Next of kin? Who you want to have this information? All kinds of series of questions. And by scanning the chip in my arm, they have immediate access to my medical history.

    AJ: When were you implanted?

    JS: April 12th

    AJ: And it got a lot of attention. Are you aware of what the Mexican attorney general did?

    JS: No, not at all.

    AJ: Yeah, it’s getting big in a - also I’ve heard from Special Forces that some of them have been getting the chip.

    JS: I can tell you as maybe a sidelight to this that my German shepherd had a chip implanted for identification. Mine isn’t for identification. It’s not like a tracking device that emits a - you know a transponder that’s going to follow you around. The protocol here in New Jersey will be, if you’re admitted to a hospital, if for some reason you’re incapacitated and can’t provide that information, they can scan that chip in your arm and through the computer access your medical history. So they potentially can find out what’s wrong with you.

    AJ: Well, Applied Digital has now bought software in a company dealing with cell towers. And they are saying that with a bigger chip, they are going to be able, since you brought that up, with RFID (radio frequency identification devices) to use it as a tracking system. Were you aware of that?

    JS: No, but how big must that chip be to follow you around or have RF signals emanating from your body?

    AJ: [crosstalk] scan it and get the data number and then check it in the databases. They are saying, right now, one about an inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide or even smaller, will be able to work up to a couple of hundred feet.

    JS: Wow. Well, the chip I have in my arm is about the size of a grain of rice.

    AJ: I’ve seen the current version. We’ve interviewed the scientist that invented it. We’ve interviewed the CEO a few years ago. We’ve interviewed the Tipson family, you know the family that a - the Jacobsons, I believe, that got the chip. But what did the other, the officers under your command think about this?

    JS: To be honest with you, I don’t think it’s gotten the recognition that it should have. I think it’s an exceptional idea and I know of one other officer who had the chip implanted and my secretary, who’s hypoglycemic. This initially started here as a result of the diabetes research and the Molly Foundation. She’s made an appointment to have the chip implanted also.

    AJ: Well, they’ve got the chip mobiles. You’ve seen those?

    JS: No, this is - we’re in the very early stages of it here in New Jersey. I don’t know of any other venue that is providing or …

    AJ: VeriChip has these chip mobiles that go around chipping. They have Mr. Chip. You haven’t heard about that?

    JS: No

    AJ: Yeah, they gave the readers to some hospitals in Florida but only a few. Have they given readers to the hospitals in New Jersey?

    JS: There is only one hospital in the state and that’s the North County doing it right now.

    AJ: Interesting. Well did you hear about in Miami and also in Spain and now Germany and England and other areas that the chip, the same chip to get into the VIP area?

    JS: No, they scan your arm to get into selected areas? It may potentially down the line, I can see limited access events like maybe an inauguration ball or something like that for the president where you might need one of these to get in. But I think we are way ahead of ourselves.

    AJ: Were you approached by VeriChip to do this? Or did you and your friend just spontaneously want to get a chip?

    JS: I wanted it and while I’m on the board of trustees for that foundation, the information was brought to a trustee meeting. And I thought it was an exceptional idea and I said put me in. And, like I said, I had the chip implanted the 12th of April. And there’s no residual affects.

    AJ: So are you waiting then for the readers to get into the local hospitals. Because what use will it be if they’re not in the local hospitals?

    JS: That’s true. It’s going to take some time. But I’m on the cutting edge.

    AJ: Is your foundation lobbying the hospital?

    JS: Yes. All hospitals.

    AJ: You know we found a lot of the people like the Jacobsons and others and some of the hospitals that accepted the chip readers in the Miami and Palm Beach area actually had employees there that were investors or even part of Applied Digital and that’s why they were doing this. Are you an investor in Applied Digital?

    JS: Not at all. I have no stock in this at all.

    AJ: What about - I’m just curious - what about the individual that’s on the foundation with you?

    JS: The president of the foundation, Mr. Minicucci?

    AJ: Yes

    JS: I don’t believe he’s a stock holder either.

    AJ: So basically somebody just approached the foundation and you guys said hey this is a good medical bracelet basically implanted.

    JS: Absolutely, that was my logic behind getting mine.

    AJ: Well, look chief, I’m going to be honest with you on my views of this.

