Wednesday’s Candidate: Joe Dumas


Joe Dumas, the “taxpayer’s best friend” and Libertarian candidate for Hamilton County Commission, District 2, in Tennessee.

Though technically, Dumas is on the ballot as an independent… but he’s endorsed by both the Libertarian Party of Tennessee and the Hamilton County Libertarian Party.

Dumas is a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga engineering professor who has served on the Faculty Senate for the past 10 years.

He has most of the traits that a local-level candidate should. He’s an active community volunteer, founder of a local taxpayer advocacy group, and boasts a really solid educational background (Ph.D., University of Central Florida; M.S., Mississippi State University; B.S., University of Southern Mississippi).

He is also an avid skier, tennis player, and a rated chess player… serving as a U.S. Chess Federation Senior Tournament Director.

The website:

6 Responses to “Wednesday’s Candidate: Joe Dumas”

  1. Trevor Southerland Says:

    Tennessee doesn’t allow people to run as Libertarians… or Greens, Constitution, etc, for that matter… it’s D, R or I.

  2. Richard Winger Says:

    It would be unconstitutional for Tennessee to refuse to let new parties get on their own ballot under their own name. So Trevor’s statement is overblown. Tennessee has very difficult procedures for new parties to get on the ballot, procedures that have not been used since 1968 when George Wallace. If the Ohio Libertarian Party wins its pending lawsuit in the 6th circuit, it will be possible for minor parties to sue Tennessee as well, since Tennessee is also in the 6th circuit along with Ohio. The 6th circuit heard the Ohio Libertarian Party case on Sep. 14, 2005 and still hasn’t ruled.

  3. Jon Airheart Says:

    Joe is a great guy and deserves your support.

  4. Ron James Says:

    What does the Libertarian Party think about Ben Brandon leaving the Libertarian party in the middle of his term and going back to the Republician party?

  5. Pamela Pittman Says:

    Hi- I’m not a Libertarian- just a Dade County resident that stumbled across this site. Apparently, not many Republicans in this town like him either! - Pam Pittman (who’s husband is one of the ones leading the charge to get him out of here)

  6. David Redick Says:

    thx for the good piece on ‘Nominate paul’.

    see my site. I first ran as a R Paul Repub in 1984. I was Chm of WI Librn Party in 2006. Now cand for Congress in WI-2. See Bio. BSME U of Mich, (Rocket eng & Telecom) Let’s chat


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