    JS: Sure

    AJ: You know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. To people like you, this sounds good. Hey, you can lose a medical alert bracelet. Who wants a tattoo with all your data on it? This sounds good - or for people with Altzheimers or now the California Bureau of Prisons signed a contract - Reuters reported it but then it got dropped under public scrutiny - to implant prisoners, maximum security prisoners. That was two years ago. That got cancelled. There is all these arguments for it but when you go on down the road, it sounds like Revelations. I mean people getting the microchip. Applied Digital says - I have had Applied Digital executives on and they say yes, you will have this for buying and selling. And everyone in the future will take the chip. I mean they said it. I’ve got the transcripts on my website.

    JS: Well right now, I think that is a matter of opinion. I don’t believe it’s Big Brother watching me.

    AJ: But I’m talking about the company itself. I mean you can type in Applied Digital and it says it will be used for tracking. It will be used for prisoners. Applied Digital will be used for cashless transactions. Type it into Goggle, Chief, and you’ll find it.

    JS: I’m sure those potentials are there. My intention was to protect my life. Hopefully, if something happens to me where I’m incapacitated and I get taken to a hospital, I want the people to know that I’m not allergic to penicillin and my next of kin is my wife. Contact her immediately. Things like that. That’s what I was looking at.

    AJ: If you were in a car wreck, wouldn’t they know all that from your car and your plates and your…

    JS: Potentially, sure. But I think it’s a great back-up system. Another thing is what sold us on some of this was the, especially for the foundation, if a person goes into diabetic shock, sometimes it can look like they’re drunk and people don’t understand what potentials..

    AJ: No, there have been a lot of cases of police thinking somebody is resisting when they are in shock - and then tasering them.

    JS: All that stuff, so if you can get that scan, you know that this person has the propensity toward diabetes and it’s a problem [crosstalk]

    AJ: I’m sure you’ve heard about the plan for national toll roads?

    JS: Yes.

    AJ: I mean that’s been in Time, Newsweek and USA Today. In Texas, it’s about to pass the legislature. Next year with our inspection stickers, we’ll all get tracker chips that are very small that are read by radio readers. We’re going to be taxed by the mile down the road. You see how this chipping of all products - RFID, the chipping of people. It is going to the extreme right away.

    JS: In New Jersey, we have a system called Easy Pass and it gets you down the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway and as you pass through the toll booth, you have a reader in your car - a transponder in your car. And you get the bill on a monthly basis. And they can tell you - right now it’s almost 12:45 here - at 12:45, I passed through exit 159 on the Garden State Parkway. And that information comes to you.

    AJ: Man, going across from New York to you guys, when I was there this summer, it was like 7 smackers.

    JS: Yeah, and the Easy Pass works on the George Washington Bridge and when you come…

    AJ: Why should we turn all our roads into this? Now it’s not going to be the size of a tiny matchbox, you know that you get at elegant martini bars…

    JS: Right

    AJ: about an inch and a-half long and a half-inch wide. Now it’s going to be a little bitty chip. Sir, that’s what I’m getting at.

    JS: Well, I’ve got that little bitty chip. I guess I’m not, I don’t see the downside for me and those people who are looking at Big Brother. I don’t find that.

    AJ: Well, that’s what I find. I want to shift gears - just because a listener emailed this to me this morning. This is not why I got you on the show but I find it incredibly intriguing. And again my friends, we are talking to the chief of police in the country of Bergen in New Jersey. And he’s taken the implantable microship. But I was sent this by several listeners. It’s still a hot topic. I have Fox news here in front of me. I have the New York Post and I have the Bergen Record. Bergen Record, the town you’re in.

    “Five Men Detained as Suspected Conspirators,” by Paula Lima, staff writer. And in there, it’s got a quote from you. You got an alert to be on the look-out for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side.

    JS: Oh, that was during 9/11.

    AJ: I know it, this is a totally separate issue. This is interesting. Suspicious Middle Easterners cheer terror attack from moving van. And then it turned out in Fox News that it was Israelis. What actually happened with that sir?

    JS: We turned those people over to the FBI. They were thoroughly checked out and released. No charges were ever filed against those people.

    AJ: Well, what about the witnesses that said they saw them jumping up and cheering and videotaping?

    JS: That was the information reported to us. We couldn’t confirm through the witnesses - no one would identify themselves. They said that they saw this white van with several people applauding or cheering the attack on the Trade Center. And when we finally found the van, located the van, no one would step forward to verify that they were in fact celebrating.

    AJ: Well, I’ve got Israeli national news here. It says “suspicious Middle Eastern movers were Israelis.” The box cutters, European passports and $4000 cash. Is that accurate?

    JS: I’m not sure. I don’t remember all the details of that particular case. Like I said, when we first located the van, we notified the FBI and they came and scooped them up. Ask the guy in the New Jersey State police.

    AJ: How did that happen? You pulled them over and what happened …?

    JS: We had a ‘be on the look-out’ for a particular type of van. We notified patrol officers, found it, located it, we pulled them over, and we detained them. And then we notified the state police and the FBI who work in the joint terrorism task force.

    AJ: Were you aware of the hundreds of Israeli art students that were really spies and they were (quote) following al Qaeda. This was even on Fox News and the Associated Press. And then they grabbed them and then they were ordered to release them to Israel. Did you hear about that?

    JS: No

    AJ: Did they have any video cameras on them. And then secondarily, how many days after 9/11 was this arrest?

    JS: It was…I believe it occurred the night of 9/11. I’m not sure.

    AJ: Did you find any video cameras on them?

    JS: No. I don’t recall any video cameras on them but like I said, being in an administrative position, I don’t do the road work anymore and it gets passed down to my detective captain and, unfortunately, he’s not here today.

    AJ: What’s his name?

    JS: Capt. Kevin Hartnet.

    AJ: Can I get Kevin Hartnet on about that?

    JS: If he’s willing to come on, I’m sure. I don’t have an objection.

    AJ: Well this issue just keeps coming up over and over again.

    JS: It was a hot button issue. After 9/11, they wanted any kind of attention they could get. And they kept re-running and repeating those catch-phrases there. And if I goggle my own name, it comes up with that quote about four or five times.

    AJ: But it’s true that they wouldn’t talk to you - that shows some pretty serious training. How many people do you pull over… how many were arrested?

    JS: I thought there were three or four but I’m not sure.

    AJ: I mean if you have four people and none of them talk - boy, that’s pretty - do you see that a lot?

    JS: No

    AJ: Yeah, you don’t see that a lot, do you? I mean you’re usually, according to criminology - and I took a little bit of it in college. I don’t have a degree in it but when you end up with one person who won’t talk, you end up with two, three, four. Usually when you end up with four people, it means there was some pretty serious training going on.

    JS: Once again, I don’t know their background. We received some information. We stopped them and then we turned them over to people more interested in them [crosstalk]

    AJ: How long did they interrogate them?

    JS: than a local police department in New Jersey.

    AJ: How long did you interrogate?

    JS: We didn’t participate in the interrogation. They were turned over to the State Police.

    AJ: You talked to them and they didn’t..

    JS: Well, we talked to them at the road stop.

    AJ: And then were they brought into the jail or were they just given right over to the FBI?

    JS: I think they were taken to the FBI’s field office in Newark but I’m not sure.

    AJ: What did the FBI say?

    JS: I don’t know.

    AJ: Did you ever ask them what came of it?

    JS: Mr. Jones, you know you’re talking - we started on one subject, now we are on another.

    AJ: I know but I didn’t put two and two together when I saw your name, getting the microchip. And then I started getting emails about it. And I go oh yeah, I remember this article. It’s an interesting topic.

    JS: This was a very interesting day, September 11th, 2001. And a lot of ..

    AJ: Did you see the towers smoking when it happened?

    JS: Absolutely.

    AJ: What was that like?

    JS: It was terrible. It was terrible.

    AJ: I wish we would control our borders, that might keep us safe.

    JS: (laughs) You have to talk to another agency on that.

    AJ: No, I know you’re not even near the border. So I understand that.

    JS: I’m on the border with New York.

    AJ: Yes. Well, I really appreciate you spending time with us. And I hope that you wake up and see the real ramifications of the implantable microchip. Will you say no to the chip if in ten years, the government says that you’ve got to use this for identification when you pay for goods and services?

    JS: No

    AJ: You won’t go along with that?

    JS: No, I’d go along with that. Sure. Rather than carrying my credit cards? I want them to put all my information on my chip, as I’m walking out the grocery store with a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, you know they just ….

    AJ: Chief, we’ve got to break - quick three-minute break. Stay right there. Just do five more minutes with us. This is just amazing information. Stay with us. We’ll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with our guest.


    AJ: Fighting the culture war right here, my friends. Just a few minutes left with the county police chief up there in Bergen County. Sir, the music was playing. So folks might not have heard what you said. I want to state that again for the record. I said if in ten years, and the army documents say this is the plan, by 2020, that’s the January 1, 2000 report by the Army War College, that everybody is going to have a chip. I’ve had the CEO on of Verichip. That’s the plan. I had their distributors on from Spain, from Miami. They’ve said the same thing. We are all going to have chips. We are going to buy and sell with these. And the chief was saying that he’s not for Big Brother. He’s not worried about Big Brother. But then I said, in ten years if they say you’ve got to use this to buy and sell, you said you’re happy with that, Chief.

    JS: I wouldn’t object to it.

    AJ: If they say we have to take the chip, you wouldn’t object.

    JS: No. Like I said before the break, if I went into a grocery store and brought a loaf of bread and a quart of milk and walked out and it read my chip, and debited my bank account, I don’t have a problem with that.

    AJ: Chief, it’s either two separate things. Either you are a really nice guy who totally trusts the government and society…

    JS: I am the government.

    AJ: So, well hold on..

    JS: You bet your life, I trust the government because I am part of government.

    AJ: Either it’s that you’re naïve or you’re demon possessed.

    JS: If you want to think that I’m naïve, that’s certainly your opinion.

    AJ: Well Chief, I appreciate your coming on the show but I totally disagree with you.

    JS: You can and that’s your right.

    AJ: Well wait a minute - so if the government says everybody has got to get chipped ten years from now and it’s the law, you’ll start arresting people that don’t have it.

    JS: I won’t be here ten years from now. How’s that sound? I’ve got a short time to go before I take my retirement and leave.

    AJ: Of course, I mean that as a joke, figuratively. But I mean that sounds pretty scary and …

    JS: People look under rocks for scary things, too

    AJ: The founding fathers, chief, said that we should not trust our government; we should keep it small; keep control of it. You’re just saying, I am the government; I trust it. And if they say we’ve got to have chips, we’ve got to have them.

    JS: Is that my opinion?

    AJ: Yes

    JS: Well then thank you.

    AJ: You just said that, sir. Are you saying….

    JS: Exactly. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to my opinion. And Mr. Jones, you’re entitled to yours. And I think sir that it was nice of you to have me on.

    AJ: Are you a Christian?

    JS: Yes I am.

    AJ: And you have to have this mark to buy and sell but - but you’re saying if that happens, you don’t have a problem with it.

    JS: I don’t.

    AJ: So, maybe you are just naïve.

    JS: That’s your opinion, too.

    AJ: I’m not picking up from you that you’re evil.

    JS: I’m not evil.

    AJ: I don’t pick that up from you. I’m picking up that you’re just totally trusting and naïve, chief.

    JS: Okay, Mr. Jones, I think your interview with me is over.

    AJ: Hey, I’m going to pray for you.

    JS: Thank you so much.

    AJ: Go with God, take care. There you had it, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how deep the rabbit hole goes. We’ve got to have a transcript of that. That’s the all time, most out of control, in you face - you see? You see what we’re facing? You understand what we’re facing now

  37. Patriotic Jones Says:

    Barry Kroeker Says: (July 14th, 2006 at 3:13 pm )

    > It is a leadership failure of colossal proportions and
    > leaves a void in the political landscape for principled
    > Christian conservatives-a void that Lord willing will
    > soon be filled.

    What’s even more amazing is the colossal stupidity of those leaving (disaffiliating) the party. You astutely call the problem and in a political arena the only option that you have chosen to take is to try to disaffiliate the party you disagree with—INSTEAD of attacking the root problem.

    No wonder the Constitution Party has so many problems. No one in the party seems to understand that it is a political party and if you want to get rid of the leadership—YOU VOTE THEM OUT!!

    Isn’t it just pathetically amazing that in a political party were people talk about getting principled men and women elected, doesn’t even know how to do it within their own political party. If they can’t do it there, they sure don’t have a chance against anywhere else.

    Another amazing thing…. People like Barry talk about Principle above Politics and NOT choosing between the lesser of two evils but choosing on principle, and yet choose to take a less principled road of trying to disaffiliate a party instead of taking THE PRINCIPLED ROAD of electing new leadership.

    Well, those who have chosen to take their ball and go home have no place in the argument anymore. They have lost their voice within the party and can no longer effect a change. All those who disaffiliated are now destined to wonder the political landscape looking for a new “PERFECT” home. How pathetic for them to not realize there is NO SUCH THING - Not this side of Heaven anyway. The only true option would to have been to elect new leadership, but they have all given up the right to do so.

    My opinion is that they are all cowards and weaklings, clothing themselves in righteousness to justify their less than principled choices and their fear of standing up for what is right. Well, here’s a quote from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, “Run Away, Run Away!”

    No wonder third parties have such a bad reputation.

    I certainly hope that here in Illinois, Stufflebeam doesn’t let us down like all of the disaffiliating parties have let your states down. I’m looking for a leader. That’s what this state and this country needs. LEADERSHIP!! We need men and women who are unafraid to stand and fight, not run away from the battle looking for some paradise that doesn’t exist (Not this side of heaven, anyway).

  38. Patriotic Jones Says:

    Christopher Hansen Says: (July 14th, 2006 at 12:39 pm)

    “I was and am in 100% compliance to the State of Nevada Platform and the National Platform AS IT IS WRITTEN.

    There are, even now, disagreements within the party as to what 100% pro-life even means as life of the mother is considered by many to not be an “exception” and therefore allowable.

    I want to end all abortions - EVERY SINGLE ONE. The question is not: “Is Christopher Hansen 100% pro-life?” The question is: ‘How is the end of all abortions to be accomplished.’”


    “Anyone that wants it all (100%) at once is a child in politics and needs to grow up.”

    Dear Christopher,

    For a person who purports to understand so much about politics, I dare say you should swallow some of your own advice and “Grow UP.”

    Because you couldn’t stick to the above statements and had to get involved in a debate in a PUBLIC FORUM with the all or nothing crowd, you have single handedly brought the party to its knees.

    No matter who you want to blame, you are at the center. If you would have made the statements above a year ago and stuck to them and done like a good politician would have in sticking to them and NOT let those you were debating define the issue, the Constitution Party would probably still be in one peace.

    Based on the second quote, it is obvious that you consider yourself to be a Mature person in politics and those who disagreed with you as being immature, needing to grow up. If that is the case, then you as the Mature one have failed in your responsibility to help others to mature. Instead, you sunk to their level and got caught up in their childish debating, instead of doing the mature thing and make the statements above and bow out of their divisive game.

    For a politically astute, mature person as you claim yourself to be, you sure took to that trap easily enough and in doing so, assisted in the demise of the party. Yes, as a Mature Politician, this is a responsibility that you must shoulder and bear.

    And yes, you are doing exactly what those who are disaffiliating are doing—clothing your poor choices in righteousness. If you were the “Principled Man” that you say you are, you would have swallowed some of your pride and worked more closely with the party leadership to assuage the problem. And like you said, “COMPROMISE” to accomplish a greater good.


  39. Jason Says:

    You know what…I’m not even going to attempt to comment. I would only lessen what was stated in the above two post…

    You, Mr. Jones, are on fire. I wish more shared your position.


  40. RCAIP Says:

    Actually Mr. Jones, what you and most of the others here have witnessed was inevitable for our Party; if this break up did not happen, Barry Kroeker, Centurion and every other wacko would still be party members or even party officers.
    Chris Hansen didn’t exactely start the abortion debacle that we had, the purists did, but he responded very well to it, just by simply stating that he favored exceptions, that was all- but the purist went nuts and tried to kick Nevada out.
    Chris is not to blame for the Party’s break up- the wackos that want to have their cake and eat it to, are. If they won in Tampa, then California, Utah, and other states would voluntary leave the CP.
    But I’m glad this is happening- WE NEVER HAD PARTY UNITY IN THE FIRST PLACE SINCE 2000!
    This was all going on since then when the wackos came in and started causing problems- the infighting was just as bad, only ‘both’ sides grinned and beared it, until now.
    But as before- we’re just Gandolf the Gray for now, I do not think we will become another reform party, we will change and reorganize, minding the lessons we have learned from this, and go on from there.
    And I personally know Chris myself; the only goals and ambitions he has is to lead his state party to victory in November, and I think he will.
    If attacked, Chris will stand his ground- literally, he does not instigate- only his enemies do.
    Anybody that thinks he caused all of this either doesn’t know squat about what has been going on behind the scenes before then, or is a outright liar!
    Chris is a true man of Principle- Barry, Centurion, Scott Whitman, Peroutka and the others are all true men of Stupidity.

  41. Christopher Hansen Says:

    What number do you think will be in the RFID chip?

  42. Christopher Hansen Says:

    I fought against Anti-Mormons. I did it intentionaly because they hurt the party in the short run and the long run. All I did was to allow them to expose themselves as religious bigots. They did it with bells on. Especially Scott Whiteman and Peroutka.

    I did not bring the party to its knees. They did.

    I did not ask them to leave. They demanded I leave.

    You are the kind of person that would blame the Jews for Hitler’s acts.

    I did nothing but defend my religious beliefs.

    They HATE Mormons and looked for and found an issue they could use to try to kick Mormons out of THEIR party. They lost and I did almost nothing.

    All I did was to defend my religious beliefs and refuse to be removed as State Chairman because Nevada did not want me to step down or to leave the Constitution Party.

    You say I brought the party to its knees. What positive acts did I do to do so?

  43. Jason Says:


    I think what he is trying to say is that, during the early stages of these developments you certainly played the role of an uncompromising, guns-blazing maverick. Looking back, you clearly had a different message and attitude - much different than the one now. Of course, its easy for me to sit back and say that though; I was not in your shoes or openly attacked as you were; but then again I am not a State Chairman either.

    Nothing resembling diplomacy was showed from either side. I agree with Mr. Jones especially regarding the Z Team (or the Zealots—from now on we should all agree to refer to Scott Whiteman, Lofton, and Peroutka and their followers as the Z-team) and somewhat, I agree with him involving your actions. Do I blame you as much as them? No, I don’t. Do some people think you played a role in some of this? Yes, a lot do, including me. Those pecker heads would have shown their character soon enough, It would have become apparent to all that they were totally content with just sitting in positions of party leadership, writing eloquent personal manifestos, and trumpeting their ideals. They had no intentions of building this party.

    They are perfectly happy with just sitting around being angry, writing open letters, and condemning others. This party was just a more secure place for them to project their outcast views and recruit other rejects, which in hindsight was the beginning of this rift; not you Chris. Having said all of that, you are certainly more respected, more beneficial and more productive than the Z-Team ever was or ever will be.

    I just regret the fact that 1/3 of the states have since left because of these polarized beliefs or extreme black and white methodology. But if these states were mainly made up of Z-Team sympathizers, than we have lost nothing; and in reality, only gained by throwing off the shackles of extreme ideology. We now have room to move, and can pursue other interest besides, Pressing the Crown Rights of the King—probably my all time favorite issue from them.

    If the party can now refocus, step back a little more towards main stream, appeal to sane people, and incorporate political realism; we just might get back on track before 2008. Ideology is good to a degree but when you base you sole existence and define your motivations by it, you are doomed to fail. How many examples do we need to prove this fact? Crack open any history book, the French Revolution (as opposed to our own revolution), Nazism, and Communism. They all lead to an unachievable nonexistent utopia. No ideology is ever entirely coherent or unanimously embraced. It just isn’t possible. So I hope we all can learn from this (especially the leadership) and rebound.

  44. Patriotic Jones Says:


    It’s truly incredible how you have substantiated everything that I wrote. I heard that you were a great debater. My, how quickly you lost your composure. Using such an inflammatory statement as, “You are the kind of person that would blame the Jews for Hitler’s acts.” I defined the issues and this is your best response??? This is the VERY thing that got you and your party into trouble in the first place—your obvious inability to be a “Bridge Builder” instead of a “Bridge Burner.”

    Must I bring you along as I would a child? I nearly feel like the Apostle Paul when he told the Corinthians that because of their maturity level, he was only going to be able to feed them milk, because they were not yet ready for meat.

    Mr. Hansen, you were not a sheep being lead to the slaughter. You were and are the Chairman of a state political party—a place of leadership and RESPONSIBILITY. So don’t give me this persecuted Jew syndrome as an excuse for your leadership actions within the party. Your use of the inflammatory statement is a pretty week attempt to dissuade the conversation from the point of leadership responsibility and in fact lends credence to my contention that there is as much “Growing up” needed on your part as well as the others you accuse of needing the same thing.

    Jason makes the outstanding point that the National leadership is not without fault and because of their lack of leadership ability and diplomacy, they must bear the greater burden of responsibility. However, they are not the ones on this forum who is calling for others to grow up, when obviously this is a pill that you, yourself, should swallow as well - especially in light of your poor judgment to use such an inflammatory statement that has no true relevance to the situation.

    To answer your question, “You say I brought the party to its knees. What positive acts did I do to do so?” You did to them what you just did to me - you just ALIENATED ME from your cause. You did nothing and said nothing in your response to me to make me believe you were the poor innocent victim. If you truly were the Mature Leader and Politician you say you are, your response to me would have been far different. Take the criticism for what it’s worth. Grow up. Become the leader that you say that you are and help the National Constitution Party to unify, not continue to be its catalyst for demise.
    I ask you, who’s the leader here in this conversation?

    Your statement, “Good-bye to any and all that think that way” is deeply indicative of a need to grow-up. A Mature leader would have seen this as a challenge to see what they could do to change the way they think. This “Good bye and Good riddance” attitude is not one that is indicative of a person ready to lead a state as governor. I would certainly be looking for someone of more mature leadership.

    Just imagine the amount of respect you would have gained (not to mention power) within the party, had you been able to unite everyone. Instead, you chose to see if you could whether the storm of disaffiliation and then say “good bye” to those who left.

    By the way, I am doing exactly here, what you allowed the members of the party who wanted to disaffiliate the Nevada Party from nation did - I am using your very own words against you. And it’s so easy to do; you give a lot of ammunition.

    I am disappointed in your abilities as a “great debater.” I was hoping for more. Come back when you learn to not to use inflammatory statements as a debating tool. It truly only angers everyone and does nothing to build your case.

    Oh and quit playing the victim and become the leader you say that you are.

  45. Douglas S. Says:

    Did the Founding Fathers compromise in principle during the War for Independence when they accepted military assistance from the French monarchy? The ideals of the Americans and the French were as opposed to each other as the Americans were to the British, yet they united against a common foe.

    I suggest that all members of the Constitution Party have more views in common than differences; and these common views are based on the brief and lucid Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, not on a turgid tome of philosophy.

  46. RCAIP Says:

    Mr. Jones, you speak as if a member of the Z-team.

    Chris has 46 candidates running for the Nevada IAP- under his leadership the Party gained 25,000+ reg. voters in less then 4 years- as a lawyer/paralegal wins 70% of his cases against the state government (don’t believe me, go check the search engines on the websites of Nevada’s newspapers)- Oh, and actually was the first IAP gubernitorial candidate to participate in a televised debate with the leading Party candidates.

    -Who the Hell are you?

    If you think Chris needs to grow up- then the whole human race has never reached adulthood.
    If you wanted to join your version of a political party, where everyone practical has to cuddle up to anti-Mormon-Catholic-Jewish-Muslim bigots, in the sake of Party Unity, then we really are not for you- I like to see you try to change the minds of the Z-team with reason.
    Chris did us a big favor by souring the CP to the Z-team’s taste-buds to the Party.

    Your arguments against Chris are dissappointing itself- try a more practical reason please.

    Oh yeah- Maturity is only a point-of-view.

  47. Chris Campbell Says:

    I would have been more open the to Pro side if not for hte views of Steve Lefamine and others. It was clear to me-albeit in hush tones-that the Mormon’s were no the chpooing block. Not as much of their views on abortion-which I flatly reject, but as who they were.

    My thanks to the normally swarmy Whitmen for at least honestly telling us what he thought about the Mormons awhile back. As an ex-Catholic, one wonders what he thinks about US in the party. He has though intimated on more than 1 occasion on TAV forum that he beleives he can only work-politically and otherwise-with those of his views. So, if he regrets the Tampa decision and was willing to stay on in CP if the reverse decision happened, wonder does wonder who is on the copping block next for WHiteman, Lefamine (yes, I know he left the CP awhile gao, is cronies are still there) and others.

    This was motivated in part by religious tensions, not only Hansen’s views.

  48. Chris Campbell Says:

    Christopher Hansen Says:

    July 19th, 2006 at 10:51 am
    What number do you think will be in the RFID chip?

    Does it really matter, as it is a control device by the secular State to force us to use it to buy/sell and be satellite tracked. It is enough for me to oppose it.

    The SS# is easier to get around then this will be. Either way, we should oppose both, per our Party stance on social security.

  49. Patriotic Jones Says:

    RCAIP Says: “Oh yeah- Maturity is only a point-of-view.”

    Boy did you blow it with this argument. You implication of this statement has to also apply to Mr. Hansen. Since everything is relative, where’s the standard? I guess the whole argument on Maturity just goes up in flames, beginning with Mr. Hansen’s statement from people to “Grow up”, since it’s on a point-of-view. Not only must this apply to my definition of Maturity, but also Mr. Hansen

    WOW! I guess you got me with that one. What’s funny is that you also got Mr. Hansen.

    What’s funny is that you have NO idea what my idea of a political party is. All I’ve been talking about is leadership and the maturity that it takes to truly be one.

    I have already provided the most practical argument. My very first statement said that if Mr. Hansen would have used the statements that he used above and stuck to them, the national party would not be in the destructive mode that it is in. And I also showed how fast he succumbed to using tactics in a debate that caused him the most problems in using inflammatory statements. Not very indicative of a Mature Leader, regardless of your point of view.

    Until you all learn better tactics, you will always be a second rate party, I don’t care how many candidates you have, and cases won in a court of law.

  50. RCAIP Says:

    RCAIP Says: “Oh yeah- Maturity is only a point-of-view.”

    Boy did you blow it with this argument. You implication of this statement has to also apply to Mr. Hansen. Since everything is relative, where’s the standard? I guess the whole argument on Maturity just goes up in flames, beginning with Mr. Hansen’s statement from people to “Grow up”, since it’s on a point-of-view. Not only must this apply to my definition of Maturity, but also Mr. Hansen

    =There’s more then one take on maturity- as in how one deals with people or how one handles his personal life. The word doesn’t just deal with one thing.
    The Z-team in the Party have caused so many problems, that practical members, including Chris, got sick of dealing with them in a ‘mature manner’, but obviously you still don’t get it.

    =Believe me, there’s very little maturity involved in politics- its a boxing match where everybody has to hit below the belt or break the rules to stay on top. In both the major parties and third parties, politics is anything but civilized; its quite the opposite.

    WOW! I guess you got me with that one. What’s funny is that you also got Mr. Hansen.

    =from your point of view that is.
    =Lets wait and find out from Mr. Hansen, shall we?

    What’s funny is that you have NO idea what my idea of a political party is. All I’ve been talking about is leadership and the maturity that it takes to truly be one.

    =Do you actually run a political party? Or better yet, could you run one?
    =Mr. Jones, you’ll find very few candidates, and elected officials today, who fit your match- whether they’re Dem, GOP, LP, CP, whatever.

    I have already provided the most practical argument. My very first statement said that if Mr. Hansen would have used the statements that he used above and stuck to them, the national party would not be in the destructive mode that it is in. And I also showed how fast he succumbed to using tactics in a debate that caused him the most problems in using inflammatory statements. Not very indicative of a Mature Leader, regardless of your point of view.

    =Excuse me, but have you read all of his arguments? ever since the beginning of the abortion dabacle, in all the chat rooms he posted them in? And have you even walked in his shoes? You see, from you own point of view you’re only assuming; jumping to conclusions about the facts without understanding or looking into the matter or at Mr. Hansen- do your homework first.
    =Chris has his “manners”, I have mine.

    Until you all learn better tactics, you will always be a second rate party, I don’t care how many candidates you have, and cases won in a court of law.

    =That’s your point of view, even though few may agree with it. I guess then, as you search out for what party to join and what candidate to vote for, you will be disappointed. Again, very few will fit your preference.

  51. Fred Hammel Says:

    I went to the party convention in Great Falls, the main talk was aboration and being a christian. There was very little talk on the constitution of the Republic.The constitution party has a great chance to education the general public on restoring the Constitution, If restored big bloted government, aboration, affirmative actionand all the regulatiuons that are destroying this country.When52% of americas workforce works government, they control the vote and will always ask and demand more money from the real taxpayers. The private sector pays all taxes. Would a man in the private sector making 10 dollars per hour hire a servent and pay him 15 dollars per hour, that is what happening to America, hense are huge DEBT. We the private sector are 37 trillion dollars in debt, just on government employing pension (fed.,state, and local)

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